Why choosing STRATO®EVA Interlayer for glass lamination

Date: 30 March 2023
Why choosing EVA interlayer for glass lamination
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Date: 30 March 2023

STRATO® EVA is a polymeric material used in glass lamination. It’s a recent solution designed to create a performing product in terms of composition, durability, aesthetics and processing costs.

Composition and safetySTRATO® EVA film has a thermosetting chemical composition, with more than 94 percent of curing rate (test performed on STRATO® Extra Chiaro), guaranteeing a very high level of protection for architectonic buildings, also exposed to exceptional weather conditions, like high temperatures, humidity and extreme atmospheric conditions:

  1. In case of breakage the fragments will be retained by STRATO®EVA film. The chemical composition retains the fragments of glass, reducing risks of accident
  2. UV rays: STRATO®EVA film filters up to 99 percent of UV rays at 380nm wavelength
  3. Great sound insulation

DurationSTRATO®EVA is not an hygroscopic material, which means resistance to humidity and to water infiltration in the corners of laminated glass, any risk of delamination.

Aesthetics: high transparency. STRATO® EVA film ensures brightness. STRATO® EVA COLOUR is the right way to personalize buildings or design interiors, with a touch of colour, without compromising the natural light of living rooms.

Processing costs: a laminated glass with STRATO® EVA film can be processed with a convection oven, like Lamijet Convection, or Lamijet 04-2c by TK srl; these ovens have small or medium dimensions, accessible to small and medium companies.

Why choosing EVA interlayer for glass lamination

Satinal SpA has been the very first EVA production site in Italy, 100% made in Italy, and guarantees high standards required by a very high-quality product. 

The application of the EVA film is a delicate process that requires great precision for the temperatures and cycle times applied. The quality controls, which are carried out in the Satinal R&D laboratory, aim to guarantee perfect adhesion of the material to the glass surface. The experience acquired in the treatment of EVA-based materials is essential to master their potential and fully exploit their characteristics. 

For any further information:

E. info@satinal.it

S. www.satinal.it

T. +39 031 870573

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