Cristalería Crevillente (Spain) chooses Forel

“Residential” IG Line by Forel
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Date: 22 June 2021

Diversify, innovate and compete... with Forel Machinery

Cristalería Crevillente was founded in Loringuilla (Valencia, Spain) in 1972. A leading name in its national market, the company produces insulating glass units for residential and commercial applications, as well as glazing for interior use and special projects. The company is now run by brothers José Luis and Joaquín García Fernández, employing around one hundred people.

Cristalería Crevillente is a well-established company in the Spanish market. What was the vision behind your success?

“Our journey as a company is a complex story that spans almost 50 years. Cristalería Crevillente started as a family business and grew steadily over the years to become one of the leading players in the Spanish glass market. This journey was made up of many different events and stages, with a contribution from many people, but there’s a thread that runs through it: Cristalería Crevillente has always aimed to diversify its production and continuously invest in new tools and solutions. We want to keep offering our customers more, in terms of both quality and options. That’s the spirit that has allowed us to grow and helps us to compete every day”.

Joaquin García Jiménez and Joaquin García Fernández (Cristalería Crevillente)
Joaquin García Jiménez and Joaquin García Fernández (Cristalería Crevillente)

What's your distribution? Who are your main customers?

We mainly target the domestic market, supplying major companies in both the residential and commercial sectors. We work predominantly on large orders, which require high mass-production output and the utmost precision in processing: the most important projects are of course the most demanding. To take advantage of these opportunities, we had to equip ourselves with the best available solutions for insulating glass production and edge processing.

Our customers also include a number of smaller companies that specialise in specific installations, where a high level of professionalism is required.

Among the equipment you use on a daily basis, there are several solutions from Forel, a company with which there’s a long-standing partnership.

At the moment we use two Forel lines for vertical edge processing (one of them is also equipped with a vertical CNC machine for drilling and milling) and two insulating glass lines, one Jumbo and one "Residential". The second was installed a few months ago: we were very satisfied with the performance of its larger-sized 'sister', but the high volume of orders prompted us to diversify processing. We can now dedicate the Jumbo to commercial projects and more specific processing, plus naturally the assembly of large insulating glass units (shop windows, glazing, façade glass, etc.). Meanwhile, the 'Residential' line is used for all 'series' orders for the residential sector. It has proved to be reliable and fast in production, allowing us to organise our production flows more efficiently and improve the quality of our products, while reducing delivery times.

José Luis García Fernández (Cristalería Crevillente)
José Luis García Fernández (Cristalería Crevillente)

Last year was a complicated time for all manufacturing companies. What are your expectations for the glass market?

It certainly doesn’t look like an easy future. We can very likely expect an increase in competitiveness as a consequence of the downturn we have experienced. But the value of foresight will probably emerge in this post-Covid phase: Cristalería Crevillente has always invested in keeping up-to-date when it comes to technology and production. We trust that the commitment we have shown so far will enable us to continue to compete and meet with approval from our customers.  

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