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Evalam is part of the Pujol Group of companies, a global leader specialising in the development of laminated glass using EVA and other interlayers. Located in As Pontes in the Spanish region of Galicia, Evalam’s modern facilities boast a total of 15,000 m2 dedicated to the development, formulation, and extrusion of EVA.


Our Mission

To continue developing an unlimited array of plastic encapsulation products for the architectural, automotive, and photovoltaic sectors.

Our Vision

Constant innovation, improvement, and constant optimisation

Our Values

Passion, responsibility, commitment and the capacity to adapt to a changing world and transformation are our main hallmarks.




Evalam Visual
Evalam Visual is an EVA film developed for lamination experts looking for a product with high added value. Its excellent and incomparable transparency, high adhesive strength, superb acoustic insulation performance, and a crosslinking index like no other on the market make it the perfect product.
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These characteristics make Evalam Visual the ideal lamination solution for areas where optics and durability are essential requirements.


Main features of Evalam Visual:


Unbeatable transparency and optimum durability. Suited for use with extra clear glass for balustrades, curved glass, greenhouses, canopies, or stairs. In addition, Evalam Visual is an EVA product suitable for all applications requiring a high interlayer thickness but which still require maximum transparency and the final optical properties offered by laminated glass.

87% crosslinking index

Ensures that glass laminated with Evalam EVA will have a durability and stability that is far superior to any other thermoplastic material.

Open edge resistance

Evalam Visual is an EVA product developed for long-lasting resistance to humidity. It also resists delamination arising from unfavourable weather conditions or high-humidity/high temperature environments.

UV filtering

Offers protection against the aggressive effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays which causes fading of furniture, wooden floors, fabric, plastic as well as being harmful to people on the other side of the glass.

Adhesive strength

Adhesive strength is greater than 140 N/cm, ensuring that, under normal environmental conditions, the physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of the glass will not be altered.

Acoustic insulation

High noise reduction, a quality not offered by other standard thermoplastics. This feature of Evalam Visual provides greater comfort, minimising those stressful situations associated to noisy environments.

Protection for people and property

Evalam Visual is an EVA product that meets European and American standards and others applicable worldwide. This EVA product protects people and property behind the laminated glass composition. Our testing processes take into account all the areas covered by the standard for pendulum impact testing to ensure that people are protected. We also conduct ball drop tests to assess glass behaviour in forced entry and impact situations.

Lateral and vertical load resistance

Evalam Visual has earned the maximum shear modulus classification, making it the perfect interlayer to ensure stability and withstand wind and snow loads on façades and canopies.

Fire resistant

We’ve obtained certification for Evalam Visual’s resistance to fire and high temperatures.

Evalam N-Fluent
Evalam N-Fluent is an EVA product designed to minimise the overall costs of the post-lamination process.
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Its innovative formula prevents product fluidity and saves time and costs in edge cleaning. This in turn translates into direct benefits for the processor.


The main features of Evalam N-Fluent are:

Reduced edge cleaning

Its unique and innovative formula adds greater rigidity, lowering the fluidity of the product. This characteristic lessens the fluid effect of the EVA over glass edges and also reduces its nominal thickness.

UV filtering

Offers protection against the aggressive effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays which causes fading of furniture, wooden floors, fabric, plastic as well as being harmful to people on the other side of the glass.

Crosslinking greater than 85%

Ensures that glass laminated with Evalam EVA will have a durability and stability that is far superior to any other thermoplastic material.

Stable against shrinkage

Greater stability against shrinkage after the lamination process, protecting it against possible long-term problems such as delamination.

Greater impact resistance

This material features added rigidity to make a safer glass that protects the people and possessions located behind the laminated glass composition.

Evalam 80/120
The Evalam 80/120 range has been developed for laminations requiring working temperatures not exceeding 100ºC, such as decorative elements which use organic products.
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Evalam 80/120 preserves the decorative effect of the insertions impeding the fading of colour or texture owing to high temperatures, also ensuring its adhesive and safety properties at lower processing temperature.


Main advantages of Evalam 80/120

For temperatures up to 100ºC

Perfect when using insertions or any type of lamination containing products unable to withstand temperatures above 100ºC, either due to humidity or aesthetics of the insertions.

Prevents defects

Its use at low temperatures prevents defects such as those caused by the gassing of organic paints, alterations in the colour of certain papers or waves in low-micron PET.

Evalam Color
Evalam Color is an EVA product developed for temperatures in the 120ºC range without causing changes in colour near the edges, ensuring greater durability of the colour over time.
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This EVA product offers superior quality, setting itself apart from other coloured thermoplastic materials processed at only 80ºC which prioritise colour uniformity over material durability.

Thanks to Evalam Color and the technology used in the laminating ovens of  Hornos Industriales Pujol both objectives are achieved: durability and uniform colour.

Evalam is the first company of the sector to offer a range of 5 colours that meet European 12543-4:2011 standards for outdoor installation. Evalam comes in the following colours: white, super white, matte, acid white, and black.

Evalam Color


Main features of Evalam Color:

Withstands temperatures of 120ºC

Better uniformity and has no loss of tone at the ends.

Longer duration

Greater resistance and colour maintenance compared to other manufacturers in the market.

Colours certified for exterior use

Four shades of white and one black shade, which carry European certification for outdoor use.

More than 300 different shades

Different combinations of the 14 basic colours in the Evalam Color range allow for a large chromatic assortment.


