Schiatti’s MEET the TEAM: Elvira Stagno

Elvira Stagno
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Date: 25 June 2021

Today, for Schiatti’s MEET the TEAM “column” we meet Elvira Stagno, who has been employed by Schiatti for 21 years.

Elvira, what do you do here in SCHIATTI?
My position has been developed since 2000, the year I took the first step into the company.

I always take care of welcoming people, but today I also manage the archiving and registration of special waste. My most important task, however, is to handle the technical documentation as the instruction manuals.

What do you like about your job?
I believe its evolution. Let’s think about the page layout, for example: although the job remains the same, I have the opportunity to experiment with new solutions. Recently, with the support of the technicians and engineers, I have also pushed myself towards a greater understanding of the machinery, which has allowed me to carry out , myself, some improvements to the manuals.

What was your gain in doing this?
The first thing, and the most obvious, is the ability to improve my knowledge in foreign languages ​​and the second (but not in order of importance) is an open and change minded mentality that improves me as a person and keeps me alive and intellectually active.

Tell us about a particularly rewarding working episode.
Every day I take care of the “arrangement” of the instruction manuals, but always starting from an already existing project. It was extremely exciting when I was in charge of developing the instruction manual for a new PLC from scratch, and above all, it was satisfying when my job was appreciated!

What would you have done if you hadn’t been hired in SCHIATTI?
I come from a tourist high school so, if I hadn’t landed here, I would have definitely ended up working in a travel agency or an airport.

Outside of work, what do you like to do?
I am an eclectic person: I love cycling and taking long walks but I also like more  “quiet” activities such as decoupage and sewing, all passions inherited from my mom.

But you are a mom too, aren’t you?
It’s true! It seems like yesterday but it has been 11 years now. The most important thing for me is always family and my children.

Do you want to know what some of your colleagues say about you?
Yes, OK! I only hope they say good things!

So let’s start with the “they say about you”
“Elvira is a sunny person; she’s always in a good mood and has an infectious laugh”
“ Helpful and caring towards others;  she always has a kind word for everyone.”
“Never rude or bossy but determined in pursuing her goals and objectives”
“She is completely bereft of arrogance; on the contrary, she tends not to realize her potential and, if you pay her a compliment, she responds with a “come off!!!”.
“She’s so good that you could eat her!”

Elvira is the virtuous case of a person who has established a healthy, continuous and reciprocal relationship with the company. She is a good example, and she is truly valuable for all of us.

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