Bearing Vibration Analysis - HHH Tempering 2-min Technical Video

Bearing Vibration Analysis - HHH Tempering 2-min Technical Video
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Interested in knowing the causes behind tempering furnace bearing wear? In this 2-minute technical video, the experts at HHH Tempering explain that misalignment and lubrication are both common reasons.

Imagine you could detect problems in your machinery before your operators start spotting the symptoms. Bearing vibration analysis makes it possible to identify premature bearing wear and the associated causes. Curious about the causes? Watch as the HHH Tempering technical team discusses factors and solutions for bearing wear and tear.



Vibration analysis can detect problems with rotational equipment long before maintenance personnel or operators even notice there’s a problem. One of the most common problems that vibration analysis turns up, is bearing wear.

Misalignment contributes to about 1/3 of all the bearing failures. Improper lubrication contributes to roughly 1/3 of bearing failures as well. Whether the lubricant is grease or oil, the proper application of OEM lubricants is essential. Over lubrication can lead to premature bearing failures as well as under lubrication.

Initial vibration analysis provides valuable data for baseline information to tell you where your working equipment is at. Subsequent, vibration analysis provides the data so you can effectively schedule your preventative maintenance. HHH Tempering Resources provides these services. Give us a call if you’re interested.

If you’d like to plan a scheduled maintenance of your production equipment, give us a call at 336-439-3807. We’re here to help!

600450 Bearing Vibration Analysis - HHH Tempering 2-min Technical Video

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