Digital Printing
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Israel | Manufacturer
With its innovative technologies, Dip-Tech has been providing cutting-edge solutions for architecture, interior design, automotive and appliances for over a decade.
Spain | Manufacturer
Leading technology to print the future. Hardware, software, inks, customer service and design support. Tecglass means all inclusive printing solutions.
Spain | Manufacturer
Tvitec is a global company that in seven years has become the first Spanish manufacturer of architectural glass, and one of the leading companies of its sector in Europe. We supply eco-efficient glass for singular projects around the world. Tvitec process Big Size insulated glass over 12 metres.
Switzerland | Manufacturer
All glasses, safety glasses and products that you graphic and color-framed glasses under the headings and Design glasses find, please contact Glas Troesch.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Established in 1972, Adelco is a world-class manufacturer of Jet Air Conveyor Drying Systems and Oval Automatic Screen Printing Presses serving the International garment printing industry. Our worldwide distribution network provides Customers with full sales and service support across 6 Continents.
Canada | Industry service
AGNORA is a globally recognized customer service company that fabricates the largest architectural glass in North America for cultural, residential, commercial, and retail projects. AGNORA is able to temper, machine, laminate and insulate various thickness of glass up to a maximum size of 130”x300”.
Turkey | Manufacturer
Ardıç Cam, Turkey's top flat glass processor, produces oversize tempered, laminated, curved, bullet and blastproof, shaped glasses and IG units since 1985. For more information feel free to watch our introductory video:
United States | Manufacturer
Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. is a world's leading manufacturer of screen, digital, and pad printing inks as well as primers and industrial coatings. Our inks offer value and solutions to the promotional, aerospace, automotive, medical, textile, and industrial printing industries world wide.
United States | Distributor
Commercial, Residential and Automobile Glass. Vinyl Signs and Digital Printing.
United States | Manufacturer
Mirror manufacturer, mirror and glass fabricator, antique mirror manufacturer, CNC, Waterjet, Laser, and much more. Pattern glass distributor and fabricator
United States | Manufacturer
We are a company that produces beautiful and functional glass pieces that enhance modern living and work spaces. Sleek designs for drawer and cabinet facings, tabletops, doors and marker boards allow you to showcase a wide array of possibilities in your home and office that reflect your style.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Glass Designs is a leading in-house provider of a wide range of bespoke flat glass products. Combined with these products, we also offer a comprehensive on-site installation service throughout the UK. We have 70 years of experience in both domestic, retail and commercial glass installations.
New Zealand | Manufacturer
Specialist Glass Suppliers. Glass Bending, Spiral Staircase Glass, Security Glass, Prison Glass, Cyclone Rated Glass. Supplied Internationally. International Measuring Service.
Australia | Manufacturer
Glasskote is a family business with its origins starting in 1960. Starting off as a family business in the process of hand silvering and applying painted marble technique to glass the fundamental process of glass painting was formed. With over forty years of applying many hundreds of patterns, colours and techniques to glass, GlassKote is the…
United Arab Emirates | Manufacturer
Processing glass factory, all kind of temperd, IGU, lamination, digital ceramic printing, decoration , polishing ETC