R.C.N. Solutions: One Lammy System 2 Installed at VGP Velvet Glass Poland

R.C.N. Solutions: One Lammy System 2 Installed at VGP Velvet Glass Poland
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Date: 27 February 2024

VGP has chosen RCN Solutions for its projects in lamination.

Glaziers worldwide want to specialize and diversify their production to be more competitive in the market. For this reason, they are looking for reliable machines granting consistent quality output.

It is no coincidence that after long-term consideration and investigation, VGP VELVELT GLASS POLAND has chosen RCN SOLUTIONS for its projects in lamination. 

Operating in the glass market since 1999, VGP VELVET GLASS is known in its area for supplying different products for interiors and exteriors, both clear and decorative.

Equipped with CNC machines, VGP VELVET is increasing its visibility by enhancing its offer for special products, and glass lamination fits this purpose.

The choice has been one RCN’s Lammy System 2 – active size 2.100 by 3.600 millimeters – equipped with RD CLEAN CONCEPT system for clean edges which eliminates needing to clean the edges at the end of the laminating cycle, saving time and costs, as well as EASY APP CONNECT for remote control of the process and immediate operation in case of modifications. In addition, one overtop storage unit with two additional laminating shelves has been installed to increase production from 30 up to 70 percent. These figures are justified by the use of RCN’s fast-curing REVA BF interlayer able to laminate 6+6mm glass in 75 minutes. 

Once again, Lammy System 2 proves to be the most demanded laminating kiln, for its versatility, its services and daily output. And it is always the first choice for all those glaziers who want to specialize in lamination and produce special and safe products.

RCN SOLUTIONS is increasingly present in the Polish market which is very attentive to quality aspects and appreciates Made in Italy, a synonym for accurate technical choices, attention to detail and durability. 

RCN thanks VGP VELVET GLASS for its hospitality and friendly approach, and wants to share a sentence from VGP: “We guarantee the highest quality of products in line with your expectations”. 

These words also mirror the RCN’s engagement face to its market. 

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