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Worldwide leader in light and sustainable construction, Saint-Gobain designs, manufactures and distributes materials and services for the construction and industrial markets. All our brands at Saint-Gobain are guided by a common purpose: “MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER HOME”.


Saint-Gobain Glass is the brand that cares about building better for people and the planet. It designs, manufactures, installs and markets glass solutions for facades, windows and interior design that deliver sustainability, comfort and performance. It serves those who build and those who spend time in buildings while addressing a variety of markets in new construction and renovation. 

With 9,000 people in more than 16 countries supported by 33 float production lines, Saint-Gobain Glass is number 1 in Europe and number 2 worldwide in flat glass for building. 

For façade applications, Saint-Gobain Glass offers a complete and innovative range of energy efficient coated glass and insulated glazing units. Thanks to solar, heat and daylight control features, high transparency and color neutrality, safety and security, large dimensions, specific designs, our glass products meet the requirements of new construction and renovation regarding sustainability, performance and aesthetics. 

Partners such as visionary architects or contractors striving to deliver the ultimate building envelope have helped establish Saint-Gobain Glass as a key glazing supplier to the global construction industry. 

As the principal component in a residential window, glass is a key lever for comfort, safety and aesthetics. Our glass solutions for windows ensure the highest performance in terms of energy efficiency, daylight, acoustics, security and summer comfort. 

Great living places often start with a beautiful interior design. Transparent, hygienic, long-lasting, colorful and even “active” glass brings so many creativity-unleashing benefits. With our solutions, we help our customers and our partners imagine the greatest kitchens, bathrooms or workplaces, for the well-being of all occupants. 

Saint-Gobain Glass also provides specialty solutions for cooking oven doors, as well as highly insulating glass and systems for commercial refrigeration cabinet’s door. 

With Saint-Gobain Glass, we support our customers throughout their projects, from the specification phase until installation. We provide comprehensive services adapted to all challenges (CALUMEN® glazing calculator, Glass dBstation acoustic simulator, GLASS PRO rendering tool, BIM objects, technical assistance and advice, Window Advisor, waste management and recycling services…).  


COOL-LITE® Solar control glass
SAINT-GOBAIN COOL-LITE® solar control glass range is designed to bring to buildings the best solar protection while maximizing the daylight and offering optimal thermal insulation.
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©Saint-Gobain – Image used under license from
©Saint-Gobain – Image used under license from

Products of the COOL-LITE® family:

  • Are applied by magnetron sputtering under conditions of vacuum to transparent float glass
  • Offer excellent insulation of the interior, thus reducing heating costs.
  • Allow highly efficient, optimal at all times sun protection, reducing the temperature of the room and therefore the need for air conditioning.
  • Can be tempered, laminated to bring added function such as sound insulation, injury and burglary protection

The COOL-LITE® family is comprising 4 range of products

  • COOL-LITE® XTREME: extremely selective solar control coatings
  • COOL-LITE® SKN: highly selective solar control coatings
  • COOL-LITE® K: selective solar control coatings
  • COOL-LITE® ST: standard solar control coatings offering full flexibility for processing
NEW F1 PADDOCKS GRAND PRIX OF CANADA - Montréal, Canada - COOL-LITE® XTREME 70/33 II - © Steve Montpetit
NEW F1 PADDOCKS GRAND PRIX OF CANADA - Montréal, Canada - COOL-LITE® XTREME 70/33 II - © Steve Montpetit



COOL-LITE® XTREME is the range of triple silver solar control glass reaching outstanding selectivity greater than 2. This means that they provide the highest ratio of daylight profits and solar heat protection while offering neutral aesthetics.

The low, external reflection as well as the colour-neutral external appearance creates an excellent combination of function and aesthetics. COOL-LITE® XTREME provides extremely selective solar control for all types of facades in commercial and high-end residential projects, where a high solar protection is needed without compromise on the daylight income. The reduced levels of indoor and outdoor reflection meet the latest market requests in terms of design, comfort, but also bird protection and allow a use in all types of projects.

Most of the COOL-LITE® XTREME are available in 2 versions, annealed and to-be-tempered to meet all designs and safety and security requirements. Even more, the to-be-tempered COOL-LITE® XTREME II coatings (except COOL-LITE® XTREME SILVER II) are delivered with EASYPRO®, SaintGobain ‘s temporary protection layer.

Very neutral from both the interior and exterior the solar control coatings can also be delivered on DIAMANT® extra-clear glass.


HARFA BUSINESS CENTER - Lisabonská, Prague, Czech Republic - COOL-LITE® SKN 183 II - © Saint-Gobain
HARFA BUSINESS CENTER - Lisabonská, Prague, Czech Republic - COOL-LITE® SKN 183 II - © Saint-Gobain



COOL-LITE® SKN is the range of double silver solar control glass reaching selectivity up to 2. This means that they provide the perfect balance between good solar protection and light transmission.

