SILVERSTAR COMBI by Euroglas: Revitalisation of a historic site

SILVERSTAR COMBI: Revitalisation of a historic site
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Date: 23 February 2022

The revitalisation of the site of the Norblin factory in Warsaw is an unprecedented project.

On the site of the former metal processing plant, a whole “city within a city” has been created on an area of about two hectares, which boasts a unique blend of historical and contemporary ambience. In addition to spacious office and co-working spaces, the complex offers everything that should be found in a lively neighbourhood, from shopping, dining, entertainment, health care and fitness to a museum. Façade glass from Euroglas ensures excellent views and panoramas in the ultra-modern new building.

The history of the factory dates back to 1820, when Aleksander Jan Norblin founded a bronze workshop in Warsaw. Later, his descendants took over the business and merged with a local company. By the end of the 19th century, a foundry, a sheet metal rolling mill, a pipe mill and a wire drawing workshop had expanded production. This led to the development of one of the largest metalworking companies in the Kingdom of Poland by the beginning of the 20th century. The outbreak of the Second World War ultimately marked the beginning of the decline of the Norblin factory. In 1939, it was partially destroyed and dismantled. Production had to struggle with multiple problems during the era of the Polish People’s Republic, with the result that operations were discontinued at the beginning of the 1980s and the grounds were subsequently used as a museum.

Old and new buildings in harmony

When the factory site was purchased by a private investor in 2008, it marked a turning point. The new owners were then faced with a major challenge. The aim was to revitalise the property while preserving its industrial heritage. As very little of the historic building structure had been preserved, one thing was clear: The site could only undergo a successful revitalisation through a complementary new construction.

In accordance with the preservation requirements, the building needed to stand out clearly from the historical buildings. As a result, an eight-storey office complex was built according to plans by the local firm PRC Architekci, spanning parts of the building’s fabric worthy of preservation and allowing visitors to experience its interior. In contrast to the old brick façades, the new building captivates with its clearly gridded glass façade, which blends harmoniously into the urban space and elegantly complements the historic buildings.

Multifunctional façade glass from EUROGLAS

Choosing the right glazing was particularly important to the architects – especially since the new building had to meet high standards in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. The planning team carefully analysed the available products and eventually opted for the SILVERSTAR COMBI NEUTRAL 70/35 NG from EUROGLAS. The intelligent coatings of this multifunctional insulating glass ensure a high level of daylight transmission while at the same time reducing the heating in the interior rooms.

In addition, a Ug value of just 0.5 W/m2K ensures extremely low heat loss and correspondingly low energy consumption. The high soundproofing function of the glazing, which was necessary due to its location in the city centre, was achieved using sound-absorbing EUROLAMEX PHON laminates. The fact that the glazing has a largely neutral colour scheme also contributed to their choice. The result impressed architects and building owners alike. Thus the Norblin Factory came into being, a place to work and linger a while, like no other in Warsaw.

600450 SILVERSTAR COMBI by Euroglas: Revitalisation of a historic site

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