OmniDecor presents the new patterns in its 'Pure Lines' collection designed by Lidia Covello

Date: 26 February 2024
Source: OmniDecor
OmniDecor presents the new patterns in its Pure Lines collection designed by Lidia Covello
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Date: 26 February 2024

A new interpretation of glass for architecture

Designed to be printed on glass, the new patterns designed by Lidia Covello for OmniDecor’s Pure Lines collection feature simple and understated designs, distinguished by slim, square and rectangular lines. The decorations that gently emerge create a bewitching three-dimensional effect, which is embellished by the interaction with light, imbuing the surrounding setting with a sense of balance.

The collection, which supplements the DecorFlou Design family of glass, includes nine separate patterns, each one developed in a transparent version and in a more block coloured satin finish, thereby expanding the usage possibilities in interior design projects.  Devised - in their translucent version - to accommodate the need to separate indoor spaces in the hotel industry and - in the matt version - for use in furniture, the variety of finishes fosters an extensive range of glass applications, guaranteeing flexibility and adaptability to various market needs.

Indeed, with Pure Lines , customers can decide to use the same decoration in the transparent variant for a specific portion of a room, for instance the shower enclosure glass, and then use the matt variant - which guarantees greater privacy thanks to the satin finish process – for other elements in the same room, such as the bathroom door.

OmniDecor thus satisfies the growing need for modern solutions with the versatility afforded by Pure Lines, which thanks to its diversified range of patterns, blends in seamlessly with both residential and contract settings. The elegance of the decorations, combined with their simplicity, fits like a glove in a wide variety of settings, adding a touch of refined modernity.

OmniDecor is thus offering an innovative interpretation of glass as a construction material, emphasising its aesthetic and functional characteristics. Pure Lines provides an insight into the role flat glass can play within the architectural world, guaranteeing an extraordinary visual impact.

OmniDecor presents the new patterns in its Pure Lines collection designed by Lidia Covello

OmniDecor presents the new patterns in its Pure Lines collection designed by Lidia Covello

Lidia Covello

A set designer and Art Director born in 1989, she embarked upon her professional career working initially for Torafu Architects, where she designed the windows for the Hermes 2016 A/W and 2017 A/W collections in 21 stores across Japan and at Maison Hermes in Ginza, one of the biggest shopping districts in Tokyo.

She currently lives and works in Milan but Lidia Covello defines Japan as being her aesthetic canon, by subtraction: harsh like a square, penetrating like the tip of an equilateral triangle, understated and pure like a circle - it is no coincidence that she has these same three primary figures tattooed on her person and uses them repeatedly in her works, from graphics to product design.

_Intro launched the first family of ‘rational sculpture’ for Omnidecor - an Italian company that specialises in producing and processing glass, where Lidia Covello has held the position of art director since 2021.

For OmniDecor, on the occasion of the 2023 Fuorisalone at Alcova in partnership with Atelier Areti, she came up with Boru, where the term Boru means “sphere”: this hand-drawn sketch has been transformed into a glass partition screen with an irregular and fluid silhouette. “I spent hours sitting on the floor of the Teshima Art Museum in Tonosho, Japan, observing the shape of the water, allowing silence to fill the void that the location brings to mind. I tried to replicate that feeling, to freeze its features into a sketch and then turn them into an item of interior design”. Essential to Feng Shui, a partition screen is designed to protect and divide space according to energy currents. Each piece is made up of two different slabs of OmniDecor glass (DecorOpal, Bondi, Riga and Specchio) placed side-by-side. The screen stands out for its indefinite, fluid, soft silhouettes which gently make their surroundings graceful.

Lidia Covello
Lidia Covello
600450 OmniDecor presents the new patterns in its 'Pure Lines' collection designed by Lidia Covello

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