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Australia | Manufacturer
EnduroShield’s easy clean professional glass treatment is the product of choice for applying to shower doors, insulated glass units, curtain walls, and automotive glass, with demonstrably the longest lasting performance for protection and durability of all products in its class.
United States | Manufacturer
Advenira Enterprises Inc. is a global provider of proprietary Solution Derived Nanocomposite SDN® Technology and unique liquid-based environmentally friendly SDN® coating materials.
Canada | Manufacturer
Founded in 2007, Bee Cool Glass Coatings has grown to be Edmonton and Calgary's leading glass coatings provider. We supply and install window tint, window film, sun control coatings, security film, blast film and decorative graphical films.
United States | Manufacturer
ClearShield Technologies is the home of the ClearShield Eco System. A Durable, Non-Stick, Easy Clean Glass Surface Protection.
United States | Distributor
Family owned and operated located in Plant City, FL. High Performance Glass Solutions is an Authorized Dealer of Diamon-Fusion International (DFI). DFI protective coatings for glass are proven to add value by cutting cleaning times, protecting against stains and corrosion.
Turkey | Manufacturer
We introduced into sand blasting machines design such innovations as compact filter system, adjustable gun system, 3+1+3 dustproof system, automatic filter cleaning function after operation, no scratch with o-ring roller system etc. We also designed vertical sandblasting machine for bended glass.
Ireland | Manufacturer
Kastus’ patented surface coating technology is a permanent manufacturing application for glass and ceramic surfaces, enabling the surface to self-sanitise and protect itself day and night for its lifetime.
United States | Manufacturer
NEXT’s transparent photovoltaic nano-coating cost-effectively transforms windows into electricity producing assets with exceptional aesthetics by converting UV & IR light into electricity, allowing buildings to produce on-site renewable energy & drive towards net-zero standards.
Germany | Industry service
The VETROX® System was invented and developed in Switzerland. This unique procedure is patented internationally. The buff and polishing machine is secured to the glass surface by suction pads, permitting the PLANE-PARALLEL REMOVAL of the damage leaving the original surface intact.