NorthGlass helps customers to achieve value improvement

General manager of Suzhou Huadong Coating Glass Co., Ltd and his delegation visited NorthGlass
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Date: 23 December 2021

On December 13, NorthGlass Tempering Furnace Business Unit, at the request of Suzhou Huadong Coating Glass Co., Ltd., completed temperature control system upgradation of the intelligent modular project.

The effect of the transformation has been highly recognized by customers, who immediately sent thanks letters.

NorthGlass helps customers to achieve value improvement

Suzhou Huadong Coating Glass Co., Ltd is an old customer of NorthGlass, and currently has two NorthGlass convection tempering furnaces. These two devices are important guarantees of annual capacity. The company was established in 1993, it produces and sells more than all kinds of glass deep processing products more than 5 million square meters per year, and supporting goods for Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Schindler, Bombardier, and other famous enterprises for a long time.

With the continuous improvement of tempering technology level and customers' stricter pursuit of the quality of tempering glass, NorthGlass focuses on customer needs, and has solved professional problems, even if the Low-E glass bending problem recognized by the industry.

NorthGlass helps customers to achieve value improvement

This transformation is equivalent to replacing a “brain” for the temperature control system of the tempering furnace, which provides a more stable heating signal control, greatly improves the response speed of temperature measurement and anti-interference ability, and thus improves the accuracy and stability of the overall temperature control of the equipment.

Equipment transformation core: NorthGlass intelligent temperature control module
Equipment transformation core: NorthGlass intelligent temperature control module

Customers were satisfied to the transformation of the tempering furnace, and the production efficiency of this equipment was significantly improved, the energy consumption decreased by 5%, and greatly reduced the fluctuation of heating current. The tempering technology level of NorthGlass, the engineers' technical skills and service made customers feel happy.

“Efficiency creates the brand, and integrity forges the future”. No matter when and where, NorthGlass always pays attention to customer interests, and is responsible to customers, adheres to the service commitment, adheres to the standards beyond the industry, and beyond customer expectations. This is also the highest commitment to customers and NorthGlass helps customers to achieve efficient production and create value for them.

600450 NorthGlass helps customers to achieve value improvement

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