IGE Glass Technologies Expands Support with Full-Service Approach for DipTech Printers and Kerajet S.A. Customers

Date: 16 May 2024

DipTech Spare Parts and Service Available Now with IGE.

IGE Glass Technologies, Inc. (IGE), the Technology Leader® and leading North American distributor of digital printing equipment for the flat glass fabrication industry, today announced a significant expansion of its customer support services.

IGE has added a full-service approach specifically designed to support DipTech digital printers and Kerajet S.A. customers in the United States and Canada.

This enhanced service offering includes the addition of two full-time service technicians with extensive experience in the field of digital printing machinery. 

These highly qualified technicians will provide comprehensive support for DipTech and Kerajet equipment, ensuring optimal performance and uptime for IGE's valued customers. 

In addition, IGE is providing spare parts & service from a full support team in North America that is integral to our customers’ success.  IGE recently received their first big DipTech spare parts stock order at IGE's Jupiter, FL Warehouse (with more parts on the way).

“We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience, and this new full-service approach for DipTech and Kerajet users underscores that commitment,” said Michael Spellman, Founder and CEO of IGE Glass Technologies. “By adding these highly skilled technicians to our team, and a full line of spare parts, we can offer a wider range of support services, including installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs.”

The expanded service offering will provide DipTech and Kerajet customers with several key benefits:

  • Improved uptime: Prompt and expert technical support helps minimize downtime and ensure efficient operation of digital printing equipment.
  • Enhanced productivity: IGE's technicians can help customers optimize their printing processes and maximize production efficiency.
  • Reduced costs: Proactive maintenance and timely repairs can help prevent costly equipment failures and extend the lifespan of digital printing machines.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing that IGE has a team of experienced technicians readily available provides DipTech and Kerajet customers with peace of mind.
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