Rollplast & LiSEC: Competent advice for the best solution

Rollplast & LiSEC: Competent advice for the best solution
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Date: 26 August 2021

The path to market leader, accompanied by LiSEC.

Rollplast was founded in 2000 by Svetlin Nikolchev with the goal of producing and installing indoor and outdoor blinds. Since then, the Bulgarian company has been on the road to success and looks forward to constant growth. This doesn’t just show in the make-up of their product portfolio, but also in large investments in organizational infrastructure and technical expansion. Twenty-one years after its founding, the company has grown to 500 employees worldwide and has a 40,000 m² production base in Kostinbrod, Bulgaria (about 20 km northwest of Sofia). In 2020, Rollplast had total revenue of 63,464,179 Bulgarian lev (BGN) (about €32 million), more than half of which was generated by PVC windows.

Rollplast & LiSEC: Competent advice for the best solution


Rollplast’s first investment in a machine for making PVC windows and doors was followed in 2005 by construction of an administration building and a new factory in Sofia. The latter produces windows and doors from PVC and aluminium, along with suspended façades, external roll shutters, garage doors, indoor blinds, insect screens and metal structures. In 2008, the company invested a total of BGN 72 million (about €36.8 million) in a new production site in Kostinbrod, which meant that Rollplast was also granted a Class A investor certificate. 

As of 2021, total construction of production space in Kostinbrod reached a total of 40,000 m² and is the basis for implementing Rollplast’s mission: to offer its customers premium, energy-efficient, eco-friendly solutions that combine comfort, style and elegance. 

Rollplast’s uniqueness can be seen in its comprehensive product assortment for equipping customers. No other company in Bulgaria offers such a range of different products: windows, doors, accessories, blinds and insect protection, entry, indoor and garage doors.  Shower cabinets, railings, glass canopies, glass partitions for offices, roof structures, glass furniture, glazing of balconies.

Rollplast & LiSEC: Competent advice for the best solution


In addition to the existing comprehensive product range, the Bulgarian manufacturer is impressive for its innovation. Rollplast’s newest product is quadruple glazing with TPA spacers. For this, three coated glass sheets are used, making production of thicknesses up to 80 mm feasible. The heat insulation coefficient reaches 0.31 W/m2K.


The company has become a market leader — not only in Bulgaria, but also on the Balkan peninsula — through continuous development, trend watching and introduction of new products based on them, along with investments in necessary equipment. 

LiSEC has accompanied Rollplast on this road since 2008, when the latter invested in its first cutting and insulation production line. Since then, the Bulgarian company has continuously increased its fleet of LiSEC machines. The LiSEC machine portfolio at Rollplast includes the following: Insulation line for glass units – LISEC 50/27, insulation line for glass units – LISEC – 25/20, insulation line for TPA units – LISEC - TPA-Line, LISEC BASE cutting table, LISEC ESL 60/30 cutting table, laminated glass cutting table VB/ GFB-60 / 30RE-S, automatic and manual butyl extruder LISEC LBH-25ARS / LBH-25V, two spacer benders – BSV 30 / K / BSV 45NK, automatic pick-up – PKL 60/30 / SBL 60/30 and other auxiliary machines. 

A decisive competitive advantage for Rollplast came last year with installation of the LiSEC TPA line for glass units. Production was increased by about 800 square metres per day, and this reduced operation costs, human intervention and production errors.

To optimally use these LiSEC machines, Rollplast uses a broad spectrum of LiSEC software, such as, GPS.order, GPS.opt, GPS.hand, GPS.lineserver, GPS.perfectscan, GPS.ident step, GPS.ident IG, GPS.ident delivery, along with many add-on modules for the LiSEC software programs. 

Rollplast has clear values not only toward customers, but also toward suppliers: correctness, professionalism, striving for continuous improvement and innovation, along with speed and punctuality. Most of all, collaboration with LiSEC’s Bulgarian field representative, Mario Bodakov, has been simple and satisfying since the first meeting. This is based on reciprocity: “First, and extremely important is maintaining the mutual trust built over years. That means fast, simple reaction when solving problems in after-sales service, service parts delivery and software issues. Then nothing stands in the way of conversations about new project collaborations,” says Mario Bodakov, LiSEC Sales and After-Sales Service since 1994.

In addition to competent on-site support, Rollplast finds LiSEC’s offerings and continuous development of software for complete production crucial, along with innovations in the design and development of LiSEC machines. All this makes LiSEC a strong partner.

Rollplast & LiSEC: Competent advice for the best solution


Rollplast has taken on a lot for the future. Besides goals like significant export growth and a resulting rise in annual production, the Bulgarian company strives to increase its annual profits by 10%. There are also some investment-related projects, such as completion of the production base.

Rollplast is betting on future trends, such as increased automation and Industry 4.0 and is focusing its strategic planning on these two pillars. All this with the goal of increased energy efficiency.

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