Successful Vitrum 2005 for Bystronic – Innovative System Solutions for the Manufacture of Architectural and Automotive Glass

Without doubt a decisive factor in VITRUM 2005 being so successful for Bystronic was the fact that Bystronic, in its role as a global supplier of total solutions for the economical, application-engineered manufacture of architectural and automotive glass, has an excellent reputation internationally.With its innovative system solutions, technologies and services for integrated glass applications, the brand Bystronic stands for lasting customer benefit, reliability and the best products on the market.

Bystronic operates globally, with customer advice and services available locally.

This year at the Bystronic exhibition stand in Hall 15 the following new or advance developments were the focus of interest during 6 presentations a day:

smart’lamicut – Economical cutting of laminated glass

With its smart’lamicut, Bystronic-Armatec Technology presented a semi-automatic cutting table for laminated glass with a previously unattainable cost-to-performance ratio.

The smart’lamicut enables precise cutting and separating of laminated glass jumbo sizes up to a max. 3.70 m cutting width in a diagonal cut.
All cutting, breaking and separating processes are automatically controlled. Only one operator is required.

Further advantages:
- Precise positioning of shapes down to a millimetre using a positioning aid.
- Accurate double cutting by a torsion-proof and bending-resistant cutting bridge with high-precision and stiff linear guides.

The smart’lamicut guarantees efficient processing of laminated glass and is thus the ideal entry-level solution for laminated glass cutting.

spacerbender – Fast spacer-bending machine

On the automatic spacer-bending machine of Bystronic-Lenhardt Technology - spacerbender – both aluminium and plastic spacers can be accurately bent.
It excels on account of its productivity, quality and flexibility.

The cycle time achieved sets new standards through simultaneous saw cutting and bending of the fourth corner, with the result that the spacerbender is currently the fastest automatic machine on the market.

There is no need to change tools for bending different spacer widths and radii.
The integrated coupling tool ensures a continuous production process is given through endless connection of the spacer bars.

A drum storage for 8 profile widths enables material to be changed quickly. The integrated residual recovery buffers the unused profile rests up to the next processing.

desiccantfiller AT – integrated frame processing

The new desiccantfiller AT of Bystronic-Lenhardt Technology performs filling of spacer frames with desiccant fully automatically without manual intervention.
The automatic operation includes transport of the frames to and from the machine.

In combination with the butyl coating robot butyler BA, the processing of spacer frames is completely automated. The sequence of process steps after bending of the spacer profiles may be retained.

The logistics will be simplified with the first-in / first-out-process. Due to the desiccant filling and transporting in parallel operations shortest cycle times are possible.

The drilling of the fill holes is centered in the back of the spacer profile. A clean filling will be guaranteed by the sensor-controlled filling operation.

The new desiccantfiller AT is suitable for the processing of aluminium-, steel-, stainless steel as well as plastic spacer profiles.

first’arris – Arrissing on highest level

With its automatic arrissing machine first’arris Bystronic presented yet another innovation for economic high quality arrissing.

It enables the automated arrissing of rectangles and shapes with straight edges. In doing so the cup wheel technology used ensures the finest arrissing quality at low operation costs.

The first’arris can not only be deployed in the production of insulating glass as an integrated constituent in a line, but can also be used as a stand-alone solution in tempered glass and laminated glass manufacturing.

Further advantages of the first’arris are its space-saving, compact design, the integrated rinsing zone that preserves the water demineralising of the washing machine and the contactless processing of low-E glass.

smart’line MULTISTEP – Manufacturing of up to 4-sided stepped I.G. units

The smart’line MULTISTEP is a versatile insulating glass production line with manual sealing area. It is suited for the efficient manufacturing of up to 4-sided stepped insulating glass units.

It requires a minimum of space and is simple to operate. It can be used for processing of metallic or plastic spacer profiles.

The flexibility of this line was demonstrated with a workshop-type production batch of 10 different I.G. units.

Handling equipment – for quick and safe glass handling

Besides the above mentioned exhibits Bystronic-Armatec Technology presented also its extensive product range of handling equipment for quick and safe glass handling.

E.g. the glass manipulator Easy-Lift guarantees a quick and safe glass transport with a guided hoisting mechanism. Due to the step less adjustable hoisting speed an exact and careful positioning is possible.

The further core competencies of Bystronic

•automotive glass pre-processing solutions
•complete solutions for laminated glass manufacturing
•total solutions for glass tempering and bending

have been presented at multimedia terminals or communication areas within the booth.

Conclusion of VITRUM 2005

With these exhibits at Vitrum 2005 Bystronic convincingly proved that it is possible to manufacture insulating glass cost efficiently and meet standards of high quality while enjoying an excellent price/performance ratio. These solutions can be expanded individually and upgraded with a wide range of additional components responding to customer’s requirements.

600450 Successful Vitrum 2005 for Bystronic – Innovative System Solutions for the Manufacture of Architectural and Automotive Glass

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