Glass Inspection
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Finland | Manufacturer
Sparklike is the developer of the world ́s first and only non-destructive gas measurement devices for insulating glass. All of our devices are developed and manufactured in Helsinki, Finland.
Austria | Manufacturer
Softsolution - LiteSentry, the leaders in inspection & automated quality assurance systems join forces. As a result of the merger, the product portfolio in the respective markets will be expanded, on the one hand in the area of scanner technology and on the other hand, in camera-based solutions.
Germany | Manufacturer
Viprotron is the technology leader for highly efficient glass scanners. They develop powerful and future-oriented scanners at the highest technical level. With more than 15 years of experience and over 300 scanners in use worldwide, the result is quality “Made in Germany”.
Germany | Manufacturer
Optris GmbH is a leading manufacturer of non-contact measuring equipment. Optris proposes both portable and fixed infrared thermometers for spot measurements as well as online infrared cameras for real-time thermography analysis.
Italy | Industry service
AceLabs artificial vision systems are applied in flat glass sectors (automotive, home appliance, architectural appliance), allowing to analyze the integrity of the glass, the relative serigraphy and the reading of codes or logos.
Finland | Industry service
We support our customers in the planning and implementation of the project and, together with our partners, handle the installation, training, maintenance and spare parts service.
France | Distributor
The range of distributed machines covers all flat glass processing operations for mirrors: from handling, storage and shaping to heat treatment of glass.
United States | Manufacturer
Dark Field Technologies partners with quality and engineering professionals to provide automated, in-line surface inspection systems. Our award-winning laser systems remove the need for manual defect inspection, reducing cost and providing previously impossible inspection precision and efficiency.
Italy | Manufacturer
Thanks to more than 25 years of research and development of vision inspection systems, Deltamax Automazione is today a qualified partner for automatic quality control for production and processing of flat glass.
United States | Manufacturer
Custom Turnkey visual inspection solutions for your manufacturing process. European operations in 2oo5.
Germany | Manufacturer
Optical surface and edge inspection systems for automated quality assurance and production process monitoring applicable for glass panels, sheet glass, float glass, continuous glass ribbon.
Spain | Manufacturer
GlassInspector has been designed and entirely manufactured by Spanish technicians. Due to their ease of integration, GlassInspector can be installed in any type of glass production line either new of operational.
Italy | Industry service offers a fully functional, open protocol digital platform that will help improve your productivity. It is backed by the expertise and experience of two market leaders: Bottero and Tiama, both with extensive know-how in process automation and A.I., who understand your needs.
Estonia | Manufacturer
From GlasStress you may order analysis of the stresses in glass products manufactured by your company (bottles, drinking glasses, electric lamps, CRT bulbs, optical fibre preforms, panels of architectural glass, automotive glazing, etc).
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Inspection Systems specialises in industrial machine vision systems suitable for dimensional measurements, defect and fault mark detection, and product tracking.