Vetrodomus: Quality and high performance with Forel "No Limits" Line

Roberto Pastore, owner of Vetrodomus
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Vetrodomus was among one ot the first companies to believe in Forel's “No Limits” IGU line project.

"Everything is based on the quality that a glass company can offer. Superior quality allows you to connect with higher-level customers and access higher-level orders. How do you achieve quality? On the one hand, you rely on the skills and know-how of your company and employees; on the other hand, you capitalize on the tools you decide to use."

These are the words of Mr. Roberto Pastore, owner of Vetrodomus (Brescia - Italy). His company, founded over 50 years ago, is now one of the leading European companies in the large pane processing sector. With over 70 employees and a production area of 13,000 m², the company is specialised in the production of glazing for facade applications and shipbuildings.

Vetrodomus was among one ot the first companies to believe in Forel's “No Limits” IGU line project, which led to the development of insulating glass lines capable of processing extra-jumbo sized glass sheets.

Vetrodomus Headquarters in Brescia (Italy)
Vetrodomus Headquarters in Brescia (Italy)

"We needed to increase our productivity," says Pastore, "by adding a new insulating glass line to the two existing lines. Our top priority was for high performance (the ability to handle heavy weights and support significant thicknesses and offsets) to correspond to a good level of labor productivity. We were familiar with Forel because we had already purchased a vertical edge processing line (grinding, milling and drilling, washing machine) and part of an insulating glass line, so we decided to work with them to explore a system that could go beyond the standard formats. Having made the decision to invest, we opted to do so by opening ourselves up to new possibilities. This led us to the “No Limits” line. We considered this choice carefully and in the end it proved to be a winner. The line entered into production two years ago and has been advancing quickly. It has superior performance characteristics and has given us access to substantial orders.”

“No Limits” line of Vetrodomus
“No Limits” line of Vetrodomus

Mr. Maurizio Capello, Production Manager at Vetrodomus, played an important role in selecting and assessing the line: "We are very scrupulous in the evaluation of the machines that are proposed to us," explains Mr. Capello. "We were looking for a flexible solution that could assemble units for the international facade market. Our customers, mainly Groups that operate internationally, are very demanding in terms of accuracy and quality of the finished product. As for Forel, we have always appreciated the robustness stemming from the monoblock structure that distinguishes their products. And the fact that they are made in Italy is synonymous with quality. Having made these preliminary considerations, we then compared the performance and functionality of the “No Limits“ line with the other lines on the market. We conducted a detailed analysis, which demonstrated that the Forel brand had made significant progress from a technological point of view. We decided to put our trust in the No Limits line and we made the right choice."

Maurizio Capello, Production Manager of Vetrodomus
Maurizio Capello, Production Manager of Vetrodomus

We end our meeting with Vetrodomus with a final question for Mr. Roberto Pastore: In a competitive and increasingly technologically advanced context like the current glass market, what strategies must a company implement to excel?

“In order to become suppliers of certain customers, you need to invest on different levels and work towards continuous improvement. To be a true leader requires efficient and effective management of the company's business processes and ongoing cultivation of staff know-how through suitable training. Vetrodomus, in addition to the certification of its Quality Management System, has always worked in this direction by implementing its own quality controls on products and processes. Likewise, the company is diligent in adhering to customer protocols, which are increasingly specific and demanding. Obviously, all this is complemented by the machinery. By investing on both fronts, Vetrodomus has increased its productivity and raised the bar on its objectives, enabling the company to approach a very high-level clientele now."

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