SentryGlas® celebrates its 25th+ anniversary

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Date: 1 February 2024

Over 25 years of SentryGlas® excellence and innovation

Launched over a quarter of a century ago in 1998, the unique Ionoplast film SentryGlas® is now widely used worldwide for laminated glass façades, windows, doors, skylights, canopies, glass railings and all type of glass in different applications. With its highest residual load-bearing capacity over a wide temperature and load range after the glass laminate breaks, there is nearly no other interlayer film like this!

Success is often reflected in demand: After more than two decades of successfully meeting our customers' increasing demand for SentryGlas®, global supply chain challenges limited our ability to meet our customers' demand.

Together with our suppliers, we have solved the supply chain issues and we have a reliable supply chain again - just as our customers have come to expect from us. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for our team. We are working closely with our suppliers to be able to supply in the future as demand for SentryGlas® grows. 

SentryGlas® TW (translucent white)

In more than 25 years the use of SentryGlas® ionoplast has expanded significantly as structural engineers have realized that the performance benefits developed for hurricane applications can also be beneficial for many other aspects of a building, including facades, overhead glazing, balustrades, doors and partitions.

Due to its high clarity, SentryGlas® ionoplast interlayers enable architects and designers to realize their ultimate visions in low-iron safety glass. 

SentryGlas® Translucent White ionoplast interlayer combines all the technical benefits and structural properties of SentryGlas® with a variety of white color transmission that provide an appealing aesthetics, the basis for dramatic lighting effects and a sense of privacy, giving architects much more freedom in their designs.

SentryGlas® Translucent White is suitable for both commercial and residential applications and offers excellent durability and edge stability, even under extreme weather conditions, as well as outstanding post breakage performance. 

Nothing like the Original SentryGlas® 

Products with superior qualities are unfortunately often copied and, as imitations, never achieve the high-quality standards and performance of the original. Many manufacturers produce glass interlayers that do not have the same properties as SentryGlas®, but they use the name "SGP". This gives the impression that they are Kuraray interlayers to profit from the quality and reputation of the SentryGlas® brand and confuse the market. 

Kuraray has consolidated the references for SentryGlas® products as "SG™" and obtained a U.S. trademark registration for SG™. To avoid confusion, the correct designation SG™ should be used when requesting or referring to genuine SentryGlas® interlayers. In addition to SentryGlas®, Kuraray also manufactures the next generation of the product line, SentryGlas® Xtra™ (SGX™).

Kuraray attaches great importance to the trust of its customers and acts against any infringement and deception in the unlawful use of its registered trademarks and brands.

Kuraray is the leading global producer of PVB and ionoplast interlayers for laminated safety glass applications in the architectural segment. With the biggest product portfolio worldwide, Kuraray offers outstanding solutions:

  • Structural: Trosifol® Extra Stiff PVB and SentryGlas® ionoplast films
  • Acoustic: Trosifol® SC Monolayer and Multilayer PVB films for sound insulation 
  • Films for UV control: Trosifol® UV Extra Protect, Trosifol® Natural UV and SentryGlas® Natural UV - from complete UV protection to natural UV transmittance
  • Trosifol® UltraClear PVB film with the lowest yellowing value in the industry
  • Decorative & design: Black and white, color and printable interlayers
  • Bird friendly solutions: Trosifol® BirdSecure® Pro and Sentrylas® BirdSecure® Pro
  • Extremely durable scratch-resistant hard coard: Trosifol® Spallshield® CPET
600450 SentryGlas® celebrates its 25th+ anniversary

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