Adelio Lattuada - Automation: Key Ally for the Recovery

Adelio Lattuada - Automation: Key Ally for the Recovery
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Date: 25 May 2020

In this first NL the focus is on Lattuada Robotic Solutions.

AUTOMATION: KEY ALLY FOR THE RECOVERYThis moment of great difficulty makes us understand how it is increasingly important to rely on advanced solutions and technologies, aimed at automating activities and increasing production flexibility.

The contribution that robotics and automation can make in supporting the recovery is more decisive than ever.

Adelio Lattuada has been studying and developing customized solutions for every need for years.

In this first NL the focus is on our Lattuada Robotic Solutions.



  1. Higher productivity
  2. High flexibility (both for series and mixed productions or unique pieces)
  3. Ease of use and maintenance
  4. Automatic measurement of glass
  5. Automatic speed adjustment
  6. Lower costs
  7. Customisable suction cups
  8. Continuous quality check
  9. Continuity assured
  10. The fastest line available on the market
  11. Twenty years of experience
  12. Quick and intuitive resolution of any blocks or emergencies
  13. Full integration with other machines
  14. Simple programming of the entire line from a single point
  15. Numerous customizing possibilities




1. Grinding

  1. 1 robot
  2. 2 robots
  3. 3 or more robots

2. Seaming

3. Loading/Unloading/Sorting

  1. Cutting lines
  2. Double-edgers
  3. Insulated glass lines
  4. Processing centres
  5. Tempering furnaces
  6. Laminating lines
  7. Etc.

4. Fully automatic lines

5. Special and customized applications




VIDEO Lattuada Robotic Solution @ Vitrum 2017

VIDEO Lattuada Robotic Solution @ Glasstec 2018

VIDEO Lattuada Robotic Solution @ Vitrum 2019

Lattuada Robotic Solution

600450 Adelio Lattuada - Automation: Key Ally for the Recovery

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