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Luoyang North Glass Technology Co., Ltd., simply called as "NorthGlass", was established by Mr. GaoXueming,Chairman of the board, in Luoyang National High & New Technology Development Zone on 18th , May, 1995. In 2011, NorthGlass created a precedent in glass deep processing machine industry, going public at Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 002613). Today, NorthGlass has developed into a high-tech industry group with continuous innovation capability, composed by 5 bases respectively in Luoyang, Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing and Guangdong. Adhering to the enterprise spirit of "Innovating forever, Striving for success", NorthGlass independently developed her main products of glass tempering furnace, coating machine and upscale processed glass as the core competitiveness. Furthermore, NorthGlass has also expanded her product series with general and HVLS industrial fans, glass automation system, glass storage system, glass cutting machine, cutting-breaking-grinding-drilling automation line, screen printing machine, automotive glass pre-processing line, etc., up to now more than 300 product models in total.


NorthGlass is one of the strong and leading developers and manufacturers in the field of glass deep-processing equipment. The annual sales of our major product, flat/bent glass tempering furnace, is ranking stable forefront of the worldwide industry within last 17 years since 2002 when the sale amount of furnaces exceeded 100 sets. Accumulatively more than 4500 NorthGlass glass tempering furnaces are running around the world. The coating line developed and produced by NorthGlass is becoming one of the global leaders in glass coating industry and led to a rapid development of coated glass industry in China. 

Another key product for NorthGlass is upscale deep-processed glass, which has been widely applied in a lot of famous construction projects all over the world, for example "Sun Valley" &"Shiliupu Pier" of 2010 ShanghaiExpo, "Bird Nest" & "Water Cube" of 2008 Beijing Olympics, China National Center for the performance arts, New Beijing South Railway Station, Beijing Capital International Airport ( Phase III ), Shanghai Tower, Abu Dhabi International Airport, Singapore Changi Airport, Vietnam APEC Exhibition Center, main venue of Xiamen BRICS summit, main venue of SCO summit, Deqing forum place of UN Global Geographic Information Management, LA Oceanwide Plaza, US Oracle Headquarters, Leadenhall Building in London, etc. Meanwhile, NorthGlass is also one of two qualified architectural glass suppliers for the most famous electronics company in the world, for its dozens of retail stores in the world as well as new Headquarters Building in Silicon Valley. NorthGlass's products have been sold not only in China, but also exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world, such as USA, UK, Germany, France, Japan, India, Brazil, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, etc., covering multiple regions including Asian, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Oceania, etc., via NorthGlass's complete domestic and international sales and service network.

NorthGlass has more than 20 sets of advanced production testing equipments and labs, getting the certifications of ISO9001, 3C, CE, UL, etc., and has applied and owned more than 300 patents. NorthGlass is awarded as "the Top Hundred Enterprises of Henan", "the Meritorious Enterprise of Henan" and the Meritorious Enterprise of Luoyang. In July, 2017, NorthGlass was recognized as one of national famous trademarks in China. The Chairman of NorthGlass board, Mr. Gao Xueming, was also awarded as "the Representative of China Building Material Industry during 30 years' Reform and Opening".


Glass Tempering Furnace
Glass tempering furnaces; T-Series, A-Series and B-Series that's the most mature tempering furnace who can produce domestic first-class quality tempered glass.
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Top Series (T-Series)

T-Series: Standardly furnished with “Finer Heating Control Partition” and “Intelligent Heating Control System based on glass exit-chamber temperature”, suitable to produce highest quality tempered glass with big production quantity and high efficiency and stability. It is the ideal choice of domestic & foreign large-scale glass processors for industrial upgrading.




The 3rd Generation of Advanced Series ( A-Series )

A-Series: Standardly furnished with “Intelligent Heating Control Module” and “Super Flat & Spotless technology”, optionally with “5G Gapless Forced Convection technology”, A-series tempering furnace can efficiently & stably temper almost all kinds of glass with minor optical distortion and slight iridescence. It is the most popular choice of glass tempering furnaces for all different scale glass processors.





The New Generation of Basic Series ( B-Series )

B-Series: Completely upgraded and reborn from NorthGlass’s classic B-series furnace, furnished with recently developed new “Temperature Control System” and “Basic Gapless Forced Convection System“, significantly improve the production efficiency and glass quality meanwhile reduce the energy consumption. It is an affordable choice for small & medium scale glass processors.




