RCN Solutions and REVA BF: constant quality and assistance

RCN Solutions and REVA BF: constant quality and assistance
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Date: 23 September 2021

The chemical formula of REVA BF developped by RCN assures high performances in matter of adhesion, transparency and durability.

It may be true that lamination with EVA is a very simple job, the production is a very accurate one. While there is no need for special storage or clean room, the attention on this delicate product is still a serious matter.

The chemical formula of REVA BF developped by RCN assures high performances in matter of adhesion, transparency and durability.

Based on experience, the company is aware that any slight chemical variation can compromise the performance of the product because the balance of the composition of the elements is an imperative procedure. That does not mean development is not considered or possible, differently it is a crucial matter in RCN’s future plans.

But customers’ opinion come first, and those who have validated REVA BF in their production and have experienced superb results obtained with the product, fear any variation could somehow compromise quality output. In this regard, RCN is receiving recommandations for keeping REVA BF unchanged, giving constancy to the product, and the company understands the position of the client’s desire for reliable production and is doing its very best to satisfy this matter.

The quality is mainly based on the raw materials: there is not use of recycled EVA in RCN production and the resin supplied by one of the major international manufacturers, is the key point of our REVA BF.

Granting excellent products is one of the main purpose of RCN SOUTIONS and involves serious quality controls, in addition to care in material mixing and measures to prevent contamination deriving from impurities.

Last but not least, when the choice for a special product is on the table, price helps to identify the quality rate offered by the product, and the cheaper you go, the poorer are results and durability. Thus, it is fundamental to consider that top rate interlayers have among the properties, the technical assistance from the manufacturer - a service having added value and making REVA BF a first choice product.  


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