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Schiatti Angelo Srl Brand Manifesto | Values 2 & 3: Experience and Awareness clone
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Date: 16 September 2021

Here is a triptych of Schiatti values, in particular the values ​​4,5 and 6 of the company Manifesto. Customization, transformation and trust together in the journey that SCHIATTI and the customer make, every time. Let's see what they mean.

Performance is not enough: this is an axiom for us, and as for most companies in Italy and around the world.

So which is the “plus” of a company? It is the service and the ability to look ahead, in terms of technology but also of proactive assistance.

From customization to personalization
If customization consists in allowing the customer to decide between different solutions, personalization is proactive: it occurs when the supplier knows the needs and consumption information of its customers and is able to provide them solutions, based on this information. Personalization is an additive service designed to amaze and satisfy.

It is by listening to our customers that we realized the constant emergence of a request: customization.

Mind you: the personalization of a work tool is not a habit, nor anything “more” to be associated with performance.

Instead, it deal with performance itself because it adjusts the instrument to the real needs of the customer, to its materials, its production rhythms, to the autonomy of its technicians, etc.

An ancient habit to listen
Personalization is nothing new for us and it has never been a choice.
It derives in fact from the particular predisposition that SCHIATTI has always had in placing itself alongside the customer, as a partner, and not just as a supplier.

Schiatti Angelo Srl Brand Manifesto | Values 2 & 3: Experience and Awareness clone

From craftsmanship to industrialization: the growth of the individual and of the company involves, always progress and evolution but also the loss of something. If, in the case of the person, what we leave behind are ingenuity and lightheartedness in favor of wisdom and experience, usually what is lost in the transition from craftsmanship to industry is the originality of the product, the manual skill and attention to each, single customer.

Unless the industry in question is SCHIATTI.

In every machine the care of the craftsman
We have adapted our structure and processes to the changed size of the company, but we have also decided to maintain a professional approach focused on the customer and on the individual machine.

This allows our client to choose from an already well-defined range of solutions, but also to create - together - the "artisanal" solution tailored to suit its production volumes, processes etc.

From manual skills to automation
Evolution is a process that, in the 50-year history of the company, has also involved our machines for processing glass and ceramics.

While maintaining the fixed point of reliability, our machines have made progressive leaps forward in terms of technology and innovation.

The direction of this progress is certainly automation: responding to the dictates of Industry 4.0 and able to guarantee significantly higher safety and performance, automation can well exemplify, in the technical area, what the transition from craftsmanship to industry represents for processes.

What is unchanged: service and trust
Our attitude of closeness to the customer neither, nor our role as interlocutors and partners in the construction of his business change.

The reliability of a company that "puts its face" does not decreases, regardless of size or turnover.

We all earn in experience, innovation, efficiency.

Trust deserves and all companies ask for it: customer trust, however, is not something that you can asked for but that, we think, we must deserve.

We think that trust is a goal because, when granted by customers, it is always a sign of appreciation consolidated over time towards products (our machines), processes and people.

Trust in our machinery
A reliable machine is one that lasts over time, which returns - in facts - what it promised on paper, the one that accompanies the customer's production process in a fluid manner, without continuous maintenance measures, difficult setting etc.

Trust in the company
Trust is also a relationship that has to be read in the light of a more general macro: the values ​​that identify the brand.

Reliability, service, simplicity and performance are concepts that belong to SCHIATTI, and for this reason they are transferred to each of its machines for processing glass or ceramics.

Trust in the Team
This kind of relationship works both with the team in general and to the individual reference persons who have to do with the purchasing process but also with the technical and maintenance phases. Trusting us means not only being certain of a result, but also counting on the assistance and proactivity of people ready to understand, create and grow together.

The journey isn't over yet.
See you to the next values!

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