Sparklike Laser Integrated™ installation at Isophon

Installation of Sparklike Laser Integrated™ at Isophon
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Date: 31 May 2021

Isophon Glas ordered two Sparklike Laser Integrated™ insulating gas measurement stations.

Sparklike Laser Integrated™ is based on Sparklike's well-known Laser Technology that allows non-destructive measurement of insulating gas concentration for triple and double glazed insulating glass units.

Sparklike Laser Integrated™ offers value-added features in automatic line integrated inspection. In cooperation with Sparklike, Isophon Glas installed their first Sparklike measuring station in the beginning of May.

Installation of Sparklike Laser Integrated™ at Isophon

Isophon Glas decided to invest in Sparklike Laser Integrated™ to ensure the quality of their whole production and to meet the customers´ increasing quality requirements and awareness.

“The control of the gas press is crucial as some glass types are more difficult to fill with argon. There has been cases in the industry of insufficient gas fill and very expensive rejects – the control after the glasses are installed to the buildings is increasing. Quality is very important to thrive in today’s market”, states Mr. Torsten Bold, the owner of Isophon.

The turn-key installation of Sparklike Laser Integrated™ was simple and quick. "The installation took only 2 days, including the integration done by Best Makina. The place was ready and the station was tested in our workshop. Therefore we simply lifted it to its place, bolted to the floor and connected few wires. Operation started with the very first IGU that arrived from the gas press. As simple as that", says Kai Niiranen, R&D engineer, Sparklike. The measurement station needs minimum 700mm of free area in X-axis. It is possible to integrate the station with IG-lines without actually touching the lines. Sparklike's measuring station can be installed into any existing or new IG-line.

"Everything went well with the installation and we are very pleased that we now have complete quality control of our insulating glass units production, thanks to Sparklike Laser Integrated™. We are also open for Sparklike's customers as a reference installation", Torsten Bold says.

Sparklike specialists performed the mechanical installation in a few hours and connections to the IG-line were done right after. The device started as planned and its benefits were taken into use right away. Among the control of the gas fill the measuring station is very useful when adjusting and servicing the gas press.

The integration of the Laser Integrated™, to the IG-line manufactured by Best Makina, was conducted in cooperation with Best Makina’s specialists with remote connection. Also the measuring station can be remotely controlled and monitored, if needed. The second Sparklike Laser Integrated™ will be delivered in June.

Read more about Sparklike Laser Integrated™ by clicking the link below:


600450 Sparklike Laser Integrated™ installation at Isophon

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