“Mappi has won over all"

“Mappi has won over all"
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Date: 1 October 2020

Perfection is achieved by choosing absolute quality partners and collaborators.

It’a a great pleasure open the new issue of Rivista del Vetro magazine and find, in the middle of a beautiful article about Formator, one of the best company in european glass industry, phrases like these: "... the latest investment made for the Tempering furnace went to Mappi after a long and almost maniacal search of perfection and performance, with a forward-looking eye also on the future of glass. The choice of furnace is important, you can not go wrong, also because it works for at least ten years and for the tempering of the glass is fundamental.

We travelled a lot around the glass companies of half of Europe in search of our perfect furnace and we found it branded Mappi: the quality of a well tempered glass has no equal.

Everyone wants the perfect glass without optical distortion, so we are looking for glass without roller waves and anisotropies and with the new ovens everything has improved. But tempered glass in the Mappi oven is close to perfection. We have tested it with different shapes, complex glass and anomalous situations, and then the result also passes to tolerance quality tests almost zero. Mappi has won over all".

Sincerely this is the best winning point for us at Mappi.

Go to https://view.joomag.com/la-rivista-del-vetro/M0930835001507043505 and read the entire article in Rivista del Vetro, settembre 2020.

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