CulletScanner by SOFTSOLUTION

CulletScanner by SOFTSOLUTION
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Date: 29 October 2020

CulletScanner with tilt-function - new Video available! Automatic fragmentation image analysis with optional polarization function.

The SOFTSOLUTION CulletScanner with new tilt function analyzes precisely, quickly and in constant quality every tempered glass, such as architectural-, automotive-, window glasses and shower doors.

It scans using the highest resolution at a 90° angle and automatically finds the areas that contain the highest and the lowest count along with the largest and longest fragments. The images are evaluated and saved digitally within seconds.

The details are evaluated in the shortest possible time - with precision, constant quality, and easy-to-read results. There is also the option of using the CulletScanner to test anisotropy and the edge stress.

600450 CulletScanner by SOFTSOLUTION

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