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Satinal SpA is an Italian company with a multi-brand architecture and it is a global leader in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of glass laminating and glass frosting solutions.

STRATO® represents the range of EVA (Ethylene Vinylacetate) interlayers for glass lamination. Currently Satinal Spa is the only manufacturer of EVA films with a 2.6 meter wide line (102”).

Satinal also provides a wide range of tailormade laminating furnaces branded TK. The ovens range also includes equipment for tempering, chemical tempering and HST.

At the same time, Satinal is a leader in the production of chemicals and machinery for hollow glass frosting.

Founded in 2001, today Satinal is a solid, dynamic and competitive company, looking towards the future while maintaining the strong heritage of the past. The ability to effectively meet any type of need, the constant investments in its internal R&D Lab, the ability to take the customer by the hand and guide them with confidence towards important growth paths are its real strengths and what enables the group to have greater confidence in the future and the challenges that lie ahead.

Satinal R&D Lab

Beside the headquarter and manufacturing plant in Italy (Erba, Como), Satinal established its subsidiaries in USA (Satinal USA Inc, Miami) and in Brasil (Satinal do Brasil Ltda, São Paulo).


STRATO® EVA interlayers
STRATO® is the first Made in Italy EVA film for laminated glass. It is the widest EVA film in the world (up to 2600 mm/102" wide).
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STRATO® is a thermosetting material: it is significantly different from the PVB film (Polyvinyl butyral), which is a thermoplastic material. The EVA film creates three-dimensional bonds at molecular level during the lamination process. Furthermore, it is not sensitive to humidity and water, therefore it is not necessary to store it under controlled humidity and temperature conditions.

STRATO® is available in different colours and finishings and it is is certified according to European (UNI EN ISO) and American (SGCC - ANSI) standards.

Product range:


Feature: Thanks to its outstanding clarity STRATO® EXTRA CHIARO allows a very high light transmission but on the other hand it also offers a full protection against UV radiations higher than 99% thus avoiding the fading of interior furnishings. It increases the stability of laminated glass and gives a sense of lightness and transparency to commercial and residential architecture.

  • PLUS

Feature: STRATO® PLUS has a higher degree of smoothness and elasticity compared to STRATO® EXTRA CHIARO: this allows the customers to laminate special inserts such as LCD (Smart Glass), PET or fabrics without problems of distortions or air bubbles ensuring, at the same time, the highest degree of transparency even with low temperature lamination.


Feature: STRATO® LEGGERO provides a veiled frosted effect (light transmission 60-65%), creating a product that can be integrated into any architectural project without affecting its style.


Feature: STRATO® SATINATO allows daylight (light transmission 20-25%) to cross naturally through the interiors of residential and commercial buildings, while at the same time safeguarding privacy.


Feature: STRATO® LATTE gives the glass a glossy, semi-opaque effect (light transmission 2%), allowing a glimpse of the shapes of objects. It captures and diffuses the light into the space, without creating reflections.

STRATO® Nero glass application


Feature: STRATO® BIANCO is the best solution for designers who want to create bright, white, and opaque glass elements (light transmission 0%). STRATO® BIANCO ensures the maximum colour uniformity and UV shielding.

  • NERO

Feature: STRATO® NERO can give surprising effects, ensuring a sophisticated and unique touch. It also gives the glass a uniform coverage (light transmission 0%).


Feature: STRATO® FRESCO is a new generation of high-performance EVA film that uses the nanoparticle technology. It has been formulated to give efficient solar control properties to laminated safety glass compared to clear monolithic glass and conventional clear EVA films. It can replace low-emission glass (Low-E) because it reduces the heat transmission with the advantage of having a no fragile glass to handle: it is a cheaper solution in terms of processing, handling and purchasing.

STRATO® Fresco solar control


Laminating oven for EVA, PVB and SentryGlas. Autoclave free.
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Multi-level laminating oven with convection heating system. It can be combined with HST (Heat Soak Test)


• Possibility of laminating EVA - PVB - SentryGlas without autoclave
• High flow rate hot air circulation heating system
• Rapid cooling system with fresh air circulation
• Maximum temperature uniformity with thermocouple control
• Vacuum circuit with highly efficient oil pumps
• Possibility to adjust the vacuum based on the type of materials
Standard models:

• 18/36 Glass dim. mm 1800x3600 (71"x142")
• 24/36 Glass dim. mm 2400x3600 (94"x142")
• 25/50 Glass dim. mm 2500x5000 (98"x197")

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Laminating oven for EVA and SentryGlas. Infrared heating system.
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Laminating oven with one or more working surfaces (up to 4) and chambers (up to 2).