Coating Line
Northglass horizontal architectural coating machines mainly produce Low-E coated glass, solar-control glass, AR film, etc. by using magnetron sputtering method depositing different kinds of material on the substrate.
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Technical Feature:

The identical 795mm design of vacuum compartments enables users to exchange the location of the pump,gas separation and cathode compartments freely, thus to improve process flexibility.

New design of the gas separation device avoids gas drifting between cathode compartments and achieves better gas separation effect.

The extruded aluminum supportingtube makes the magnet andits yoke isolate from the cooling water toavoid the change of the magnetic field due to soaking in the water for a long time.

Equipped with 5-9 manifoldauxiliary process gas system and each could be different as the process requirement.

High precision conveying control can be ensured by servo motors.

Reducingthe volume of enter and exit chambers toimprove efficiency and cutdown cost.

An integrated cathode lid achievesa perfect combination by putting gas manifold, controllers, connections for power supply and various media in a box to make the process configuration more flexible.

Every cathode is equipped with an independent control system.

The one-piece lid design can makethe mechanical and hydraulic lifting easily, thus to achieve betterautomatic control.

By using of advanced maglev turbo-molecular pumps and screw line pumps to preventpollution from the backflow oil and makes it more reliable and efficient.



Technical Data


SE2540H series


Substrate type

float glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, etc.

Substrate size

Max. 2540×3660mm (customizable)


Max. 3300×6000mm (customizable

Substrate thickness


Cycle time

> 20s


Ultimate pressure

< 2E-6mbar

Up time


Film uniformity



Glass Pre-Processing Automation System
Since 2015, NorthGlass has started the layout of building“Industry 4.0” intelligent factory, developing more innovative products to guarantee long-term business development.
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Currently, more than 10 NorthGlass deep-processing automation lines have been in the tense period of production, installation and commissioning for customers. In the future, NorthGlass will make full use of both her technology and resource advantages to face with new renovation challenges together with glass processors in the industry.

Glass Storage Systems
Glass Storage Systems; glas.RB multi-function Glass Storage System, glas.RG Gantry Type Glass Storage System, glas.RD Drawer Type Moving Racks Glass Storage System, glas.RS Shuttle Car Glass Storage System, l Drawer-style Glass Storage System, glas. Organ- style Glass Storage System
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glas.RB multi-function Glass Storage System

Functions Introduction: According to the stocks in the warehouse, dispatching the raw glass at a time. Then loading one piece of glass sheet at a time automatically according to the optimized cutting task.

Application Range: either supports mass production by packages, or bulk production by pieces, so the time, manpower and material cost happened during frequency changing raw glass can be saved. In general, it is used in one or two cutting lines.

Glass Size : 2850 × 4200mm 3300 × 6000mm 3300 × 8000mm

Walking Speed: 40m/min

Pulling Speed: 40m/min

Racks Depth: 280mm

Maximum Loading Weight: 3 Tons

Ground Requirement: 5kg/ cm²



glas.RG Gantry Type Glass Storage System

Functions Introduction: It is a more flexible glass storage system, can share the working library and the raw glass library together, the system will dispatch the glass according to the stocks uniformly, then load one piece of glass sheet at a time automatically to the cutting machine according to the optimized cutting task.

Application Range: It has the features of mix cutting, so the time, manpower and material cost can be saved during frequency changing of raw glass in the production. In general, it is used in one or two cutting lines.

Maximum Glass size: Two pieces 2440 × 3660mm, One piece 3300 × 6000mm or one piece 3300 × 8000mm.

Minimum glass: 2000 × 2000mm

Loading Weight: 2 Tons

Walking speed: 60m / min

Grounding requirements: 5kg / cm²



glas.RD Drawer Type Moving Racks Glass Storage System

Functions Introduction: According to the stocks in the warehouse, dispatching the raw glass at a time. Then loading one piece of glass sheet at a time automatically according to the optimized cutting task.

Application Range: It has the features of mix cutting many kinds of raw glass, so the time, manpower and material cost happened during frequency changing raw glass can be saved. In general, it is used in one or two cutting lines.

Glass size : 2850 × 4200mm 3300 × 6000mm

Conveying Time: 20S

Racks Depth: 280mm

Maximum Loading Weight: 3 Tons

Grounding Requirement: 5kg/ cm²



glas.RS Shuttle Car Glass Storage System

Functions Introduction: According to the stocks in the warehouse, dispatching the raw glass at a time. If there are 2-6 Cutting Lines, the raw glass will be dispatched by packages. It can also optimize the dispatch task of several cutting lines work at a time.

Application Range: Applying for large scale batch jobs, avoiding breaking off during cutting caused by raw glass dispatch, improving glass using ratio as many cutting lines working together.

