STRATO® landed at DREAM City for a brand new project

Date: 15 December 2023
Source: Satinal Spa
STRATO® landed at Diamond Research and Mercantile (DREAM) City for a brand new project
Photo source
Rangkala Glass Design

Date: 15 December 2023

The building is made of both 170 sqm of STRATO® Extra Chiaro EVA film double-bended laminated glass and 700 sqm of STRATO® Extra Chiaro EVA film flat laminated glass.

Diamond Research and Mercantile (DREAM) City is a smart project extended over on a 681 hectare site in the southern part of Surat in Gujarat, India. 

According to its developers, worldwide the tendency is towards mixed use development with safe, attractive vibrant and free accessible public space. “Work-Live-Enjoy” or “Work-Home-Recreation” concepts are generally seen as sustainable on the long term.  

DREAM City is a comprehensive area designed for an integrated urban development. A world class infrastructure facility that opened its doors to a green future with a Smart Grid system that includes, amongst other things, renewable energy resources and a solide waste management based on a reduce, recycle, reuse and recover materials concept. 

STRATO® landed at Diamond Research and Mercantile (DREAM) City for a brand new project

The main entrance of DREAM City is a huge futuristic and modular infrastructure, where glass is the main protagonist and helped to create natural connection both internal and external environment. A link enhanced by STRATO® Extra Chiaro EVA film implementation, mainly used in the laminating safety glass industry applications, known for its aesthetics and high-performing characteristics.  

The building is made of both 170 sqm of STRATO® Extra Chiaro EVA film double bended laminated glass and 700 sqm of STRATO® Extra Chiaro EVA film flat laminated glass 

An engineering project, a combination of two different modular laminated glasses, perfectly matched on natural wooden templates. A stunning architectonical construction, a combination of strong expertise and need to create the perfect balance both natural elegance and safety.  

The glazing project was headed by Rangkala Glass Design, a renowned Company based in Surat-Gujarat, who usually offers to its clients special combinations of material and art. Rangkala Glass Design is known for its high-quality cutting-edge glass products, processed with selected raw materials. Quality, being their utmost priority, is maintained at all times, through various procedures conducted by a team of quality controllers.  

Rangkala Glass Design selected STRATO® EVA Extra Chiaro film to guarantee to the main entrance of DREAM City a combination of highly uniform strength, safety, perfect transparency and unobstructed view.  

The phase prior to the installation of STRATO® Extra Chiaro EVA film laminated glasses concerned the glass lamination process. Rangkala Glass Design Company, heading the glazing project, used a TK Lamijet-04 oven in order to obtain high-quality laminated glasses. 

TK Lamijet-04 250-450 is a Pro TK Lamijet oven version, with 4 independent working surfaces and forced cooling technology, which combines shorter processing times in relation to high production volumes. The ideal partner for exstensive projects such as DREAM City one.  

During lamination and bending process with TK Lamijet-04 kiln, reflective glass coating didn’t fed up. The glass anisotropic hold its behavoiur. The result was a high-quality lot reflecting the installer’s expectations and successfully assembled in DREAM City. 

STRATO® landed at Diamond Research and Mercantile (DREAM) City for a brand new project

Satinal Spa is an innovation-driven Italian Company, operating worldwide to deliver advanced solutions for safety glass manufacture. Satinal Spa has been the first EVA film production site in Italy, a reference point in Europe for the supply of 100% made in Italy STRATO® EVA interlayers. 

Close to its customers and partners, Satinal offers customized and innovative solutions, and after-sales technical services. 

In Satinal’s R&D Lab quality controls are commonplace. Satinal’s mission is to constantly offer a prime quality and green product, in line with a sensitive vision of the Group, as well as in order to respond to a demanding clientele, increasingly attentive to sustainability issues and to a low environmental impact behavior. 

The wide range of TK products meets the needs of medium and large companies that need to start 

production or increase their production capacity and improve the quality performance of the finished product.  

Working in close collaboration with customers, TK relies exclusively upon the best Italian technology and European components to meet its high quality and standards requirements - providing 100 percent customized solutions. 

In seeking to best provide the most appropriate and personalized solutions, TK applies a tested methodology that relies upon great attention to all steps: briefings on customer requirements, made to measure solutions, equipment design and development right up to on-site, remote and local installation, staff training and aftersales assistance. 


  • Diamond Research and Mercantile (DREAM) City  
  • Location: Surat-Gujarat, India 
  • Glazing project and glass laminator: Rangkala Glass Design Pvt Ltd
  • STRATO® Extra Chiaro EVA film manufacturer and distributor: Satinal Spa
  • TK Lamijet-04 oven for safety glass lamination manufacturer and distributor: TK srl
  • Photo credits and contents contributor: Shree Amit Bhagat, Leading Sales Director at Rangkala Glass Design Pvt Ltd

Further information about DREAM City are avalaible on  

T. +39 031 870573

600450 STRATO® landed at DREAM City for a brand new project

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