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OmniDecor is an Italian company specialized in the creation of glass for interior design. Technological innovation and aesthetic research have led the company to become an internationally recognized point of reference in the field of glass etching and in the creation of decorative patterns. Acid etched, decorated, and special glass that makes homes, stores, offices, hotels, furniture and furnishing systems different and unique.

Working closely with customers, designers, and glass companies, OmniDecor offers a nearly infinite range of variations: colour, surface, decoration, texture, three-dimensionality, slip resistance, light effects, tactile transformation of light.

The R&D department is always available to create customized decorative patterns and lacquers with colouring on specific customer request.

OmniDecor glass is sold to glassworks all over the world, which carry out the typical glass processing.

The OmniDecor production facility is located in Mosciano Sant’Angelo, a medieval town between the Gran Sasso mountain and the Adriatic Sea. A production plant designed to comply with the most advanced environmental sustainability standards. The site was chosen because of its central location, ideal for shipments all over the world.

A collection of samples of OmniDecor products is exhibited in the company showroom in Milan. Located in the design district of the city, the showroom is a space designed to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences with glass production professionals as well as architects and designers.

The attention to the world of contemporary art, design, and industrial design is one of the main factors that contributes to the entrepreneurial growth of the company. The exchange with the people at the helm of the client companies, the study of the needs and opportunities that come from it is a constant source of new knowledge and new stimuli.

OmniDecor.lab showroom

Via Cerva 23

20122 Milano



OmniDecor acid-etched glass
The characteristic smooth and velvety surface of DecorFlou is the result of a special glass etching, a unique and exclusive production process developed by OmniDecor.
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With its light transmission and diffusion, and partially light reflection features, wide is the range of the etched glass substrates manufactured by OmniDecor.

DecorFlou Classic Collection, etched glass, fingerprint and scratch proof

DecorFlou BiFlou Classic Collection, etched glass on both sides, fingerprint and scratch proof

DecorFlou Fascia, partially etched glass

DecorFlou Mirror, etched mirror with strong light reflection

DecorFlou Reflecting, reflective etched glass 

DecorFlou Gold, golden glass, with etched front and reflective back side

The entire OmniDecor etched glass collection is anti-fingerprintanti-scratch and environment friendly.

OmniDecor decorated glass
OmniDecor excels for its unique and high quality decoration on flat glass.
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OmniDecor’s one-of-a-kind decorative glass is the product of a meticulously managed, selective industrial acid etching process.

DecorFlou Design, decorative glass with a variety of patterns

DecorFlou Stripes, glass with privacy effect etching

DecorFlou Gradient, glass with gradient etching

DecorFlou Gold Design, reflective gold glass with etched decoration

OmniDecor decorated glass is the result of research and attention to contemporary esthetic trends, as well as to a long term collaboration with internationally recognized designers and architects who contribute to the expansion and enhancement of the brand’s product range.

The contrast between etched and clear surfaces of OmniDecor glass creates tridimensional effects which vary with the changing of light. The range of its products is suitable for every setting and requirement, combining emotion, functionality and versatility.

The complete range of DecorFlou decorated frosted glass is anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch and environment friendly.

OmniDecor Colored glass
Strong and durable colored glass surfaces! These are the products of the OmniDecor colored glass collection, opaque surfaces, also in lighter colors, offering a quality product suitable for multiple destinations: from wall covering to the use of colored surfaces for furnishings and furnishing components.
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DecorOpal Color Collection, lacquered glass

DecorOpal Color Collection Safety, lacquered glass with safety backing

DecorGem Color Collection, toughenable enameled glass

OmniDecor Marmo, temperable enameled glass with marbled effect

With the exception of OmniDecor Marmo, which is available only with frosted surface, all the DecorOpal, DecorOpal Safery, DecorGem products can have either shiny or frosted surfacing.

OmniDecor etched glass is both anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch.

The entire range of OmniDecor colored glass products is produced with certified sustainable paints.

OmniDecor Engraved Glass
Three dimensional glass surface!

OmniDecor is a recognized worldwide reference for the quality production of frosted glass, with its DecorFlou frosted glass and DecorFlou Design decorated glass brands.
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In addition to creating etched decorations (etched glass surfaces alternating with clear and transparent surfaces), OmniDecor also manufactures engraved glass, a product that highlights the very essence of glass decoration, making it even more evident and tangible.

DecorIdea Design, etched glass with various decorative designs

DecorIdea Flooring, anti-slip etched glass

DecorTexture Design, printed glass with various decorative designs

OmniDecor’s engraved glass is manufactured via a chemical process that results in surface level differentiations on glass, highlighting the three-dimensional aspects of the resulting decorated surface.

OmniDecor glass for lighting
Glass is the reference material when a project includes light
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OmniDecor provides architects and interior designers with two products specifically dedicated to light.

SolidLight, luminous glass, low iron, clear glass when not lightened

DecorGem Light, opaline glass for light diffusion, white and opaque

When paired with LED light, OmniDecor SolidLight and DecorGem provide lighting with both form and substance.

Unique glass products
"Special" comes from latin language specialis and means "not common, out of ordinary, unusual"
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In this category are included products that come from a special research: glass of restricted production for special requests.

Thanks to their uncommon nature, this product category could not be missing in the OmniDecor product selection.

Special glass doesn't necessary mean expensive: an additional demonstration of the service offered by OmniDecor to its customers.