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52 Corniche El-Nil, AL-SHARIFAIN Tower 10th Floor,
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Sphinx Glass - Leading Float glass Manufacturer in Egypt and MENA

Was established in 2008, Sphinx Glass is one of the fastest-growing, independently operated float glass producers in Egypt and the MENA region. Sphinx started production in April 2010 and has since established a leading market share in each segment, including glass supply for Architectural and Automotive industries. This success is driven by the company’s consistent quality, ethics and responsibility toward its customers, shareholders, employees and the environment.

Sphinx Glass is wholly-owned by Construction Products Holding Company (CPC), one of the region’s largest manufacturers of the complete range of building materials.

Our professional team at Sphinx has utilized their years of experience in the industry to make the first independent float line in the region one of the leading glass processors in the industry.

With a 220,000 tones annual capacity of excellence glass. Sphinx is the only Egyptian float glass manufacturers. It hosts a 4 meters wide float line which allows for the production of a large range of glass sizes, with thickness ranging from 2mm to 19mm including Jumbo size. Located in Sadat City, Menoufia Governorate, and 94 kilometers northwest of Cairo, over a total surface area of 220,000 square meters.

Sphinx glass is known for the superior quality of its products, thanks to the use of advanced manufacturing technology, strict quality assurance and world class raw materials.

PPG (vitro) industries, a world renowned glass manufacturer, is the primary know-how and technology provider for our production facility. PPG (Vitro) is at the leading edge of developing innovative technology. Sphinx Glass’ utilization of PPG (Vitro) technology is a key factor in its ability to position itself as the leading producer in the region and to consistently supply high-quality products.

The company is certified with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, B.S. OHSAS 18001:2007, and ISO 50001:2011 



Plant Address: Manufacturing plant, Seventh Industrial Zone, Sadat City, 32897 Menoufia, Egypt.
Tel: +2 048 2625220
Fax: +2 048 2625225

Email: info@sphinxglass.com


Clear Float Glass
Sphinx clear glass is produced by means of the float process, which gives the glass it’s perfectly flat and parallel glass surface.
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The products come with advanced optical properties, exceptional clarity and light transmittance, thanks to Egypt’s high quality silica sands. Sphinx Clear Glass comes in a different qualities and with thickness ranging from 2mm to 19mm.

  1. Silvering Quality
  2. Automotive Quality
  3. Architectural Quality



Silvering Quality
Glass is the main component of mirrors, thus a perfectly smooth glass surface will be a perfect mirror. Sphinx Glass’ perfectly uniform and smooth surface provides an effective base for a reflective layer of metal. 
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Sphinx Glass provides a range that is uniformly smooth and practical for all purposes from interior designs, car mirrors, household mirrors, and window panes, etc. Designers need only to specify the thickness required; from 2.7 mm till 6 mm and Sphinx Glass will provide perfect silvering quality glass for the best quality mirrors.

Automotive Quality
Automotive glass manufacturing has been evolving hand-in-hand with automobile design.
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More recently, the curved shape has grown into popularity, becoming one of the most commonly in demand shapes for many producers and processors.

Sphinx Glass is committed to meeting the changing demands of car manufacturers, utilizing the most advanced manufacturing technologies to ensure the optimum quality of its products and services.

Sphinx Automotive Quality comes in varying sizes and thicknesses, beginning from 2.1 mm. to 3mm.

Yet its defining characteristic is its clear and undistorted visibility, whether in the clear float or green ranges, which provide high transmittance and reduce solar heat gain, making the different varieties of Sphinx Glass products ideal for windscreens, sidelights and backlights.

Architectural Quality
Sphinx Glass is produced by means of the float process, which gives the glass its perfect flat and parallel surface.
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The product comes with advanced optical properties, exceptional clarity and light, transmittance, thanks to Egypt’s high quality silica sands.

The production process itself entails pouring molten glass over a bath of molten tin; the glass then flows over the surface, forming a smooth floating ribbon, with even thickness on either side of the tin. The ribbon then passes through a cooling tunnel known as the annealing (LEHR.). In this controlled setting, the temperature is gradually lowered to remove any internal stresses in the glass sheet and allow for its workability during processing.

At Sphinx Glass, special attention is paid to annealing process to ensure optimum post processing results in the tempering, double glazing, lamination, coasting and silvering stages. High dimensional accuracy is applied during the online cutting process to ensure the glass sheets come out as perfect rectangle.

Coated Float Glass
Commonly known as “hard” or ‘online: coating, the Pyrolytic coating process involves fusing metal oxide particles with hot glass during the floating process, which allows the two substances to bond on a molecular level, creating a hard coating that is both mechanically and chemically durable.
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Coated on clear or tinted, Sphinx Glass is designed to prevent undesirable heat gain while offering a smooth mirror effect.

Sphinx Pyrolytic reflective coatings – Solarite and Vistalite – have all characteristics of Pyrolytic coated glass:

  • Long shelf-life
  • Do not require edge deletion
  • Useable for all post-processing operations, including: tempering, curving, bending, laminating, silk-screen printing.
  • Can be used in monolithic or IG configuration
  • The complete range of Sphinx Pyrolytic coated glass is CE, marked and conforms to EN 1096.


Solarlite Coated Float



Stunning brilliance

The Solarlite family of reflective coated glass was introduced in 2010 to the Egyptian Market to enhance the appearance of thousands of buildings and to the comfort of millions of inhabitants.

Solarlite glass can be glazed with the reflective coating positioned on either the first or second surface. The glass has improved performance and higher exterior visible-reflectivity with a metallic sheen when installed with the coating on the first surface. Combined in a 1-inch insulating glass unit with clear glass, Solarlite glass offers an expansive palette of appearance and performance options with solar heat gain coefficients (SHGCs) ranging from 0.34 to 0.14 and exterior reflectance of up to 37 percent.

When installed with the coating on the second surface, the glass has lower exterior visible reflectivity and maintains the substrate glass color. Combine Solarlite glass with Sphinx Glass on clear and tinted glasses, such as Euro Grey, Euro Bronze, Sky Blue , Clear or Green, to produce an even greater range of aesthetic options.

For detailed performance of thermal and mechanical properties, please review the Reflective Glass product data sheet.

  • Solarlite Clear
  • Solarlite Sky Blue
  • Solarlite Euro Grey
  • Solarlite Dark Bronze
  • Solarlite Euro Bronze

Visit product landing page: https://www.sphinxglass.com/products_categories/coated-float-glass/solarlite-coated-float/ 


Vistalite Coated Float


Quietly neutral, with a hint of sheen
Vistalite subtly reflective color-enriched glass transmits generous levels of visible light and provides color neutrality, which amplifies and enriches the tint of the glass substrate underneath without a mirror-like appearance. More understated than traditional reflective glass, Vistalite glass is available in two distinct tints—Sky Blue and Euro Grey and rich-blue Pacifica®.

  • Vistalite Clear
  • Vistalite Sky Blue
  • Vistalite Euro Grey

Visit product landing page: https://www.sphinxglass.com/products_categories/coated-float-glass/vistalite-coated-float/ 


Tinted Float Glass
Sphinx tinted glass provides solar control by absorbing some of the sun direct radiation, which softens the brightness of daylight.
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It only transmits the optimum amount of light and protects against unwanted UV radiations, while reducing heat intake, creating an ideal and private interior setting.

  • Sky Blue
  • Euro Grey
  • Euro Bronze
  • Dark Bronze