Tianjin NorthGlass: Accurate smoothness of curved tempered glass

Accurate smoothness of curved tempered glass
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Tianjin NorthGlass

Date: 14 April 2022

Tianjin NorthGlass (referred to as TNG) uses innovative concave Low-e bending technology and adopts extremely strict standards for edge shift, curvature and edge straightness in production to present straight vertical lines on the surface of the building.

The inwards curving and integrated glass curtain wall system is both novel and can be used for structural support. 

Accurate smoothness of curved tempered glass

2050 M Street Washington office building (referred to as 2050) is located at the intersection of central 21st Street and M street in the central business district of Washington, D.C., with a construction area of 41800 m2 and a total area of 5000 m2 of curtain wall glass. More than 1100 pieces of concave curved glass extend from the bottom to the roof. This project creatively uses a modular, concave inward and integrated glass curtain wall system, which is redefining the modern office building in Washington, D.C. 

Accurate smoothness of curved tempered glass

TNG stands out among many high-end glass manufacturers in the world and becomes the glass fabricator of this project. In the progress of the whole project,TNG has always maintained close communication with owners,  architect and curtain wall companies, constantly optimizing the size and shape of the design, enhancing the strength of the glass and making the glass thinner and more transparent; The high-performance Low-e coating improves the overall energy efficiency and creates an extremely unique relief effect and kaleidoscope effect, which is a new aesthetic experience. 

Accurate smoothness of curved tempered glass

The words come from 2050 M Street official: A unique curved glass design utilizes state-of-the-art, technology only sourced from the highest-quality manufacturers of commercial-grade class. Ever mindful of a building or company’s relationship with its surroundings, Tishman Speyer continues to redefine quality, sustainability and performance. (From: 2050mstreet.com) 

Accurate smoothness of curved tempered glass

TNG also uses convex and concave Low- e bending technology to make the Low-E on the same glass surface while ensuring the accuracy of the arc and avoiding color difference to create a perfect wave shape. 

Accurate smoothness of curved tempered glass

The Pendry Hotel located at Manhattan west is refreshing with its curved outline and exquisite details. The facade adopts the wave display form of "repeated symmetry"; The project design of the windowsill promotes the connection between the internal space and the external environment. Each room here has more natural light than the traditional square building. 

Accurate smoothness of curved tempered glass

Pendry hotel adopts single insulated glass, including flat glass and concave and convex bending glass, with a total area of more than 1700 pieces and 4500 square meters. The minimum radius used on the curved curtain wall is 1.45M. Such a tight radius while ensuring accuracy and color difference is also very challenging for TNG because the tight radius puts forward higher requirements for radian accuracy. After the team’s effort. the mockup successfully passed the high standard review, and the glass bending technology was unanimously recognized by the owner and architect. Darren Allen, the project manager, said: "the glass processing and the combination with structural parts require extremely high precise” 

The innovation of production technology promotes the continuous change of the city. Design empowers the growth of the city, dares to imagine and designs for the city. TNG also gives different visual "special effects" to urban architecture.

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