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Optris – Non-contact temperature measurement made in Germany

Optris has been developing and manufacturing innovative infrared measurement devices for industrial temperature measurement, including infrared cameras, stationary industrial IR thermometers and handheld thermometers for area and point measurement, for more than 17 years.

Our comprehensive product portfolio comprises infrared measurement devices for different industrial applications as well as research & development. Along with our free thermal analysis software, our measurement devices enable constant monitoring and control of virtually every manufacturing process, and reductions in production costs through specific process optimization.

Temperature monitoring in the glass industry

Glass has been a mainstay of human life for centuries. Be it in the form of jewelry, the facades of buildings, or drinking containers, it comes in every size, shape and color imaginable. The most translucent material places very specific demands on non-contact temperature measuring technology.

As described in detail in our Infrared Basics brochure, reflection and transmittance are serious considerations. Depending on whether one is measuring the surface temperature of the glass, or the temperature within the glass itself, specific infrared thermometers or thermal imaging cameras are recommended by Optris.

Below you will find a number of areas of application and the respective product solution.

Process control during glass tempering

With the new glass inspection system, temperature differences during glass tempering processes can be quickly detected, avoiding rejects and providing automatic quality monitoring.

Recommended devices:
Infrared thermometer CT G5L and infrared camera PI 640i

Area measurement

Thermal imaging cameras are always used when temperature values within an area need to be monitored, for example in the manufacturing of sheet glass.

Recommended devices:
Thermal imager optris G7 series

Measurement of moving objects

Likewise, infrared cameras are used when measurement objects are in motion, for example in the industrial production of glass beads or in packaging and filling plants which have a high output. When the objects always move within an orbit and are only to be measured at individual points instead of across the entire area, an infrared thermometer with high measurement speeds can also be used.

Recommended device:
Thermal imager optris Xi 400 or Pyrometer optris CTfast LT

Measurement in confined spaces

In practice, there is often only a very restricted space available for sensors, for example when they are being integrated into machines or systems. For this job there is a specially developed compact series glass pyrometer available.

Recommended device:
Infrared thermometer optris CT G5

Measurement of very small objects

IR thermometers enable the measurement of the smallest objects from 1mm in size at a distance of 70 mm. Corresponding special developments for the glass industry enable the precise measurement of glass surfaces, for example in the manufacturing of laboratory glassware.

Recommended device:
Infrared thermometer CTlaser G5 or CSlaser G5HF

Measurement through glass

Pyrometers with a special measurement wavelength of 3.9 µm are suited for precise temperature measurement between 200 °C and 1,650 °C through flames and glass. Non-contact IR thermometers are used for the measurement of workpieces in ovens through flames, as well as for the continual temperature monitoring of brickwork in furnaces.

Recommended device:
Infrared thermometer CTlaser MT

Measurement in hot surroundings

For the harshest conditions in the high temperature field, an infrared thermometer has been developed that can operate without additional cooling at ambient temperatures of up to 250 °C. This can be used in ovens and in closed chambers.

Recommended device:
Infrared thermometer CThot LT


Infrared thermometers & pyrometers
Optris infrared thermometers and pyrometers for spot measurements are particularly well suited for precise temperature monitoring of industrial manufacturing processes, research and development, and function checks of a diverse range of devices and systems.
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Optris infrared thermometers and pyrometers for spot measurements are particularly well suited for precise temperature monitoring of industrial manufacturing processes, research and development, and function checks of a diverse range of devices and systems. Simply select a suitable temperature sensor from one of the following product groups!

Compact series: Small and low-cost infrared thermometers

Compact series: Small and low-cost infrared thermometers

Are you looking for an extremely small sensing head which can easily be integrated into processes with limited available space? Or are you looking for low-cost yet reliable infrared thermometers which can be used in multiple infrared measuring locations? If so, the small and low-cost pyrometers from our Compact Series are ideal for your needs!

High performance series: Highly accurate infrared thermometers with laser

High performance series: Highly accurate infrared thermometers with laser

If you have rather demanding requirements in your temperature measurement devices, or if you would simply like to determine the measuring spot more accurately by means of laser technology, then the infrared thermometers from our High Performance Series are the right choice for you.

Which infrared thermometer is right for me?

The easiest way of finding the right infrared thermometer for your application is using our Pyrometer Selector, or during a commitment-free personal consultation with one of our application engineers.

If you still prefer to keep looking for the right pyrometer yourself, you should start by determining the properties of the object surface on which your measurements are to be performed. A particularly important parameter in this respect is emissivity ε. The following wavelength ranges are available:

IR thermometers for non-metal surfaces: 8-14 µm

This wavelength corresponds to device type LT. Would you like to measure a non-metal surface such as a plastic surface? If so, these are your devices of choice.