Driven Mode: double servo motor +rack & gear

Glass Size : 2850 × 4200mm 3300 × 6000mm 3300 × 8000mm

Pulling Speed: 40m/min

Walking Speed: 60m/min

Racks Depth: 280mm or 350mm

Maximum Loading Weight: 3 Tons or 5 Tons

Ground Requirement: 5kg/ cm²




l Drawer-style Glass Storage System

Introduction: Applying for multi-varieties and small batch glass access.

Function A: Solving the access problem of the residual glasses in processing and it is the preferred storage device for glass processing

Function B: Applying for single glass cutting access.

Glass size: 3660mm × 2140mm

Rack Depth: 220mm

Maximum Loading Weight: 3Tons

Ground Requirement: 5 Tons/ m²



glas. Organ- style Glass Storage System

Introduction: Applying for multi-varieties and small batch glass access by storing maximum raw glass in the effective area.

Function A: Automatically applying for gantry glass storage.

Function B: Opening and closing independently and semi-automatically

Glass size: 6100mm × 3210mm 2440 × 1830mm

Walking speed: 0.1m/s

Rack Depth: 280mm/500mm

Maximum Loading Weight: 3 Tons or 6 Tons

Ground Requirement: 10 Tons/ m²

Glass Cutting Machine
Glass Cutting Machine; glas.C Pro Cutting Machine, glas.C Cutting machine
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glas.C Pro Cutting Machine

Drive mode:Linear motor

Cutting speed:200m/min

Cutting precision:linear ± 0.15-0.1mm

Cutting thickness:2-12mm



glas.C Cutting machine

Option of single machines and systems:

Loading station: loading glasses according to the working station, suitable for economic mass production, single station or multi-station is optional.

Loading machine: loading glass from left side, right side or multi-stations, manual loading or automatic loading is optional.

Cutting machine: achieving a maximum precision dynamic XYZ cutting and integrating loading &unloading.

Break-out table: conveying glass by air-cushion (or belt) and integrating assistant or automatic unloading.

Automatic breaking machine: breaking glass at X/Y/Z direction automatically and integrating steering system.

Precision assurance: servo motor+ acceleration/deceleration motor+ acceleration/deceleration curve control + reasonable reduction ratio selection.

Reliability assurance: heavy duty frame + light cutting bridge + independent beam + double-motor driving.

Max cutting size: 2850 mm × 4200mm, 3300 mm × 6000mm

Min cutting size: 1000 mm × 1500mm

Cutting thickness3-25mm

Cutting precisionlinear ± 0.25mm/2000mm

diagonal 0.25mm

shape outline0.20mm

Convey speed40m/min

Cutting speedmax 180m/min

Working beat40-65s



Vertical seaming and washing machine
Vertical seaming and washing machine; glas.WV Vertical washer, glas.EV vertical
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glas.WV Vertical washer

Max.Glass size: 2500×3500mm


Min.Glass size: 350×450mm

Glass thickness: 315mm

Washing speed : 08m/min

Brush quantity:2 or 3 pairs

Air Knife quantity: 1 pair



glas.EV vertical

Max.Glass size: 2500×3500mm


Min.Glass size: 350×450mm

Glass thickness: 48mm

Grinding speed: 0-25m/min

Installation power: 15KW

Grinding head quantity: 6 No.

Air pressure: 0.6 Mpa


Processed Glass Products
Processed Glass Products; Laminated Glass, Coated Glass, Curved Glass, Insulating glass, Printed Glass, Toughened Glass.
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 Laminated Glass



Laminated Glass consists of multiple layers of glass laminated together with highly tear resistant interlayers. The choice of

interlayer depends on the application. Stiff interlayers are generally preferred for structural glass applications while softer interlayers

demonstrate advantages for noise reduction or in the event of bomb blast.


NorthGlass Laminated Glass can be laminated using float glass, heat strengthened or fully toughened glass. With a maximum

dimension of 3.6 m x 18.0 m or 4.0 m x 8.0 m, NorthGlass provides the largest laminated glass units in the world.


Maximum Size: 3600mm×18000mm

Minimum Size: 300mm×300mm


The representative cases of NorthGlass:

Abu Dhabi International Airport

Beijing Phoenix Center

Manchester City Hall

Bloomberg Building


Coated Glass


High performance coatings can not only improve the energy performance of the glass facade but provide a unique appearance to the building. With our in house coating line

NorthGlass is able to provide clients with custom made coatings. With a total length of 260 m, NorthGlass operates the largest coating machine in the world and can make glass units with dimensions up to 3.3 m x 18.0 m.


