Cold-end and hot-end coatings

Cold-end and hot-end coatings
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Italy | Manufacturer
Satinal Spa is an Italian manufacturing company founded in 2001. Its main product brands are: TK's custom-made furnaces for the heat treating of glass; STRATO® EVA interlayers for laminated glass; SATINAL's chemical compounds and machinery for the hollow glass frosting. Fast worldwide delivery.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Suppliers of Industrial Gases and Technology to the Glass Industry. Burners, combustion systems and mixing panels. Packaged Cylinder Gases, Bulk gases and On-site gas production.
Italy | Distributor
Bohemi Chemicals is a specialist chemical for hot and cold end coatings of glass containers and glass coloration.
United States | Manufacturer
Momentive Performance Materials Inc. is a premier specialty materials company, providing high-technology materials solutions to the silicones, quartz and ceramics markets. The company, as a global leader with worldwide operations, has a robust product portfolio, an enduring tradition of service...