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Manufacturer of Trosifol® PVB and SentryGlas® ionoplast interlayers for architectural and automotive glazing.

Delivering your window into the world of advanced interlayers for laminated safety glass, Kuraray’s Advanced Interlayer Solutions Division is underpinned by decades of innovation, application knowledge, domain experience and market success.

Our advanced interlayer portfolio – comprising Trosifol ®  PVB and SentryGlas ®  ionoplast interlayers – has continually  revolutionized aesthetic, structural and functional design, fabrication and installation in the architectural and automotive/transportation segments.

Designed to benefit consumers, society and industry, our products are advancing the functionality of glass, while our engineers and consultants are setting new application benchmarks by collaborating on solutions that both sustain and inspire.

We are committed to helping you transform your mindset and take your applications to the next level – aesthetically, functionally and structurally. Enjoy greater design freedom and give your glazing strength, clarity, character and purpose with solutions that cover safety, security, sound insulation, UV/solar/energy management, color and print.

Our diverse product range, the broadest on the global market, and our domain expertise create strength; and we channel this strength into helping you succeed. We strive to be your strongest ally and supporter and will help you navigate and conquer the ever-changing demands of the global glass industry. Worldwide production, R&D and support, means we are always by your side… no matter where you are.


In architectural glazing, long-term adhesion is an assurance of the high quality and long service life of the laminated glass.
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Kuraray's Advanced Interlayer Solutions are well known for these properties. And for its customer service, which starts with technical consultations – in the design of new production installations, for instance – and can include the joint development of innovative products. This is why Kuraray is one of the world's most important producers of PVB films and ionoplast interlayers for laminated safety glass.


With the broadest product portfolio in the market Kuraray's Advanced Interlayer Solutions Division is ideally positioned for the requirements of decorative glazing.
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Kuraray's Advanced Interlayer Solutions Division offers special films for decorative effects with colored interlayers, digitally printed films and design products for theinterior design and the desires of architects. Additionally reliable and  long lasting adhesion is the key to long- term stability in architectural glazing. Kuraray's Advanced Interlayer Solutions are well known for their excellent adhesion properties. This is one of the reasons why Kuraray is one of the world’s  leading manufacturers of films for laminated safety glass.


Structural & Security
The use of laminated glass in structural and security glazing applications has become preferred as a safer choice to monolithic tempered or heat strengthened glass.
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This is due to the glass retention characteristic of laminated glass resulting in greatly improved post glass breakage properties providing enhanced safety.

Sound Control products are PVB films with outstanding sound protection properties. Compared to a glass assembly containing standard PVB film, the same assembly containing Sound Control achieves improvements in sound insulation of up to 3 db.
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The production process for laminated safety glass containing Sound Control is just as efficient and simple as for standard architectural glazing products. Laminated safety glass produced with Sound Control has outstanding product properties in terms of safety, long-term stability, light-fastness and appearance. And: Kuraray's Advanced Interlayer Solutions Division is the world’s only PVB film manufacturer to have both sound protection films – monolayer and trilayer – in its portfolio and is thus able to offer the perfect solution for any glass application.

Specialized Application
Some architectural projects require glass with high UV-transmittance.
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For example, when designing controlled environments for animals (zoos), or plants (botanical gardens and greenhouses), extra care must be taken to provide unfiltered, broad spectrum light, as close as possible to the animal’s or plant’s natural habitat. Again, Kuraray offers different options to meet our customer’s needs. Kuraray's Advanced Interlayer Solutions are also recommended for autoclave-free processing - particularly suitable for this is Trosifol® HR.

Kuraray is a leading worldwide supplier of Trosifol ®  polyvinyl butyral (PVB) and SentryGlas ®  ionoplast safety interlayers for use in laminated glass, and the only manufacturer offering high-quality PVB and ionoplast interlayers in a choice of either virgin or 100% post-industrial recycled materials: Butacite ®  G.
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Automotive & Transportation
Kuraray's Advanced Interlayer Solutions can help build lighter-weight, more fuel-efficient family car sunroofs or wider and more spectacular views of the ocean, through more durable yacht windows.
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They can help cruise ship installers to use glass construction elements that meet requirements of the marine industry, to withstand both human and wave impacts and harsh climate conditions, while ensuring passenger safety.