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Products with that special something – at SEEN, individuality and attention to detail are of particular importance. This is where the variety of products is just as impressive as the projects in which they are used. The latest offer by the company: shiny shapes in glass.

All those who are looking for exceptional implementation options in architecture, interior design or the execution of their design ideas, will find SEEN to be just the right partner. The highquality product range is extremely versatile and provides a wide range of optics, haptics, light, and shapes.

Among other things, it includes thin stone with its unique naturalness, which can be used in various ways through the connection with glass or on different carrier materials. In addition, extravagant acrylic glass with special, three-dimensional insertions represents a special highlight for every room.

Circles, reflective, regular
Circles, reflective, regular

A particular shine is also shown by the latest development, which now extends the range: a special, two-sided inlay for laminated safety glass. It consists of individual, small forms, which exhibit a high degree of flexibility in shape and size – anything from square, rectangle or circle to company logos is possible.

The specificity of the product lies in a front side of the partial pieces out of reflective metal coatings such as aluminum, titanium nitride, titanium and a semireflective aluminum as well as printed and varnished colors, optically three-dimensional or, depending on the viewing angle, color-changing surfaces. All these variants can be combined with identical or different color, in particular black, back.

Spots, reflective, regular
Spots, reflective, regular

The individual small forms with a size between two and twenty millimeters are fixated on a transparent substrate. Up to five different types can be used per glass, while the maximum pane width currently is 2.6 meters with a maximum possible length of up to twenty meters. And here too, there is plenty of room for creative leeway.

Uniformly applied rows and grid structures are just as possible as partial surfaces, gradients, and lettering. The space between the shapes can be determined freely. A simple PDF template is enough to transfer the personal preferences onto the inlay.

Circles, black rear, regular
Circles, black rear, regular

A particularly beautiful effect is achieved if the used elements are coated black on one side. In the lamination process, the different expansion coefficients of differently weighted surfaces cause the individual forms to curve slightly so that a three-dimensional effect arises, which is particularly visible on the metallic side. In addition to the significant depth of view, this provides a distinct vitality in the glass element, as the reflections of incident light and colors are thrown back on all sides.

Rectangles, reflective, regular
Rectangles, reflective, regular

This two-sided processing is often the case with façade applications, as it enables a perfectly opposite effect for interior and exterior spaces. While the pattern shows only black inside, so that the view through the pane is hardly or not at all disturbed, the outer shell of the building shimmers and shines in a particularly multifaceted way.

In addition, the possibilities of digital printing on the metallic insert are currently being ascertained. This would make all colors feasible, while the reflections remained to a large extent. Experience gathered in the past shows that the chances in terms of UV stability of the surfaces are rather good.

Rectangles, black rear, regular
Rectangles, black rear, regular

So far, the development of the product has taken about eighteen months, and the tests with different glass processing facilities have shown positive results without exception. After initial presentations for architects, designers and engineers in New York and London, the official market introduction of the whole product range will take place in October at glasstec in Dusseldorf as part of glass technology live stand (Hall 11, D42). The planning of projects in the “new look” can therefore begin straight away.

Squares, reflective, regular
Squares, reflective, regular

And of course, SEEN will not stop creating new ideas, as further design variants and combinations are already in the making. This is where, in addition to the described design options, the photometric characteristics of the overall glazing play an important role.

Depending on the percent coverage of the glass surface, a significant reduction of the g value and the light transmission can be achieved through the forms. This ensures a wide range of options for the glass coating as both a curtain laminated glass façade or an outer element of an insulating glass unit.

Particularly for Central Europe, depending on the degree of coverage, one will predominantly have to work with a low-e coating on the inner insulated glass, which is normally more neutral in color than a sun protection coating.

Furthermore, the sparsely reflective exterior has a positive impact on the protection of birds, confirmed by two independent institutes in Switzerland and Germany. Especially regarding bird protection glass there is much more to come soon!

Thus, the company is well-positioned with the different types of thin stone applications, its special acrylic glass types, as well as the new in-house development. And the fact still applies that all manner of project-specific, cross-industry, and individual items that already exist can be developed at any time.

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