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“Glass is the single most important building material known to man, and it must be protected,” stated Howard G. Ohlhausen, Founder of Unelko.

For over 40 years, UNELKO CORPORATION has been a leader in the development and manufacture of advanced surface cleaners, coatings and treatments for the preservation & enhancement of a wide range of surfaces.

Several of Unelko’s acclaimed inventions include: Repcon® – Rain Repellent & Surface Conditioner used by military and commercial aircraft worldwide, Rain-X® the original “Invisible Windshield Wiper” for automotive glass, and The Invisible Shield® the world’s first long-lasting and invisible “non-stick” coating for glass, porcelain and ceramics.

UNELKO’s advanced surface care technologies have application within a variety of industries such as: Automotive/RV, Commercial Glass, Household, Marine, Janitorial, Aircraft, Solar, and Shower Glass. UNELKO is known for its surface coatings and newly patented “dual-action” cleaners which set the world’s standard for quality, durability and performance.

UNELKO’s mission is – to develop unique products that clean, protect or maintain surfaces using water, soil & stain repelling technologies for reduced soiling, easier maintenance, improved appearance and extended life.

UNELKO is known to offer Unmatched Performance and Value in its Invisible Shield® and Invisible Shield® PRO 15 Glass Coatings and REPEL® DUAL ACTION technology.  

Notable commercial glass and sanitary ware manufacturers, distributors, fabricators and installers are offering and/or using the Invisible Shield® Glass Coatings to preserve and protect glass and other high end surfaces. Manufacturers of flat glass, windows and facades, walls, partitions, mirrors, shower doors and tile, windshields, marine and solar glass can now offer a better product by protecting the glass against harmful effects of the environment, degradation and corrosion to further enhance appearance and extend the life of glass. 

Invisible Shield PRO 15 can be pre-applied to glass during manufacture or easily applied by professional contractors in the field to protect existing glass as a value-added preservation solution.

Their New, Invisible Shield Microburst 2000 Glass Coating Machine will allow large façade and window manufacturers to apply the Invisible Shield protective coating in-line as part of the glass manufacturing process. This process will make the glass more durably resistant to scratching, staining and other environmental exposure long term. 

Unelko Announces the Launch of its Invisible Shield Microburst Vertical Two Sided Glass Coating Machine within the Commercial Glass Industry

It was designed for glass manufacturers and fabricators that rely on high output, automated systems to produce, fabricate and protect volume shower glass and IG units. The Invisible Shield Microburst machine protects glass with a durable Nano Scale hydrophobic coating that seals, preserves and protects glass against water, soil and stains, scratches, pitting and corrosion.

It is extremely efficient and can coat up to 60 inches per minute and has a height capacity of 84 inches/2.13 meter of glass treated in one minute. In all, the machine can treat more than 7 million square feet of glass per year. The machine is extremely safe. All of the electronics are explosion proof and include built-in safety features.

There are many additional benefits from using the glass coating machine; these include its space saving and fully automated coating system, durable UV and IR bonding technology, efficient vertical design and its safe and fully vented system. This is the only machine the utilizes both a durable UV coating treatment and simultaneously an IR drying process," Lyons said.

Several real world projects include Apple, AGC Glass Southport, the New York City Highline, Ritz Carlton, Trump Hotels, Marriot, Hilton Hotels as well as Disney, Sea World and Smithsonian Institute. 480/991-7272 | GlassCareExperts.com



Please contact a Unelko representative for more information on our Invisible Shield®, REPEL® and Sani- Shield® Cleaning/Coating Technologies, our glass maintenance products and the Microburst 2000 Glass Coating Machine. We are confident that we can tailor a superior glass protection/maintenance program that will suit your needs.

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INVISIBLE SHIELD®PRO 15 Protective Glass Coating
Invisible Shield PRO® 15 is a complex polysiloxane coating that provides a durable, monomolecular “barrier” on glass to protect it against wear and degradation resulting from use and environmental exposure.
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Invisible Shield PRO 15 seals & protects glass to resist wear and provides continuous protection under the most severe conditions. Invisible Shield PRO 15 preserves glass in an original “like new” and transparent condition and prevents the adhesion of inorganic soil & stains, scratching, pitting and corrosion. It extends the aesthetic life of glass including windows, walls & facades, partitions, balconies, balustrades, doors, ceilings, shower glass, mirrors, windshields and photovoltaic panels for easier and less costly maintenance, reduced repairs & replacements and enhanced appearance.

Commercial Glass Coatings
Unelko has more than 40 years in the research, development and manufacture of water repellents, surface treatments and protective coatings and have steadfastly pioneered the Invisible Shield “Easy Clean” Coatings to preserve and protect glass and other surfaces to reduce the frequency and cost of cleaning.
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One of their primary focuses has been on the preservation, enhancement and “preventive cleaning” of residential, commercial and architectural glass including facades, windows, glass walls, doors, partitions, mirrors, skylights and canopies, shower doors and tile, solar, automotive and marine glass. “Glass is the single most important building material known to man, and it must be protected” stated founder of UNELKO, Howard G.Ohlhausen.

The original Invisible Shield® Glass Coating and New, Invisible Shield PRO 15 are high performance, ultra-thin polysiloxane coatings that durably seal and protect glass to reduce the wear, penetration, adhesion and buildup of soil, minerals, contaminants and scratches for easier and less costly  maintenance, improved appearance and extended life. Glass that is durably sealed and protected with the Invisible Shield Glass Coating can be maintained in a “like new” and pristine condition for improved appearance indefinitely. The Invisible Shield is the effective, low cost solution to the ongoing deterioration, degradation and improved cleaning of residential and commercial glass.

