Glass Market Update from KERAjet & IGE Glass Technologies

Date: 7 March 2024
Source: IGE Glass Technologies
Glass Market Update from KERAjet & IGE Glass Technologies
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IGE Glass Technologies

Date: 7 March 2024

IGE Glass Technologies takes the lead in servicing and distributing 'Dip-Tech Machinery Driven by KERAjet' in the USA & Canada.

The KERAjet S.A. acquisition of Dip-Tech from Vibrantz in early 2023 created an exciting and unrivaled opportunity for the glass digital printing market: 

A union of the innovators of digital printing on glass – DipTech, who has 20 years of know-how in printing on glass and the most technologically advanced digital printing software ever developed – with the largest digital printing equipment company in the world – KERAjet. 

This acquisition honors the legacy of Dip-Tech by leveraging the innovative software developed by the company while allowing KERAjet to drive the new direction of the equipment design for Single Pass & Multi Pass Machines and Full Printing Lines. With 40 combined years of digital printing progress and innovations, and a total of 4,000 machines in over 50 countries, this union offers the digital printing market the best of the best available in the market. 

As part of the acquisition plan, KERAjet entered into an Exclusive Distribution Agreement with IGE Glass Technologies for the United States & Canada in October 2023. As KERAjet’s acquisition of Dip-Tech from Vibrantz was finalized and details were being worked out between the parties, a period of confusion unfortunately developed for DipTech’s existing customers. The goal of this communication is to bring you, our valued customers, up to speed on where things stand, and to clarify the roles of the various parties going forward. 

Service & Support for Existing DipTech Customers in the USA & Canada 

Effective March 1, 2024, Vibrantz will no longer employ any Dip-Tech technicians and IGE Glass Technologies will employ Mr. Justin Mink and Mr. Jesus Martinez as full-time IGE employees. They will focus on servicing the existing DipTech machinery for our market and will be trained in the development of the new machines at KERAjet’s headquarters in Spain. While IGE does not have any history with the existing Dip-Tech machines in the USA & Canada, IGE has employed two existing Dip-Tech technicians who will work closely with the experienced technical service team of Dip-Tech. Given IGE’s long history of service excellence, we are confident that we can turn your recent experience around into the highest level of service that our customers deserve. Additionally, IGE will build the spare parts stock for both existing machines and the new generation of machines at IGE’s Headquarters in Jupiter, Florida. Due to the current DipTech spare parts back orders with Israel, there remains a delay period for those parts; however, all efforts are being made to facilitate this process as urgently as possible. 

Machine Sales, Service & Support for KERAjet’s New Generation of Dip-Tech Machinery in the USA & Canada 

Effective immediately, IGE is working closely with the KERAjet team in Spain and the Dip-Tech team in Israel to develop the next generation of digital printing technology. This will include Single Pass Machines, Multi Pass Machines, and Full Digital Printing Lines. KERAjet will be offering an open ink system with certified suppliers, and 24/7 remote support. All future machine sales, service, and support going forward will be distributed by IGE. We are excited about the future of the glass digital printing market for “Dip-Tech Machinery Driven by KERAjet”

600450 Glass Market Update from KERAjet & IGE Glass Technologies

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