Maximum Size: 3300mm×18000mm

Minimum Size: 300mm×300mm

Thickness: 3mm-19mm



Curved Glass


Curved Glass is an essential element of modern, free form architecture. To meet the current market requirements NorthGlass

Curved Glass is produced by using three different production processes. This enables NorthGlass to produce curved glass of the

highest quality and best safety characteristics for each individual project.


Depending on the glass build up, coatings and bending geometry, dimensions of 3.6 m x 18.0 m are achievable.


FT or HS : cylindrical curved, heat strengthened glass.

AN : annealed, gravity bent glass.

CB : cold bend glass which is bent during the lamination process.


Maximum Size: 3600mm×18000mm, 2440mm×5000mm(convex)

Minimum Size: 300mm×600mm

Minimum radius of curvature : 600mm

Thickness: 4mm-19mm



Insulating glass


To protect the environment and to comply with national building regulations, Insulating Glass Units are a necessity of modern glass architecture.

NorthGlass Insulating Glass Units, can be provided as double glazed or triple glazed. In combination with our High-Performance Coatings and Argon gas filling, U-Values of 0,50 W/m²K are achievable.


With our new production line for the assembly of Insulating Glass Units,

NorthGlass can produce flat or curved, double or triple glazed units with a

maximum dimension of up to 3.6 m x 18.0 m. Due to our unique assembly process, stepped glass edges can be established along all sides. Together with our strong focus on quality, NorthGlass is the leading supplier for oversized insulating glass units in the world.


Maximum Size: 3600mm×18000mm

Minimum Size: 300mm×300mm


Printed Glass


Digital Printed Glass provides designers with additional architectural freedom. The variety of colours and patterns is infinite. The ceramic ink is then fired into the glass surface during the heat treatment. From there on the glass can be coated, curved, laminated or assembled into insulating glass units. The maximum dimensions are 3.3 m x 18.0 m.


Maximum Size: 3300mm×18000mm

Minimum Size: 300mm×300mm



Toughened Glass


With dimensions of 3.6 m x 18.0 m and Roller Waves of less than 0.08mm, NorthGlass Toughened Glass is the largest and highest quality heat treated glass available in the world. By making use of our parent company s unique tempering machines, anisotropies are maintained at

an absolute minimum, resulting in unparalleled levels of clarity. Northglass is a glass supplier who is committed to maintaining exceptionally highly standards of quality.

The strength and safety characteristics of Fully Toughened Glass are guaranteed by processing temperatures greater than 600 and a subsequent rapid cooling cycle.

NorthGlass Toughened Glass offers highest resistance to bending, impact loads, live loads and thermal shock. Fully toughened glass with its unique breakage pattern also ensures that the glass meets industry relevant safety characteristics.

NorthGlass Heat soak provides a decreased risk of spontaneous breakage as it is heat-soak tested for nickel-sulfide inclusions in accordance with appropriate standards.


FT : fully toughened

HS : heat strengthened

FTH : fully toughened and heat soak tested


Maximum Size:

Flat Tempered 3600mm×18000mm

Curved Tempered 3600mm×18000mm


General Fan & HVLS Fan, Fan, High temperature fan, Special fan for rail transit, Centrifugal fan, Compressor, Other fans, Ventilator
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Ordering :

Please indicate the following items when ordering:

(1 )Use :Place, Statuscontinuous use or intermittent use.

(2) Way of gas transportation: weight, type, proportion and ingredient.

(3) Temperature: inlet temperature and its change(standard state is 20).

(4) Pressure.

(5) Air flow.

(6) Motor: type,power,poles and brand requirement.

(7) Outlet direction and RPM: rotational direction and impeller RPM.

(8) Technical support required, please contact Mr. Wang 0379-64331321

Axial Piug-In Fan

Centrifugal Compressor

TBMⅠⅡ Series Centrifugal Fan

SCFⅠⅡ(Y8-39 、Y9-38)Series Centrifugal Fan

SFP Series Centrifugal Fan

STB Ⅰ Series Centrifugal Fan

FCF-I(9-26)Series Centrifugal Fan

GASF Series Centrifugal Fan


XTF Series Centrifugal Fan

ASF Airfoil Fan

A-STF Turbo Fan From TaiWan

350 Fan Units

CRH380 Cooling Fan Units


Customed High Temperature Fan

High Temperature Fan For Furnace

HCF Piug-In Fan

Fan For Cleaning Car