The neutral colour of COOL-LITE® SKN solar control glass creates the effect of natural light both indoors and outdoors. The high selectivity and excellent thermal insulation ensures unrestricted wellbeing in the room in every season.

COOL-LITE® SKN are available in 2 versions, annealed and to-be-tempered to meet all designs and safety and security requirements. Even more, the to-be-tempered COOL-LITE® SKN II coatings are delivered with EASYPRO®, Saint-Gobain ‘s temporary protection layer.

Very neutral from both the interior and exterior the solar control coatings can also be delivered on DIAMANT® extra-clear glass.




COOL-LITE® K solar control coating is the range of single silver solar control glass for better energy savings and providing as much daylight as possible. Thereby sustainably reducing the cooling, heating and lighting effort required; the result is a bright atmosphere and comfortable room temperature in any season.




Tempering, bending, laminating for safety glass, printing or enameling: COOL-LITE® ST solar control glass is really multipurpose and flexible. Their numerous processing options open up a wide range of possibilities for architectural design and technical planning.

The products of the COOL-LITE® ST family are also especially suitable for spandrels, in monolithic or ventilated shadow-box configuration; Ask us for proposition of matching spandrels to vision glass made with COOL-LITE® XTREME or SKN.


EASYPRO® temporary surface protection
Revolutionary and unique temporary surface protection developed and offered exclusively by Saint-Gobain to get the best out of to-be-tempered coated glass.
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EASYPRO® temporary surface protection
©FreeImages: Photo by Bo de Vissera - © Saint-Gobain


Deposited on to-be-tempered coated glass, EASYPRO® delivers effective protection against mechanical damage as well as ageing, during transport and processing, from deposition of the coating until tempering. During tempering, EASYPRO® simply burns off without leaving any residue inside or outside the furnace and without any negative impact on the environment or personal health and safety.

Developed for the ease of processing, EASYPRO® offers flexibility and productivity

  • EASYPRO® protects the coating so there is a reduced risk of surface scratches when transporting the glass and also increase the shelf life of coated glass on stock or cut offering more flexibility.
  • EASYPRO® help to save time and money by eliminating time to unseal packs and dispose plastic waste. This also reduces the risk of injury associated with this activity. There is also significant gain in productivity due to tempering cycle times being reduced with EASYPRO®. Internal waste can be significantly improved and quality issues can be reduced.

EASYPRO® is also an ally for ambitious architectural projects and helps to preserve the aesthetic and performance of the coated glass after tempering

  • EASYPRO® contributes considerably to the improvement of the quality of glass after tempering, and participates to the reduction of anisotropy. EASYPRO® helps not to have to compromise between the quality and the productivity
  • EASYPRO® on Saint-Gobain solar control coatings guarantees to deliver the most performant glass with optimal aesthetics for the most demanding projects, such as those that boast impressive Overlenght large span glass.

EASYPRO® is a sustainable innovation, minimizing waste and saving energy 

  • This protective layer not only reduces the amount of packaging used during transportation to protect the glass but as well facilitates loading into trucks, and reduces the carbon footprint during transport.
  • It reduces the scraps and damages, thus improving industrial performance during glass processing and generating less waste.
  • EASYPRO® offers energy saving benefits by allowing reduced temperature levels in the furnace.

EASYPRO® protects today the following tobe- tempered coatings (on PLANICLEAR® and DIAMANT®):

  • COOL-LITE® XTREME II (standard with EASYPRO®, except XTREME SILVER II)
  • COOL-LITE® SKN II and KN II (standard with EASYPRO®)
  • EASYPRO® is also available on demand on some PLANITHERM® II
4BIRD® effective bird protection in glass architecture
Full range of bird friendly glass and glazing, combining Saint-Gobain ‘s COOL-LITE® solar control coated glass with several processing and technologies, creating thus “visible” contrast for birds, to avoid collision with glass façades and preserve biodiversity.
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With the newly introduced 4BIRD® product family, SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS offers a range of glasses with effective bird protection combined with COOL-LITE® solar control coatings - that allow the architect to design the building envelope by taking care of the bird protection without compromises on aesthetic or performances.

4BIRD® effective bird protection in glass architecture
Eisvogel_kingfisher - Photographer: ©Frank-2.0, Flickr


Today, there are different ways to bring glass more visible to the birds and the final decision is mainly based on the project criteria for aesthetics, cost and bird safety performance. With the development of 4BIRD® family, SAINT-GOBAIN has decided to offer a large choice of solutions to the architect.

4BIRD® products are combined with SAINT-GOBAIN ‘s COOL-LITE® XTREME and SKN solar control coated glass, offering thus all benefits related to this product family regarding aesthetic (low external reflection and color-neutral external appearance), visual comfort (neutrality and transparence for maximum of natural daylight) and indoor comfort (highly efficient, optimal at all time, sun protection and excellent insulation).