AB-AR is a post-breakage structural interlayer designed for applications calling for an extra degree of safety in public spaces or those meant to withstand high linear loading. Offers post-breakage passive safety in tempered glass.
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Evalam has developed a polymer which improves upon the standard qualities of EVA, positioning AB-AR film as the interlayer with the best mechanical resistance performance on the market ahead of ionoplast; especially in post-breakage stability states above 45ºC. It is also employed in large commercial spaces requiring overhead glazing, airports, glass-enclosed public spaces or in areas where these temperatures are commonly seen the greater part of the year.


AB-AR features:

Good post-breakage behaviour

Even though both sheets of glass are tempered, the composition does not lose its rigidity when broken.

Resistance to impact in crowded areas

Breakage of one or more components does not affect the laminated glass structure, protecting people who happen to be in the vicinity. AB-AR’s unique characteristics of ensure that the glass remains stable against impact caused by a crowd, in accordance with the Spanish building code specifications (CTE in Spanish).

This product does not require climate-controlled conditions for its maintenance

This is the only film that does not require special temperature and humidity conditions, either in storage or processing.


It is a technical solution that weighs 50% less than glass-only compositions with the same strength.

Extra safety

The ideal solution for structural solutions of all kinds: glass façades, structural windbreaks, stairs, ceilings or balustrades, as well as anti-vandal security.

UV filtering

By combining AB-AR and Evalam in lamination, the composition provides UV filtering and protects the people and objects behind it.

Improved behaviour at temperatures above 50ºC

Once the Tq of the ionomers is exceeded, they lose their characteristic resistance and rigidity. AB-AR is able to resist loads of 200 kg.

Evalam offers a PET film for use with high resolution digital printing subsequently laminated in combination with a wide range of bases: transparent, white, translucent. PET is available in different sizes to meet a wide variety of customer needs.
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Main features of PET D.P.:

Available in different sizes and thicknesses.

Available in transparent, opaque white or translucent PET.

High resolution images can be printed on it for custom designs.

The wide assortment of Evalam insertions ranges from fabric finishes to metallic mesh. There is an extensive range of encapsulation options allowing infinite possibilities for architects, designers, and decorators; a powerful tool to give free rein to one’s imagination and creativity.
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A wide range of finishes and textures

Can be adapted to any decorative style imaginable.

Perfect finishes

When combined with Evalam 80/120, and low-temperature processing, defects in resulting compositions are prevented. These are the defects arising from the gassing of organic paints or defects associated to changes in colour that appear in certain papers or waves in low-micron PET.

To be used in conjunction with the range of machines offered by Hornos Industriales Pujol, Evalam offers an extensive assortment of consumables to help you achieve the best results in laminated glass.
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Vacuum system with silicone bags

Vacuum system with silicone closure

Silicone bag that withstands laminating temperatures. Its main function is to contain the sheets of glass during lamination; it features an omega (Ω) shaped closure to ensure a quick, simple and effective closure of the vacuum bag.

Teflon mesh

Graph-ruled Teflon blanket which allows air to flow freely outside the vacuum bag. Teflon’s non-stick properties means that any EVA leaks appearing during the laminating process will be very easy to clean.


Single use vacuum system

Complete and reliable single-use vacuum bag system. This system is made up of different components:

Single use vacuum system

Elastic for closing bags

This is a double-sided sealing tape that tolerates temperatures up to 205ºC and is used for sealing single-use vacuum bags.

Filter fabric

Valve for single use bag

Self-piercing valve for use with connections to single-use vacuum bag.



Adhesive tape

Especially designed to withstand temperatures up to 180ºC. These are used during baking to hold two or more pieces of glass together and/or to seal the edges of the glass and prevent excess EVA spilling during the lamination process and spattering the inside the vacuum bag.


Liquid solution, available in one-litre containers for optimum glass cleaning.


Transparent silicone for vacuum bag repair.

EVA bars

EVA sealing bars that are fully compatible with all EVA products developed by Evalam.



Thermocutter and replacement blades

Designed for easy and effortless cutting. Operates at precise temperatures according to the material to be cut. Cuts and seals edges with EVA with minimal smoke and no burnt edges.

Polishing machine

Get a perfect finish on edges and surfaces of laminated glass easily, rapidly, and conveniently. Cleans glass to a perfect and precise finish after the use of the thermocutter to remove excess EVA. With the rubber disc, excess EVA is eliminated from laminated glass, without scratches or abrasions on the glass surface.

Hole polishing tool

This machine is used for polishing holes in glass sheets which need to be fixed using spider systems.

Glue gun

Sealing tool which uses silicone glue sticks.

Laboratory equipment
Ensuring the quality of the products is important, so we recommend the use of good laboratory equipment and tools.
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Humidity test

Peeling test

Humidity with condensation testing device in accordance with section 6 of the UNE-EN ISO 12543-4: 2011 Standard “Glass for buildings. Laminated glass and laminated safety glass. Part 4: Durability testing methods”.


UV Sensor

This device is capable of measuring and displaying the rejection value of UV, IR and Visible Light Transmission. It is a self-contained and self-calibrating light source that does not require manual adjustment. To operate, just plug it into the power supply, turn on the switch and place the solar protection film in the opening. The resulting performance data will appear on the screen.



This device is used for measuring impact resistance according to the Spanish building code UNE-EN 12600: 2003 “Glass for buildings. Pendulum impact testing. Impact testing method and classification for flat glass”.


Electric heater for high temperature testing

This high-temperature testing device used in accordance with Section 5, Procedure A of the Spanish building code UNE-EN ISO 12543-4: 2011 “Glass for buildings. Laminated glass and laminated safety glass. Part 4: Durability testing methods”.



This machine is designed to obtain rapid and reliable data on traction, compression, bending, and fatigue in EVA or PVB laminated glass.