OmniDecor’s stripes at GlassBuild America 2023

Date: 16 October 2023
Source: OmniDecor
OmniDecor Glass DecorOpal
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Date: 16 October 2023

OmniDecor is delighted to announce it will be taking part in “GlassBuild America”, one of the biggest glass trade fairs in the world.

With a booth (#2524) curated by set designer Lidia Elisa Covello, OmniDecor will be attending GlassBuild America, the largest trade and networking event for the entire glass, window, and door industry in North America from 31st October until 2nd November 2023.


The products on display will all feature the leitmotif of stripes, a veritable trend that OmniDecor has explored with decorated glass.

Satin finish, striped and textured glass will be easy to access thanks also to the layout of the booth outfitting. Together with the larger-sized panes, again presented in moodboards, the world of striped, textured and satin finish glazing–which represents just part of the OmniDecor collection–can also be appreciated not in the form of mere samples but genuine sculptures instead, for visitors to observe and touch in order to admire up close all the visual effects of the satin finish process, the decorations and patterns, as well as the extensive range of colours obtained through exclusive production processes, the result of specialist know-how.

The OmniDecor product line-up on show in the booth ushers in visitors, surrounding them with restyled and on-trend aesthetics.OmniDecor glazing, made from recyclable material, constitutes a responsible and environmentally-friendly solution. Aware of its accountability towards the ecosystem and society as a whole, the brand is committed to keeping the environmental impact of its production activities to a minimum.

This sustainability-focused approach does not only apply to its products, but it also extends to the production plant. In its modern production unit, OmniDecor has, in fact, adopted a series of measures to minimise the environmental footprint of its activities, embracing state-of-the-art environmental protection criteria that abide by legislative conformity obligations to assess future risks.

By implementing the waste management system that envisages the recycling and recovery of materials, keeping the quantity of waste headed for the landfill down to a minimum, OmniDecor confirms its focused efforts on reducing waste and natural resource consumption.

What’s more, the company has introduced measures to reduce the consumption of water used in material machining and energy processes, such as the use of low-consumption plants and the optimisation of production processes.

This business philosophy has throughout its lengthy research process guaranteed the creation of highly innovative solutions year after year, not justf rom a technical perspective but also from an artistic point of view, which is vital in the development of architecture and design projects.

By taking part in GlassBuild America, an event organised by the National Glass Association (NGA), OmniDecor continues to establish its standing on the international scene with its extensive range of applications and its unwavering commitment to sustainability: all its products are made with recyclable materials and sustainable processes.

In its ongoing and faithful research, which has not merely been limited to the more technological aspects, but has also embraced aesthetics, the brand preserves one of its strengths: to create products that have become a benchmark for designers at the international level.

Underpinned by its passion for glass, its technical and aesthetic research and its focus on environmental sustainability, OmniDecor continues to be a touchstone at the international level in the field of satin finish flat glass.

The types of glass presented at GlassBuild America

The products on display include the DecorFlou and DecorOpal moodboards. The latter is OmniDecor’s line of coloured glass, which stands out immediately thanks to its satin finish, anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistance surface, or glossy finish typical of float glass, which are both obtained using water-based, solvent-free paints.

An extensive range of DecorOpal glass colours also allows for additional customisation processes in the event of specific colour requests.

Here are some numbers between the “stripes”: 2550 x 3210 millimetres are the maximum dimensions of DecorOpalglass panes. With this new format, smaller modules can be obtained, which is a huge advantage, especially when designing indoor cladding, both domestic and public.

The countless composition possibilities of glass surfaces can also be seen in DecorFlou: one of a kind, this particular OmniDecor decorated glass is the result of an industrial selective satin finishing process curated with the utmost attention to detail.

In all its types, the incredible hard-wearing durability of decorated plain glass is supplemented with anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistance qualities.

Quadratti, the result of the brand’s partnership with Egidio Panzera, is another new OmniDecor product presented at GlassBuild America. This decorated and coloured glass features a well-balanced overlapping of small squares and rectangles, making it ideal for creating partition walls in open spaces, in hotels or private homes, and also to finish items of interior décor.

600450 OmniDecor’s stripes at GlassBuild America 2023

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