Game-Changing Solution in Bird-Friendly Glazing with Revolutionary Laser Technology

Game-Changing Solution in Bird-Friendly Glazing with Revolutionary Laser Technology
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IGE Glass Technologies

Date: 25 March 2024

Laser-engraved markings are the evolution in producing bird-friendly glass. IGE Glass Technologies and Orion bringing the advantages of laser-engraved markings to the glass and glazing space.
  • Orion Laser Tech combines years of experience in Laser Machining and High-Precision Positioning to produce solutions driven by new requirements in the glass industry. In North America, IGE Glass Technologies is bringing this crucial advancement to the market.
  • These fast, efficient machines are capable of processing bird friendly glass reliably and environmentally safe. Low power lasers are used to produce bird friendly or ablated glass without the use of chemical material removal. The systems are designed to meet required output with automated loading and offloading options. The flexibility in marking custom designs and patterns offer more creative options for customers.

Laser-engraved markings are the game-changer in producing bird-friendly glass. Discover the advantages of this bird-friendly machine's laser-engraved markings: 

- Zero chemical usage, ensuring no environmental impact.

- Seamless integration into glass manufacturers' production process. 

- No special tooling is needed. 

- Exceptional durability, matching the lifespan of the glass itself. 

- Effectively visible to birds while remaining unobtrusive to the human eye. 

- Remarkable pattern flexibility for customized solutions.

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600450 Game-Changing Solution in Bird-Friendly Glazing with Revolutionary Laser Technology

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