Cleaning & maintenance

Cleaning & maintenance
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United States | Manufacturer
For over 40 years, Unelko Corporation has been a leader in the development and manufacture of advanced surface cleaners, coatings and treatments for the preservation & enhancement of a wide range of surfaces.
United States | Industry service
A Solar Solution Window Tinting & Films of Denver provides the finest products on the market and the best installation team in Colorado. Whether it’s Solar Control Film, UV Film, Decorative Film, Security Film, Anti Intrusion Film or Bomb Blast Film, we’ve got you covered!
United States | Industry service
We offer professional window cleaning & pressure washing for residential and commercial accounts. All types of window cleaning and power washing. Insured-Bonded
| Industry service
We renovate glass of damaged glass. Scratch and stainremovers for all kinds off glass.
United Kingdom | Industry service
We specialize in the restoration of damaged glass. Whether by scratching, graffiti etching or careless cleaning. We are able to renovate glass so it is restored to its optimum condition.
United Kingdom | Industry service
Chicago Glass is a scratch removal and restoration company with over 25 years experience. We offer an alternative solution to replacing damaged glass.Our technicians attend your site/premises & carry out on-site repairs from scratches,weld spatter,contamination to impact damages in glass panels.
United States | Distributor
Spot-X glass restorer. Removes hard water stains, acid rain, sprinkler spots, lime, silicone buildup. Environmentally safe. Guaranteed to work.
United States | Industry service
CleanTools is a leading provider of the best drying towel and other polishing tools for a variety of markets including automotive, home, and marine. Their portable and re-usable design makes them a great cleaning asset. Please visit our website today for more information.
Canada | Industry service
New process for removing condensation, cleaning, preventing damange and restoring r-value to failed sealed units.
Hungary | Distributor
Manufacturing of machines for processing with flat glass - Whole sale of cutting tables - glass working centers - grinding and drilling machines - cutting wheels - tools - software solutions
United Kingdom | Industry service
Self cleaning glass coating. Professionally applied to commercial and residential properties. For conservatory roofs, skylights, glass covered walkways, facades. A super hydrophic glass coating.
Australia | Manufacturer
EnduroShield’s easy clean professional glass treatment is the product of choice for applying to shower doors, insulated glass units, curtain walls, and automotive glass, with demonstrably the longest lasting performance for protection and durability of all products in its class.
Luxembourg | Industry service
Since 1987, FIBS is providing the industry with solutions for the hot repair of refractories, for the preventive maintenance and for the reduction of air emissions: Cermaic Welding, Liquid Dusting, Endoscopic Inspections..
Belgium | Industry service
Endoscopic inspection and ceramic welding (RPR) for the hot repair of the refractory lining of furnaces.
United States | Industry service
Commercial and residential window cleaning, power washing, and any other type of exterior building cleaning.
Ireland | Industry service
Glass Polish Ireland offer a glass polishing service to repair and restore damaged glass. Process can repair scratches, cracks, chips and chemical damage.