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India | Manufacturer
Manufecturer of all types of industrial heaters, thermocouples, temperature controllers, RTD sensors, Ovens, Furnaces.
United Kingdom | Distributor
ATP is a specialist supplier of all forms of test, measuring and weighing equipment across the UK
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Calex designs, manufactures and sells non-contact infrared temperature sensors and hand-held thermometers for the glass industry.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
A leading UK manufacturer of digital thermometers, (contact and non contact) and temperature sensors/probes.
Italy | Manufacturer
Development, Production, and Sales of high accuracy test and measurement instruments, Infrared thermometers, and flue gas analysers
United States | Manufacturer
Ircon is a world leader in non-contact temperature. Our products include thermal imaging cameras, spot pyrometers, and infrared line scanners.
United States | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of Non-contact infrared pyrometers including portable and fixed on-line fiber optic sensors, Precison blackbody calibration sources and high resolution thermal imaging systemes.
| Manufacturer
Translates all the temperature measurement and control requirements of the process industries into industrial solutions and manufactures temperature sensors specially designed for the glass industries.
Germany | Industry service
stabilising and optimising glass production processes by implementing glass technology to the process-control
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Manufacture and distribution of glass hydrometers. Manufacture and distribution of measuring instruments and sundries used by brewers, distillers, winemakers, and carbonated beverage manufacturers.
India | Manufacturer
Laboratory glassware, thermometers and glass pilot plants for bulk drugs mfg.