Cold-end and hot-end equipment

Cold-end and hot-end equipment
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Germany | Manufacturer
HORN Glass Industries AG, a German specialist in the design and supply of complete glass melting technology is a solution partner for the worldwide glass industry.
Italy | Manufacturer
Bdf is the world leader supplier of IS-machines & equipment for container glass industry.
Italy | Distributor
Bohemi Chemicals is a specialist chemical for hot and cold end coatings of glass containers and glass coloration.
Italy | Manufacturer
Since 1957 BOTTERO produce machinery for the glass industry, for hollow and flat glass, from a simple straight cutting machine up to a float production line.
United States | Distributor
We represent various companies in the Western Hemisphere that provide inspection machinery and process control equipment for the glass industry.
Belgium | Manufacturer
CNUD-EFCO, part of the BMT Group and headquartered in Zellik, is the preferred engineering and solution provider for float glass manufacturers, with a special focus on the tin bath and annealing phases of the process.
Italy | Manufacturer
DeCoSystem produces inspection system for glass container and for printing quality on glass container.
Italy | Manufacturer
Turn-key cold-end lines, conveyors, rubber slat elevator-lowerators, palletizers, shuttle car, packaging lines.
Italy | Industry service
Established in 2015 as an individual division of Falorni Gianfranco Srl, Falorni Tech provide solutions as melting furnaces and related equipment, glass engineering, turnkey project, EPCC, consultancy in a wide range of fields : hollow glass, sodium silicate, mineral wool, mosaic.
Germany | Manufacturer
Production systems and production engineering for the hot-end production of optical, technical and crystal glasses, focussing on high-quality and high-flexibility; complete production lines, special applications.
Germany | Distributor
We deliver lubricants, accessories and spare parts for the container glass industry.
Germany | Manufacturer
Supply of conveying systems for the cold end area as elevators, lowerators, bottle turners with blow-out device, pressure-free aligners and combiners, incl. control systems.
| Manufacturer
Imaca B.V., a well established company in the South Western part of the Netherlands, offers the complete range of products and equipment for the Hot-End and Cold-End Coating for the glass container producers.Over 20 years of experience guarantees state-of-the-art technical know-how and expertise towards the glass packaging industry.
France | Manufacturer
IRIS Inspection Machines is a leading provider of turnkey sorting solutions for glass containers of any shape or color, including wine, beer, Jars, liquor and Champagne bottles, pharmaceuticals, perfumes and food containers.
Germany | Manufacturer
MSK can offer everything for the complete cold end of glass production. More than 30 years of experience in the development of glass palletisers, shrink-hood units for securing loads, shuttle cars and conveying systems as well as the necessary control software have brought MSK into a leading position in this industry.
Turkey | Manufacturer
Ozen Is Makina is manufacturing moulds&accessories for glass indusrtry.