Invisible Shield durably “seals” the pores of the glass to make it water, soil and stain repellent, corrosion resistant and low maintenance. It is unmatched in terms of ease of application, stability, shelf life and cost per sq. foot.  Invisible Shield resists soiling, staining, weathering, fine scratches, etching, water spots and mineral build-up.  It makes only periodic cleaning & maintenance of glass easier and less costly.

The New, INVISIBLE SHIELD® PRO 15  is a professional-grade, high performance, poly-siloxane coating that durably seals and protects interior and exterior glass against wear, corrosion and degradation from environmental exposure. It preserves and protects glass windows, facades, partitions, doors, skylights, atriums, shower glass, mirrors, windshields and photovoltaic panels against soiling, staining, pitting and scratches for easier and less costly maintenance, reduced repairs, enhanced appearance and longer life. It provides continuous protection under the most severe conditions and is unaffected by washing with ordinary soaps or detergents.

Clean-X® professional products stand apart from other janitorial cleaners.
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Clean-X products are building a well-deserved reputation within the janitorial and commercial cleaning markets as true time and labor savers. They offer cleaners, coatings and antimicrobials specifically designed for the industrial, janitorial and commercial cleaning markets. Specifically, the Clean-X Sani-Scrub and Sani-Shield products are revolutionary products and the best assets to the janitorial industry. Sani Scrub removes tough surface stains and the buildup of hard water minerals, rust, dirt, grime & stains without scratching or dulling the surface and simultaneously shields surfaces against the adhesion & buildup of inorganic soil. It also provides an invisible antimicrobial resistant barrier coating on which odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew will not grow in-between cleaning. Sani Shield is a newly patented spray & wipe antimicrobial surface care technology that cleans everyday organic soil & grime with the oxidizing power of hydrogen peroxide and simultaneously shields surfaces against dirt & grime build-up for easier cleaning and protects surfaces against the growth of odor causing bacteria, mold & mildew stains.

The Clean-X® patented surface care products are famous for helping to take the guesswork out of cleaning.
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The products are designed to clean, shield and protect surfaces in one easy step in order to keep kitchens and bathrooms clean and sanitary; free of dirt, grime, soap scum and mineral buildup. By using these products, ordinary surfaces are transformed into high performance water, soil and stain repellent surfaces. Clean-X® products that feature “nano-shield” barrier coatings protect surfaces against water, soil and stains for easier next-time cleaning. Their nano-shield technology instantly seals the pores of the surface so that soil, grime and minerals will not stick. 

Unelko has developed a well-deserved reputation as the leading manufacturer of specialty cleaners and coatings for automotive glass and other surfaces.
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They pioneered the surface protectant category with The Invisible Shield and invented the world famous Rain-X line of automotive products. Unelko’s New Glass Science® line includes high performance cleaners, rain repellants and surface treatments that provide drivers with the ultimate in improved visibility, safety and driving comfort in all kinds of inclement weather.

Marine Glass
Cruise ships and other large ocean vessels can be difficult to impossible to keep clean.
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 It can be incredibly challenging to properly maintain the thousands of square feet of exterior and amenity glass that is exposed to the harsh marine environment. Frequent cleanings are required to prevent the corrosive effects of salt build-up and to keep the glass clean and clear without wasting precious potable water. Unfortunately, most traditional cleaning products are too harsh and end up damaging marine glass. Thanks to Unelko’s innovative Glass Science® Marine Glass products, it is easy to remove stains and spots from even the grimiest of boat glass, balconies and balustrades—gently and effectively. The Glass Science® Marine Glass products feature a transparent polymer coating that repels water, soil and stains for easier cleaning and improved appearance. The products offer Dual Action cleaners featuring Unelko’s newly invented 3D Nanocoat Technology. Now you can clean & simultaneously shield glass in 1 simple Step and maintain ship glass easier and more cost effectively. 

The surfaces of aircraft are constantly being exposed to things like soil, salt air, rain, slush, ice, volcanic ash, atmospheric dust, exhaust residues, and condensation.
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These substances, if left unchecked, will build-up on aircraft surfaces and cause serious corrosion and deterioration. The accumulated contaminates can also affect flying safety, especially during takeoffs and landings. Thanks to the Repcon and Aerovision products and their rain repelling and surface conditioning technologies, aircraft canopies and other transparencies can stay clean and safe. Repcon is currently being used by federal, institutional and governmental agencies, as well as by the military and commercial and private aircraft companies worldwide. 

Through extensive research and development, Unelko now offers Glass Science products specifically designed to clean and protect solar panels.
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Solar Shield® and the Repel™ Cleaner and Repellent features new 3D Nanocoat Technology. They offer invisible, long lasting, and renewable protection for the preservation, enhancement and energy efficiency of solar panels.

Technical and Optical
Unelko knows that millions of people rely on eyeglasses to help them see.
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That is why the company invented their line of Opti-Shield® Lens Care products—to help keep eyeglasses, sunglasses, sport glasses and other lenses clean, safe, and in excellent condition. In use after use, Opti-Shield maintains the highest level of clarity and cleanliness. Unelko has developed Opti-Shield utilizing a new innovative surface science called 3D Nanocoat Technology. Now people can simultaneously clean and coat their eyeglasses with an invisible, long-lasting nano-scale finish that helps keep the glasses smudge, grime, fingerprint, and scratch-free. Even permanent ink comes right off lenses that are treated with Opti-Shield.

In additional to optical lenses, Glass Science offers products specially made for cameras, iPads, laptops and cell phones. New Repel™ Tech Shield offers “streak free” cleaning that simultaneously provides an invisible water, soil, and stain repellent “barrier coating” to help improve the performance, cleanliness and appearance of all electronic products. Imagine having smudge-free cell phones, notebooks and laptops–Repel™ Tech Shield can help make that dream a reality!