Measuring Tools
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Finland | Manufacturer
Sparklike is the developer of the world ́s first and only non-destructive gas measurement devices for insulating glass. All of our devices are developed and manufactured in Helsinki, Finland.
Austria | Manufacturer
Softsolution - LiteSentry, the leaders in inspection & automated quality assurance systems join forces. As a result of the merger, the product portfolio in the respective markets will be expanded, on the one hand in the area of scanner technology and on the other hand, in camera-based solutions.
Germany | Manufacturer
Viprotron is the technology leader for highly efficient glass scanners. They develop powerful and future-oriented scanners at the highest technical level. With more than 15 years of experience and over 300 scanners in use worldwide, the result is quality “Made in Germany”.
Germany | Manufacturer
Optris GmbH is a leading manufacturer of non-contact measuring equipment. Optris proposes both portable and fixed infrared thermometers for spot measurements as well as online infrared cameras for real-time thermography analysis.
United States | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of on-line inspection and laboratory quality control equipment for the glass container industry.
United States | Industry service
Argon Filling Systems, Inc. (AFS) delivers state-of-the-art features to enhance the window industry’s gas filling process. Innovative features decrease operating expenses and overall cost of ownership, while increasing plant safety, improving performance and optimizing reliability.
Belgium | Distributor
Services for glass quality control. Equipment for testing and development of laminated glass, tempered glass, heat strengthened glass. Calibration, repair and maintenance service in our own laboratory for a wide range of optical quality control instruments. Testing services and assistance.
France | Distributor
The range of distributed machines covers all flat glass processing operations for mirrors: from handling, storage and shaping to heat treatment of glass.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Temperature Profiling Systems for in-process measurement in harsh environments.
Australia | Distributor
Elegant I.G, a small family-founded company, is today Australia’s largest supplier of IG consumables.
Germany | Manufacturer
Raytek, Ircon, Datapaq - Together, we are Fluke Process Instruments, advancing the reputation of the worldwide leader in measurement tools by offering a broad portfolio of noncontact temperature measurement and profiling solutions for today’s most demanding environments.
United States | Manufacturer
The glass industry has its own unique set of requirements that k-Space’s glass metrology can accommodate. There are needs for edge inspection, broken glass detection, glass thickness calculation, as well as film thickness, spectral reflectance, absorption, color (L*a*b*) measurement, etc.
United Kingdom | Distributor
Measure and create DXF files on site with the use of the LT-55XL Laser Templating System. 2D drawings in either the horizontal or vertical plane.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
PCE Instruments is a manufacturer and global supplier of precision measuring instruments to the glass industry. Our product range includes thermometers, dust measuring instruments, flow meters, viscometers, hygrometers, hardness testers, micoscopes, pyrometers, roughness testers, scales, balances.
United Kingdom | Industry service
Peak Sensors manufacture many thermocouples for the Glass Industry. We supply directly to glass plants, glass furnace contractors and glass furnace manufacturers. Our sensors are used throughout the glass manufacturing process, including melting, refining or working end processes. Contact us today!