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CMS Glass Technology is an industry leader in the field of curved and flat glass working, with technologically advanced solutions such as numerically controlled machining centers, cutting benches, and water-jet cutting systems. 

scm group
SCM Group

CMS has been part of the SCM Group, a world leader in technologies for processing a wide range of materials, since 2002: wood, plastic, glass, stone, metal and composite materials. The companies of the Group are the reliable partners of established industries operating worldwide in various trade sectors: from furniture to building, from automotive to aerospace, from boating to plastic materials. SCM Group coordinates, supports and develops a system of industrial outstanding realities, organized into 3 large highly-specialized production sites in Italy, with over 4,000 employees and a direct presence in the 5 continents.

Supplier of Cutting and Grinding Technology, Breaking, Storage and Handling Systems, X/Y/C Cutting Machines, and full automatic cutting line --CNC Machines, Drilling CNC--Edgin line--Handling equipment.


Horizontal machining centers
3-4 interpolated axes machining center and 5-axis cnc machining center
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3-4 axes (on request) Numerically Controlled machining center for the processing of thin and thick flat glass sheets for both laminated and bullet-proof glass. It carries out any type of grinding, polishing, drilling, milling, cutting with disk, engraving, writing and 5° beveling operations.

brembana maxima glass - Horizontal Machining Centre - CMS Glass

Brembana maxima


5-axis interpolated Numerically Controlled machining center with automatic tool change for the working of flat glass sheets of all thicknesses and bent glass. It carries out all types of edge grinding and polishing, arising, milling, cutting with disk, drilling, contouring, engraving, writing, variable-angle beveling operations and special machining. It’s the sturdiest machining center in the field, which makes it ideal for any type of working condition.


brembana speed glass - Horizontal Machining Centre - CMS Glass

Brembana speed

Vertical machining centers
Drilling, Milling and edge processing machining centers & Drilling and milling machining centers
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Cutting tables and slitter lines
Cutting tables and slitter lines: Brembana Runner & Brembana Agil & Brembana Runner Line
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Loading systems
Automatic loading system & Manipulators
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Automatic loading system

CMS Glass Technology offers a wide range of Brembana Kart model loaders/unloaders for the automatic handling of glass sheets. All such systems are easily integrated into any straight line edger (vertical or horizontal), machining centers and double edge machines. They enable the operator to carry out loading/unloading operations in complete safety, minimizing all risks of breakage and increasing productivity.





Complete waterjet cutting systems
Waterjet cutting machines; brembana idroline s, brembana milestone s, brembana aquatec, brembana easyline, smartline.
Pressure intensifiers; brembana greenjet, brembana jetpower, brembana easypump.
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Digital solutions
CMS Digital Systems
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