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2875 Jupiter Park Drive, Suite 100
Jupiter 33458 FL
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IGE Glass Technologies, Inc. North America’s Leading Glass Machinery Supplier

IGE Glass Technologies, Inc. has a long history of serving the needs of North America’s glass industry. We have been a leading single source provider of high quality glass fabrication machinery, service and supplies for nearly three decades. As we have from the beginning, we continue to search the world to find the most innovative and reliable equipment manufacturers for fabricating, handling and processing flat glass. Each of our manufacturers specializes in a certain type of machinery and all of our equipment is characterized by innovative features, long lasting durability and high reliability.


To provide our customers with the high quality supplies and reliable service they need, we formed separate companies, IGE Supply Solutions, Inc. and IGE Service Solutions, Inc. to focus solely on those tasks. The staff and service technicians that work within these companies are experienced professionals with factory training and authorization.

Michael Spellman, the President of IGE Glass Technologies, has over 40 years of experience in the glass fabrication industry and has worked with hundreds of fabricators. Mr. Spellman is a recognized and respected leader in the glass industry and he works very closely with all our machinery customers. Whether you need a single piece of equipment or need to set up an entire glass fabrication plant, Mr. Spellman and his dedicated team of professionals can help you get the equipment that will help you reduce labor, handling and waste, while increasing your productivity and profits.

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Glass Cutting and Handling
IGE Glass Technologies presents cutting handling equipment from the Turomas brand. Turomas is known throughout the world for their high quality and reliable glass cutting and handling equipment. The company manufactures standard glass cutting lines, as well as innovative, specialized lines for cutting monolithic glass and laminated glass.
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The world’s leading laminated glass producers trust Turomas to meet their demanding needs. All of Turomas’ equipment is respected for its safety features, ease of use and durability. 

With over 30 years in the glass machinery industry and collaborations with the main glass manufacturers, Turomas has become a market reference in Smart Glass Storage, Loading and Cutting equipment.

From our production facilities located in Spain, (available in North America via IGE) our team designs, manufactures, codes, assembles and tests all the components of our machines to assure a total quality control. Reliability, security, performance and precision are key for our customers.

The glass storage and cutting area is the core of any glass processor’s business. Correct planning of workflow, current volume and growth expectations is critical to devising a production without bottlenecks and flexible enough to meet current and future needs. After all, the success of our customers is also our success.

JRS Glass
Milling, Drilling, and Countersinking
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JRS Glass, a manufacturing company that specializes in technologically advanced glass working machines for drilling, milling, and countersinking, built their business model upon a “customer focus.” JRS believes in developing solutions for, and with, IGE’s cutomers to satisfy their special production needs. The benchmarks of JRS Glass are high quality, technologically advanced NC machines and industry leading customer service.