NorthGlass blossom together to build a dream for the future

NorthGlass blossom together to build a dream for the future
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Date: 28 March 2022

NorthGlass won five awards including "enterprise with outstanding contribution in the industry" and "Polaris supreme Award"

On March 10,2022, the Windoor curtain wall industry and Architeture Technology conference held in Guangzhou, NorthGlass won the prize of “outstanding contribution enterprise in industry", “model enterprise in anti-flooding”, “outstanding entrepreneur in industry”, “preferred brand of building glass”, and NorthGlass small radius enamel bent galss won “polaris supreme award", which gets the first score among all entries. It fully demonstrates the industry influence and product innovation strength of NorthGlass.

Beibo won five awards including "enterprise with outstanding contribution in the industry" and "Polaris supreme Award"
NorthGlass won five awards including "enterprise with outstanding contribution in the industry" and "Polaris supreme Award"
On site scoring of "Polaris supreme Award"
On site scoring of "Polaris supreme Award"

In 2017, the 19th National Congress of the CPC first proposed the term “high-quality development”, indicating that China's economy has shifted from a stage of rapid growth to a stage of high-quality development. Its essence is the efficient, fair and sustainable development with the goal of meeting people's growing needs for a better life, and it is the development with quality as the value orientation and core goal. Promoting high-quality development and revitalizing the real economy are the focus, manufacturing is the main battlefield, and enterprises are the most dynamic elements in this process, and also are the engine and main body of innovation.

In the glass manufacturing industry, facing the important issues of The Times, NorthGlass keeps pace with The Times and follows the trend. Since its establishment in 1995, adhering to the “keep innovating, keep striving” business philosophy, NorthGlass independently developed and manufactured the core competitiveness of tempered equipment, coated equipment, high-end deep processing glass and other core products, and further expanded the glass deep processing automation wire, glass cutting equipment, storage system, triturbo fan technology and it currently has more than 300 models of products. On the road of high-quality development of continuous exploration and innovation, NorthGlass has become a first-class enterprise to lead the development of the industry.

Ahead in the world

Challenge the impossible

Back to 2004, in the international bidding for the roof glass of the National Centre for the Performing Arts, the tempered safety glass independently researched and developed by NorthGlass won the first place and entered into this art palace in the face of strong competitors at homeland and abroad.

The National Center for the Performing Arts is designed for a strange oval roof, and the curtain wall glass is all irregular quadrangle and polygonal structures, which is extremely difficult to process. Under the condition of no technology for reference, the “pure product without the spot” tempered glass technology truly realizes the glass without the tempered wind spot, keeps the glass flat without the deformation, and fully demonstrates the crystal clear and beautiful architectural aesthetic performance of the glass.

Since 2008, NorthGlass has cooperated with Apple Inc to produce amazing architectural art glass, which has also officially embarked on the “qualitative change”.

Apple Inc has decided to build a flagship store in Shanghai with a “crystal column” look, and its purchasing department was looking for partners around the world. At that time, the size of the bent tempered glass was 5 meters and 2.4 meters. Apple's design was to combine the tempered glass to a height of about 12 meters. Apple Inc required almost perfect engineering quality for its partners. At the beginning of the partnership, Apple Inc proposed that every piece of its ultra-large tempered glass must be “zero defects”. And this was almost impossible for the tempered processing technology at that time.

In order to reduce splicing and achieve the perfect visual effect, NorthGlass has built super large curved tempered glass with 12.8 meters times 2.8 meters and 18 meters times 3.6 meters, and invested tens of millions of money to produce large curved tempered glass processing equipment and technology for Apple Inc, and successfully passed the inspection of Apple Inc.

For Apple's strict requirements, the technical team of NorthGlass did not complain, but was happy for the sense of achievement of constantly breaking the limits. NorthGlass and designers challenged the impossible because NorthGlass believes that “collaborative innovation with excellent enterprises has also achieved its own”.

NorthGlass has won the trust and praise of Apple Inc. with its excellent products. Since then, NorthGlass and Apple Inc. have further deepened their cooperation, including Apple's latest headquarters, and has undertaken glass projects in more than 100 flagship stores around the world. It’s important that there was no single glass self-explosion incident.

