Unelko Offers Innovative, Invisible Shield® "Microburst" Glass Coating Machine

Unelko Offers Innovative, Invisible Shield® "Microburst" Glass Coating Machine
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Unelko Corporation

Date: 25 August 2021

Unelko is being represented at the upcoming VITRUM in Milan. Si.Ste in Italy promotes Invisible Shield® Glass Coating Technology.

Unelko Offers Innovative, Invisible Shield® "Microburst" Glass Coating Machine

"The New Microburst glass coating machine was designed for large and small glass fabricators/manufacturers who rely on a high output, and efficient automated system to produce and protect a high volume of glass including shower glass, windows & doors, IG units," partitions, railings, sand blasted glass, windshields and more.

The Invisible Shield "Microburst" coating machine and their top-rated Invisible Shield PRO 15 Glass Coating protects glass with a durable, "Nano Scale" monomolecular coating that seals & protects glass for 15 years or longer against water/weather, soil, salt, acid/chemicals, stains, scratching, pitting, etching and environmental corrosion.

The machine was designed by Unelko Corp. and Perfect Score Technologies, a well-known glass equipment company in Dallas, Texas. According to Steven Ohlhausen President of Unelko, The New Microburst Vertical Glass Coating Machine took some time to develop, however it is the best performing glass coating machine of its kind in the industry. It is unmatched from a use, operation, efficiency, safety, and performance standpoint.

The compact, high output, vertical "two sided" glass coating machine is extremely efficient. It utilizes ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) processes to cure and instantly bond the Invisible Shield PRO 15 Glass Coating to both sides of almost any size glass. It treats/protects 70 sq. ft. (7 sq. m) of glass per minute and 4,200 sq. ft. (420 sq. m) per hour with a high performance, hydrophobic/oleophobic coating. The glass leaves the machine durably protected and 99% clean. The Microburst Glass Coating machine can treat up to 8,000,000 sq. ft (800,000 sq. m.) of glass annually, in a single shift.

Unlike other coating machines that offer poor product performance, require extensive handling, expensive product vials, long curing times and excessive after cleaning, the Invisible Shield Microburst Coating Machine is fully automated, product efficient and is time, energy and performance driven. It has a height capacity of 7 feet, but machines can be customized for almost any height and width glass depending upon production needs.

Glass fabricators can treat 1 unit to 1 million units at the same per unit cost.

Importantly, the Microburst glass coating machine is a self-contained, safety-first design. It is extremely safe, emits zero fumes and has NEMA 4 rated, polymer coated "air sensor" enclosures and electrical boxes. The unit is made of 100%, alcohol/solvent -corrosion free aluminum, emits zero fumes and wastes no product. It is even outfitted with an automated "self-cleaning" spray function; features you just don't see on other machines, Ohlhausen stated.

The Microburst Glass Coating Machine comes with a Full Year (or 2000 cyles), Parts & Service Warranty and is outfitted with WIFI Diagnostics for Remote, On-Site Support & Service.

The Invisible Shield Microburst Glass Coating Machine and IS PRO 15 Glass Coating offer the most effective solution to prevent glass degradation & corrosion, for improved cleaning and long-term preservation of residential and commercial glass.

To purchase the Microburst Glass Coating machine or for more information, contact Unelko and watch this equipment video now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQMXT90QPAA

Unelko Corporation is recognized as a world leader in Advanced Glass Coating Technologies for the preservation, enhancement and "preventive cleaning" of residential and commercial glass. For more information, visit www.unelko.com.

Invisible Shield® Microburst™ Vertical Two-Sided Glass Coating Machine


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