STRATO®: a look back to the last six-successful months and a look forward to brand new projects

Date: 6 October 2023
Source: Satinal

Date: 6 October 2023

A six-month journey of success and innovation, unveiling new projects and achievements.


1. STRATO® EVA Interlayer product range obtains 100% Made in Italy Certification. 

A new success with 100% Made in Italy award by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers, the one only accredited national Organization.

STRATO® EVA Interlayer product range obtains 100% Made in Italy Certification. 

The 100% Made in Italy Certification guarantees, to the consumers, the Italian origin and quality of selected products and, in the meanwhile, it allows the certified Companies to issue a guarantee confirming quality of its own products.  

Indeed, the Italian Certification makes recognizable and traceable the origin of the Made in Italy product, through a progressive reference code that is assigned to the Certification and through a hologram label that prevents counterfeiting. 

The conditions for being awarded a 100% Made in Italy Certification are not limited to the mere derivation of the raw materials worked but, among the various conditions, even the quality of the selected materials, which have to be Natural and First Choice. Moreover, companies with the 100% Made in Italy Certification are subjected to a series of accurate checks aimed at certifying that the entire production cycle is totally carried out in Italy. 


2. STRATO® Rigido: new colours, dimensions and thicknesses avalaible.

STRATO® RIGIDO is a structural interlayer of the STRATO® product range. It guarantees exceptional hardness and resistance, thanks to certified characteristics according to standard EN 16613. The high quality and hardness given by STRATO® RIGIDO allow to laminate thinner glasses, contributing to sustainability and achieving better structural performances compared to standard laminated glasses. Therefore, it is possible to reduce quantity and thicknesses of glasses implied, without compromising the security of buildings and the resistance of a STRATO® RIGIDO interlayer laminated glass.

Safety glasses, laminated with STRATO® RIGIDO, provide a higher level of protection against strong impacts. The laminated structure is not weakened even in case of breakage of the glass component, thus preserving the stability and safety of the product.  

STRATO® Rigido: new colours, dimensions and thicknesses available.

STRATO® RIGIDO: the very latest.

Colours: RIGIDO COLOUR. It is possible to access a wide range of colours, allowing the personalization of structural surfaces with modern and cutting-edge shades.

Dimensions: dimensions are important. That is why STRATO® RIGIDO is available in different formats. Moreover, STRATO® RIGIDO is available in different thicknesses and roll lengths. 

Packaging: STRATO® RIGIDO plates can also be packed in rolls, optimizing shipments.  

Storage: STRATO® RIGIDO is not a hygroscopic material and therefore does not fear moisture. It is therefore not necessary to store it in expensive clean rooms with controlled temperature and humidity. 

3. Carbon-free STRATO® EVA confirms green commitments.

STRATO® has been object of in-depth analysis aiming to assess the environmental profile of its product range, in terms of CO2 impact, considering life cycle of the materials and secondary products involved.  

The assessment was carried out following the reference standards for life cycle analysis (ISO 14040:2006 and ISO 14044:2006).  

A carbon footprint is the set of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused, in the specific case, by manufacture process, emitted through transport, land clearance, and the production and consumption mainly of fuels, manufactured goods, materials and services.

Carbon-free STRATO® EVA confirms green commitments.

The results obtained confirmed STRATO® EVA Carbon Free range to be the best European carbon neutral product range. STRATO® obtained the ISCC PLUS certification with a score of 1,13 [kg CO2 eq] which is an extraordinary result compared with the 4.5 [kg CO2 eq] of the best potential competitor.

With 1.13, the environmental profile of STRATO® is a reference score for developing a road map toward zero-carbon aspirations in 2050. The challenge is to create a sustainable option for customers who would buy responsibly with a look to the global warning impact.

4. Satinal set up innovative Italian Solar PV Encapsulants production hub.

Satinal has been continuing to prioritize innovation, sustainability and research to meet rising market demands, planning an investment in a new solar PV EVA films manufacturing plant in Italy’s Apulia Region. STRATO® SOLAR division will produce EVA, POE and TPO encapsulants for solar panels. 

According to Satinal 4-year business plan, the Company plans to house 10 GW annual production capacity and to create close to 100 jobs after the ramp up is complete. 

Erba HQ will remain the reference point for the production of STRATO®‍ glass interlayers addressed to outdoor and indoor architecture. 3 production lines will keep on running for the production of 30 million sqm Italian quality STRATO®‍ EVA films, included STRATO®‍ EVA Carbon free version, in order to continue to meet the rising demand of the international market.

Satinal set up innovative Italian Solar PV Encapsulants production hub.

Satinal’s business plan also includes an upgrading of its R&D Lab, a continuous cooperation with European leading research centres and universities. Once again, the mission of the Company remains that of consistently invest in innovation and research, the best way to offer the right mix of top-quality, alternative, sustainable and green solutions to its clients.

The new project is, in Satinal’s eyes, a green challenge already partly won, in bringing innovation while increasing sustainability, quality and circularity of processes and products, and investing in alternative energy.  

STRATO® SOLAR product range represents a key material for laminating solar panels, in terms of performance and durability. STRATO® EVA SOLAR PV, STRATO® POE SOLAR PV and STRATO® TPO encapsulants provide many benefits in the laminating process. In fact, it is proved that STRATO® SOLAR product range gives structural support, electrical insulation, protection and transparency for the photovoltaic module. Its high level of thermal stability avoids shrinkage of the material during the lamination process, thereby simplifying the process and providing additional savings. 


Satinal Spa is an innovation-driven Italian Company, operating worldwide to deliver advanced solutions for safety glass manufacture. Satinal SpA has been the first EVA film production site in Italy, a reference point in Europe for the supply of 100% made in Italy STRATO® EVA interlayers. 

Close to its customers and partners, Satinal offers customized and innovative solutions, and after-sales technical services. 

In Satinal’s R&D Lab quality controls are commonplace. Satinal’s mission is to constantly offer a prime quality and green product, in line with a sensitive vision of the Group, as well as in order to respond to a demanding clientele, increasingly attentive to sustainability issues and to a low environmental impact behavior. 




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600450 STRATO®: a look back to the last six-successful months and a look forward to brand new projects

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