New Bovone hybrid convection oven for the production of laminated glass

New hybrid convection oven for the production of laminated glass: maximum versatility in glass stratification
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Date: 4 December 2020

The new hybrid convection oven for the production of laminated glass guarantees maximum versatility during the glass lamination process.

The new Bovone oven has been designed to meet the challenges that the multiple applications of laminated glass put before the operators.

The application sectors of construction, architecture, automotive and transport in general are constantly evolving in line with the trends of an increasingly complex and frenetic global market. Laminated glass is widely used in these sectors by virtue of its important functions in terms of safety and comfort – thanks to its high thermal and acoustic insulation capacity – as well as its non-negligible decorative potential.

Especially in architecture, the demand is moving towards increasingly selective glass: a type of completely reflective glass, which guarantees an optimal heat exchange – better than concrete. Furthermore, on the plastic materials side, there is an increasingly widespread use of Sentry compared to PVB.

Within the panorama of glass lamination, therefore, a technological solution that was highly performing ten years ago, today no longer meets the standards required by the market.

Bovone is globally recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of plants and complete lines for glass lamination. From this position derive high expectations in terms of innovation. The Ovada industrial group meets these expectations year after year, investing heavily in research, tuning its frequencies with those of the reference markets and continuously investing energy to respond to contingent requests and anticipate the future and the not yet manifest needs of its customers.

In Bovone, the trends in the lamination market have been carefully analyzed: from this analysis an oven was engineered that is able to serve the needs of today’s market and respond to those of the future market that is moving towards the use of new materials. Operators need a highly versatile technology able to better manage the different materials and their passage in the different production cycles through simple and fast switches. The new hybrid oven from Bovone is this technology.

The state of the art of stratification ovens today sees the alternative use of two main technologies: the radiation system and the convection system with forced hot air. However, today’s ovens use as an exclusive source of heating the lamps for radiation, which heat the air with their rays, which is then forced into the oven thanks to the internal fans. This creates evident deficits in the optimization of heat sources in the case, for example, of stratification of reflective glass.

With the new Bovone Hybrid technology, the hot air convection system frees itself from the use of lamps: the air, in fact, is heated by a resistance system inside the oven. The new furnace manages the materials by integrating two completely independent heating systems, which can be combined with each other depending on the needs. The two systems, in fact, can be managed in different ways: the control panel is very simple and intuitive and allows you to access a wide variety of settings – including the independent management of each single IR lamp – very easily, also guaranteeing less experienced operators excellent results right away.

In addition to its high versatility, the hybrid convection oven for the production of laminated glass guarantees an optimization of heat distribution, monitored by the sophisticated control system, for greater uniformity of the glass temperature with tolerances of very few degrees. Furthermore, thanks to an accurate mechanical design, maintenance operations are extremely easy and the excellent construction quality guarantees reduced consumption: a significant energy saving is estimated compared to other technologies on the market.

The new Bovone oven allows the customer to equip himself with an oven that will be at the forefront, at least, for the next ten years: the competitive advantage of this product compared to those of other competitors is crystallized in the coexistence within the same machine of two different and completely independent heating sources, which therefore can cover all and any needs.

600450 New Bovone hybrid convection oven for the production of laminated glass

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