Compact series: optris CS LToptris CSmicro LToptris CSmicro 2W LToptris CX LToptris CT LToptris CTfast LToptris CThot LT

High performance series: optris CSlaser LToptris CTlaser LT

Handheld thermometers: optris P20 LToptris MS LT

IR thermometers for glass surfaces: 5,0 µm

This wavelength corresponds to device type G5 and enables reliable temperature measurements on glass by selecting one of the following infrared thermometers.

Compact series: optris CT G5

High performance series: optris CSlaser G5 HFoptris CTlaser G5

IR thermometers for metal: 0,5 - 2,3 µm

Pyrometers with this wavelength range are perfectly suited for measuring liquid and solid metal surfaces by simply selecting one of the following devices.

Compact series: optris CSmicro 3Moptris CSmicro 2W 2Moptris CT 1M / 2Moptris CT 3M

High performance series: optris CSlaser 2Moptris CTlaser 05Moptris CTlaser 1M / 2Moptris CTlaser 3Moptris CSvideo 2Moptris CTvideo 1M / 2Moptris CTvideo 3Mratio pyrometer CTratio 1M

Handheld thermometers: optris P20 1M / 2Moptris P20 05M

IR thermometers for special applications: 2,3 - 7,9 µm

In addition to your usual measurement tasks, you may have to solve unusual measurement problems from time to time. For these situations, Optris offers the following pyrometers:

Pyrometers for Measuring Temperatures on Films

With a wavelength of 7.9 µm, these infrared thermometers of device type P7 are perfectly suited for measuring temperatures of very thin plastic materials such as PET, PU, PTFE, or PA.

Compact series: optris CT P7

High performance series: optris CTlaser P7

Pyrometers for measuring combustion gases

With a spectral range of 4.24 µm and 4.64 µm, respectively, infrared thermometers of device type F2 and F6 are ideally suited for measuring temperatures of CO2 and CO combustion gases.

High performance series: optris CTlaser F2optris CTlaser F6

Pyrometer for measuring temperatures through flames

Workpieces inside furnaces are difficult to measure because the flames surrounding the workpiece distort the measurement results. An IR thermometer with a spectral range of 3.9 µm permitting easy and precise measurements through flames is the solution.

High performance series: optris CTlaser MT

Pyrometers for laser applications

Temperature measurements in laser applications require a stop filter against laser radiation in order to ensure precise measurement results.

High performance series: optris CT XL 3M

How can I find the right optics for my infrared thermometer?

The use of the right optics is indispensable in order to achieve precise measurement results. It depends on the size of the object to be measured and the distance between the object and the pyrometer. The easiest way of determining the right optics for your thermometer of choice is using the measurement spot calculator for pyrometers.

Optris infrared cameras
Optris' infrared cameras are fully radiometric stationary thermographic systems with an excellent price-performance ratio.
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Optris' infrared cameras are fully radiometric stationary thermographic systems with an excellent price-performance ratio. The thermal imaging cameras are connected to a PC via USB and they are immediately ready to be used. Temperature data is displayed through the license-free analysis software optris PIX Connect.

The optris Compact and Precision Line

The Compact and the Precision Line offer thermal imagers for all applications. Which one is yours?

Advantages of the Xi Compact Line

  • Motor focus
  • Compact industrial imager for temperature measurements from -20 to 900 °C
  • Autonomous operation with automatic spot finder and direct analog output - ideal for OEM use (Xi 80)
  • Direct Ethernet and RS485 interface (Xi 80)
  • Microscope optics for circuit boards and small electronic components down to 240 µm (MFOV) starting at 1950 €

Advantages of the PI Precision Line

  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Suited for fast processes (up to 1 kHz)
  • High thermal sensitivity (down to 40 mK NETD)
  • High optical resolution (up to 640 x 480 pixels)
  • Laser blocking filters
  • Temperature measuring ranges from -20 to 2000 °C
  • Different spectral ranges (500 nm / 1 μm / 7.9 μm / 7.5 – 13 μm)
  • Cooling accessories for harsh environments up to 315 °C ambient temperature
  • Shipped in rugged outdoor case with tripod and individual test report included
  • Microscope optics for circuit boards and tiny electronic components down to 85 µm (MFOV) starting at 6330 €

General advantages of both thermal infrared cameras series

Automatic hot spot detection

Objects can be examinated thermally and hot or cold spots can be found automatically to reveal weak spots of the process.

Fast temperature measurements

With optris PI and Xi thermal imagers, temperature distributions on surfaces can be captured precisely within a millisecond interval.

Extensive software with line scan mode

The accompanying software optris PIX Connect helps you with comprehensive temperature data analysis and documentation. Furthermore the software contains a line scan mode which is generally used for processes with moving objects under test.

Easy process Integration

Advanced interface concepts allow the integration within networks and automated systems:

  • USB cable extension up to 100 m over Ethernet or up to 10 km over fibre
  • Process interface (PIF) on the ir camera as analog input / output (0 - 10 V) and digital input (low- und high-Level)
  • Software interface via Dynamic-Link-Library (DLL) and ComPort