  • Heaters' supports with ceramic insulators
  • Heaters placed above and below the working surface
  • Vacuum circuits with high efficient and high capacity oil pumps (one for each working plane) for maximum process efficiency
  • Possibility to adjust the vacuum based on the type of materials
  • Hydraulic lifting table on request

Standard models:

  • Lamijet 01
  • Lamijet 02
  • Lamijet 02-2C
  • Lamijet 04
  • Lamijet 04-2C

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Laminating oven for EVA, PVB and SentryGlas. Autoclave free.
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Laminating oven without autoclave. Conduction heating system.


• Possibility of laminating EVA - PVB – SentryGlas with laminating cycles in less than an hour
• Electric conduction heating system and fast curing
• Maximum temperature uniformity and flexibility
• Temperature control over multiple independent zones
• Temperature regulation with thermocouple connected to a digital microprocessor
• Position photo-cell for automatic glass loading and unloading
• Fast cooling
Standard models:

• LE 200 Glass dim. mm 1000x2000 (39"x79")
• LE 300 Glass dim. mm 1800x3200 (71"x126")
• LE 400 Glass dim. mm 2100x4500 (83"x177")
• LE 500 Glass dim. mm 2500x4500 (98"x177")

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Chemical tempering oven.
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By the chemical tempering it is possible to temper glass with thickness minimum 0,5 mm and also glass with particular geometric shape, maintaining a high optical quality.


• Electrical heating
• Touch screen operator’s panel programmable
• Salts melting tank in thick stainless steel
• Energy lack security system - UPS
• Pre-heating hood
• Electromechanical glass lifting system
• Maximum temperature 500°C
Standard models:

• CT 75 max. glass dim. mm 600x550 (23”x21”)
• CT 200 max. glass dim. mm 2000x1000 (78”x39)
• CT 240 max. glass dim. mm 2000x1300 (78”x51”)
• CT 320 max. glass dim. mm 3200x2200 (126”x86”)
• CT 360 max. glass dim. mm 4000x2500 (157”x98”)

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Oven for Heat Soak Test (HST)
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Heat Soak Test (HST) oven represents the ideal means to comply with the safety rules concerning the use of tempered glasses.
It prevents spontaneous breakage of tempered glass for excess nickel Sulphur inclusions.

• 300 Glass dimensions mm 3600x2000 (142”x79”)
• 400 Glass dimensions mm 4000x2000 (157”x79”)
• 450 Glass dimensions mm 4500x2500 (177”x99”)
• 500 Glass dimensions mm 5000x2800 (197”x110”)
• 600 Glass dimensions mm 6000x3300 (236”x130”)

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Oscillating tempering oven based on a high pressure blowing system.
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The special TK convection system allows to temper any LOW-E glass available on the market.


• Convection by hot air directly inside the heating chamber
• Pre-heating chamber with full convection system
• Ceramic rollers handling by double belts
• Every single zone is equipped with its thermocouple
• For each zone it is possible to set the set-point, the PID parameters, the alarms and the power percentage
• The plant is equipped with an energy-saving control - the “energy save” system - which allows, during the heating phase, to optimize the power absorption.

• 130/300 Bed size mm 1300x3000 (51”x118”)
• 160/360 Bed size dim. mm 1600x3600 (63”x142”)
• 180/360 Bed size dim. mm 1800x3600 (71”x142”)
• 230/360 Bed size dim. mm 2300x3600 (91”x142”)
• 230/450 Bed size dim. mm 2300x4500 (91”x177”)
• 250/360 Bed size dim. mm 2500x3600 (99”x142”)
• 250/450 Bed size dim. mm 2500x4500 (99”x177”)
• 280/500 Bed size dim. mm 2800x5000 (110”x197”)
• 330/600 Bed size dim. mm 3300x6000 (130”x236”)

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Oscillating tempering oven for small-sized glass.
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The EASY TEMPER oven is designed for the flat small-sized glass with dimensions from 20x30mm up to 80×100 mm.


• Highly productive
• Extremely reliable
• Low power consumption
• Easy setting of the processing parameters

• 35/65 Bed size mm 350x650 (14”x26”)
• 70/100 Bed size mm 700x1000 (28”x40”)
• 100/190 Bed size mm 1000x1900 (40”x75”)
• 100/240 Bed size mm 1000x2400 (40”x95”)

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Oscillating tempering oven for small and medium production.
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The ovens of the Star Temper series are designed to satisfy the requirements of small and medium sized glass companies while maintaining high production levels and granting maximum simplicity of the setting of the working parameters.


The heating system can be radiant or combined convection and radiation heating systems.

• 13/24 Bed size mm 1300x2400 (51”x95”)
• 13/30 Bed size mm 1300x3000 (51”x118”)

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