4BIRD® family is gathering several product series, each series offering a variety of solutions and designs. The first products series available in the 4BIRD® family are composed of: 

  • 4BIRD®Frit is an IGU series combining specific screen-printed patterns on surface #1 or #2 together with COOL-LITE® solar control coatings on surface #2 (or #4 for a laminated glass). 
  • 4BIRD®Etch is an IGU series combining specific acid-etched patterns on surface #1 by our partner SEVASA S.A. together with selected to-be-tempered COOL-LITE® coatings on surface #2, supplied with EASYPRO® temporary protective layer by SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS.

All products and designs from the 4BIRD® family comply with current recognized local regulations and national guidelines about bird-friendly glass.

In particular, they meet the recognized 2x2“and 2x4“rules and tighter mandatory or voluntary regulations like LEED Pilot Credit #55: Bird Collision Deterrence. Furthermore, American Bird Conservancy (ABC) has evaluated several 4BIRD®Frit and 4BIRD®Etch configurations and found that they satisfied ABC’s criterion for bird-friendly glass. A corresponding Material Threat Factor (TF)* has been determined for each tested configuration.

*Threat Factor (TF) scores indicate the percent of times in which birds will not avoid collision, as tested by the American Bird Conservancy (ABC).

To answer a major trend in architecture, we think big. Our large-scale range includes glass panes with dimensions up to 18 x 3,21m with or without coating.
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Saint-Gobain Glass Overlength glass panes are now available in many formats, offering numerous new possibilities to designers. Ranging in length from 6m to 18m, Overlength glass panes meet the same building physics requirement as standard size glass units.

Tom Patterson Theatre, Canada © Scott Norsworthy
Tom Patterson Theatre, Canada © Scott Norsworthy 


The benefits are revolutionary: 

  • greater design possibilities,  
  • spectacular optical highlights,  
  • larger evenly shaped facades,  
  • panoramic views while benefiting from a high performance glazing.  

Coatings available, on DIAMANT® or PLANICLEAR® (in 8, 10 and 12 mm):  


No matter what type of glass and glass finish you choose for your Building façade, all glass processing techniques can be applied to Saint-Gobain Glass Overlength sheet just like the usual smaller panes. The glass can be heat-treated, laminated, and processed as multifunctional Insulated Glass Units (IGU) (double Glazed Units (DGU) or triple Glazed Units (TGU)). 


St. Jakobshalle, Basel, CH - ©Barbara Bühler, Basel
St. Jakobshalle, Basel, CH - ©Barbara Bühler, Basel 
ECLAZ® High performances coated glass for residential applications
ECLAZ® is Saint-Gobain Glass latest low emissivity glass range for high end glazing units, produced by an unique industrial technology only mastered by Saint-Gobain Glass.
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ECLAZ® is Saint-Gobain Glass latest low emissivity glass range for high end glazing units, produced by an unique industrial technology only mastered by Saint-Gobain Glass. 

Unique aesthetics, access to natural light and external view, efficient thermal insulation, appropriate solar gains, ECLAZ® range allows to reach the highest requirements in terms of energy efficiency and occupants' comfort, without any compromise. 

A perfect glazing is imperceptible. But brings it all: it covers as much as 85% of the window surface, carrying most of the functions (daylight, thermal insulation, acoustics, safety) and thus has a considerable impact on our quality of life and well-being.  

ECLAZ® products are the most transparent glazings on the market in their respective categories. They secure neutrality of light transmission and reflection, maintaining natural colors at the same time. 

The ECLAZ® offer: 

ECLAZ®: For triple and double glazed windows for cold and mild climate  

  • The highest light transmission on the market (83%), neutral aesthetics with a limited mirror effect for residential or non-residential application 
  • 10 % relative gain of solar factor versus other available triple or double glazing solutions in the same application 
  • Such unequalled solar gains and luminous transmission allow the best energy efficiency for cold climates (triple glazing) and mild climates. Up to 10% energy consumption versus standard triple or double glazing according to Passive House Institute calculations 

ECLAZ® ONE: For very high performance double glazed windows with first level of summer comfort in mild climate 

  • Unique product with Ug of 1.0 W/m²K on the market offering such a high light transmission (80%) and neutral aesthetics, with a limited mirror effect 
  • Combination of maximum of daylight and only half the heat in the summer for ideal indoor comfort of occupants 

The performances of ECLAZ® and ECLAZ® ONE allow: 

  • To anticipate the highest requirements of European thermal regulations for new building (BBio and DH indicators in France, EnEv2020 in Germany, future local Energy Labels…) 
  • To make affordable maximum contributions in natural light, comfort and energy savings for housing renovation, new building in residential or non-residential applications 

ECLAZ® and ECLAZ® ONE exist in laminated or tempered version to offer safety or sound insulation, and even in light configurations where carbon footprint is minimized and handling is easier. They can be also combined with easy maintenance and design functions. 



ECLAZ® and ECLAZ® ONE can be processed as a standard low emissivity coating. For more technical information, please refer to ECLAZ® processing guidelines documents. 

Price indication and availability: contact your Saint-Gobain Glass sales representative.