Schiatti Angelo Srl | Meet the team: Ennio Agnoletto

Ennio Agnoletto
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Date: 12 November 2021

Ennio is 16 years old and walks briskly on the damp sidewalk towards via Cesare Battisti, in Seregno.

On November the 2nd, the sky is always a little gray, but millions of butterflies are waving in its belly: it’s his first day of work.

When Ennio enters in the SCHIATTI of the 1978, he finds himself in front of a glamour artisan workshop, in which a small bounch of specialized technicians is working on a big straight-line edging machine for glass processing.

Starts there the journey of Agnoletto Ennio, class of 1962 for 180 centimeters heigh.
He starts with a light baggage of knowledge and a great wish to improve.

Ennio spends the next 7 years as a turner, a job in which he majored.
It is when he reaches the highest level of competence that he becomes a shoe pads assembly worker, a task that requires great patience and precision.

Besides being a great professional, Ennio is a good-hearted person. Harsh and not too effusive in his kind of being, however, he makes time for others and is a person who keeps his word.

Outside work, for him there is a loving family (he’s a caring son and a yes-person uncle) and the company of his old friends. A drink and a game of pool are an example of how he likes to spend his evenings.

Why are we talking about Ennio? Because today, that journey that began in November of 43 years ago is about to end. Of course, we are a little sorry to lose such a nifty employee and such a valuable friend, but we know that he will be fine. In fact, it seems that he is planning to spend a good deal of time in the Caribbean, and, who knows, maybe if he finds himself well, he will even decide to stay there forever.

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