Quality makes the future

Create a high-end glass ecosystem

High-quality development means innovation in growth patterns. Since the research and development of the first horizontal roller glass flat tempered electric furnace unit in China, NorthGlass has been constantly challenging the limit of tempered processing, and has innovatively developed 12.8-meter and 18-meter tempered furnace, 20-meter flat tempered furnace and 8-meter ultra-large arc long tempered furnace. Especially in recently, NorthGlass 24 meters flat tempering furnace has been successfully developed, and 24 meters ultra- large plate glass was born.

The standard configuration is the top-level series tempering furnace with the latest technology of North glass and intelligent control of furnace temperature
The standard configuration is the top-level series tempering furnace with the latest technology of NorthGlass and intelligent control of furnace temperature

“24 meters”, it not only means the investment of tempered equipment, but also cutting, grinding, laminated, insulating, coated and other equipment. In addition to the spirit of innovation, there is also the ultimate pursuit of the quality of details of NorthGlass.


In 2017, NorthGlass, as the responsible drafting unit of the group standard “Building Glass Appearance Quality Requirements and Assessment” T/ZBH001-2017, also promoted the high-quality development of China's glass industry from the standard level. The standard puts forward 25 detail requirements for the appearance quality of glass, adding fine grinding, polishing, bright spots, hemp spots, stress spots, white fog spots, anastomosis, fog degree of laminated glass, butyl glue pressure film, film removal area light leakage and other terms, which points out the direction for China's glass deep processing enterprises to strengthen the control of product details and improve product quality.


NorthGlass has promoted China speed to China quality, accelerated “Made in China” to “China quality”, led Chinese products to Chinese brand, drived upgradation of industrial chain from low-end to high-end to achieve quality, level of Chinese glass industry development. NorthGlass has integrated this belief deeply into the enterprise gene to serve every customer, also has hoped through this way to build a high-end glass industry ecosystem belonging to the “quality”.

“Super glass”

Create a better world

Glass materials not only enrich the architectural language, but also load the architects’ pursuit of art. Every excellent architectural work not only integrates the architects’ inspiration and creativity, but also gives architects the opportunity to express his delicate feelings and his perception of the world.

NorthGlass has met the needs of different architects, designers and customers through customization since the beginning of its development, which is a mutual achievement undertaking. While creating value and brand for users, NorthGlass is also constantly realizing self-value.

The proposal and application of the concept of “super glass” is the breakthrough of NorthGlass to itself, and it is also a subversion of the industry. As for the definition of “super glass”, it not simply refers to a kind of glass, but represents large or difficult to processing for the curtain glass size, no rules-based processing method, specially fixed installation method, or technical indicators and parameters beyond the project local standards. And glass curtain engineering only can be smoothly implemented after full demonstration.

"Ice ribbon" ultra small radius colored glaze semi tempered glass
"Ice ribbon" ultra small radius colored glaze semi tempered glass

As the founder of “super glass”, NorthGlass believes that glass has vitality and soul, it is not only an industrial product made by tempered machine pipeline, but also aesthetic crafts combined with perceptual arts, it inculdes thinking, ingenuity, skills, feelings, responsibility..., in addition to large plate glass, there has been Beijing Daxing Airport intelligent sunshade net glass, “ice ribbon” ultra small radius glaze semi-tempered glass, Nike “air cushion glass”, large curved tempered reflective glass, curved enamel tempered laminated glass and so on.

These “super glass” give architects and designers a new set of design language, make inspiration and creativity from “paper” to “ground”: guinness record Beijing Taikang Financial, Beijing Daxing International Airport, National Speed Skating Oval, China National Convention Center Phase II(CNCC Phase II), Museum of Art Pudong(MAP), Shanghai Library, National Stadium, National Aquatics center, Japan Olympic Stadium, Osaka LV, Pacific Place Phase II, Abu Dhabi International Airport, Kuwait National Bank, American Oracle headquarters, Nike Shanghai 001 flagship store, Huawei global flagship store, OPPO super flagship store..... These cases have caused a hot discussion in the industry, and also attracted a large number of ordinary people to visit.

Super Glass of NorthGlass is willing to work with global designers and owners to build well-made buildings, it is not only the pursuit of perfection and details, but also a commitment to create a better world. Let people have greater buildings, let China develop with high quality, let our home be more beautiful from exquisite to poetic, and let us jointly create a beautiful world for mankind.


600450 NorthGlass blossom together to build a dream for the future

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