Next-evolution Saflex™ Horizon Vision elevates clarity and precision

Date: 4 April 2024
Source: Eastman
Next-evolution Saflex™ Horizon Vision elevates clarity and precision
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Saflex™ Horizon Vision | Eastman

Date: 4 April 2024

Eastman’s new PVB interlayers take dual-plane HUD and autonomous systems applications beyond expectations

Safe driving requires good visibility. Safer driving is made possible by clearly seeing what lies ahead and having time to react. With that in mind, Saflex — made by Eastman, a leading innovator in advanced automotive PVB solutions — introduces its next evolution of PVB interlayers designed to meet the demanding requirements of more sophisticated head-up display (HUD) systems and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

Saflex Horizon Vision PVB interlayers are engineered to elevate clarity and precision in both applications’ dualplane HUD and front-sensing cameras for autonomous systems, setting a new standard for automotive visibility technology.

Horizon Vision represents the next evolution of Eastman's variable angle wedge PVB technology and plays a crucial role in supporting the transition from conventional to more technological cars. This innovative technology is customizable, allowing for extended profiles and angles to ensure exceptional image clarity across multiple layers of glass.

This unique feature addresses challenges where separated planes of projection with different focal points can lead to image distortion, known as ghosting in the HUD zone, and mitigates the negative effects of transmitted double image (TDI) for the cameras that deliver the visual perception for ADAS.

“As HUD and ADAS technologies advance to incorporate sophisticated features, ensuring optimal clarity and precision becomes increasingly critical,” said Igor Campiteli, market development manager at Saflex. “Saflex Horizon Vision is specifically designed to enhance driver experience and safety through its highly customizable capability to generate an extended set of profiles and angles that enables the product to meet multiple image separation requirements from the bottom to the top of the windshield.”

Key features and benefits of Horizon Vision for dual-plane HUD and ADAS applications include:

  • Reduced ghosting — Horizon Vision minimizes ghosting for short and tall drivers in complex curved windshields. Its main objective is to eliminate this undesired effect in more sophisticated systems like dual-lane HUD, where two sets of images are projected at different virtual image distances (VIDs). This ensures clear and accurate visual information across both projection planes. 
  • Transmitted double image (TDI) mitigation — Since this phenomenon can influence the front-sensing cameras’ visual perception the double image must be addressed. By designing unique profiles based on more technological cameras and strict optical requirements, TDI can be minimized to support the next generation of autonomous cars and systems. 
  • Highly customizable wedge angle profile — Horizon Vision’s variable angle wedge PVB can be tailored to meet the most stringent optical requirements of image separation from the bottom to the top of the windshield, providing optimal performance in the HUD zone for drivers and the ADAS zone for cameras.

Horizon Vision PVB interlayer is the second innovative product launched under the Horizon brand that reinforces Eastman’s commitment to continuously invest in and bring next-generation solutions for displays and autonomous vehicle systems to enhance safety and provide a more immersive driving experience.

For more information about Horizon Vision and its transformative capabilities, visit Saflex Automotive.

600450 Next-evolution Saflex™ Horizon Vision elevates clarity and precision

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